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We believe in the power of our Inner Awakening Circle membership so strongly that were offering you a free 14-day trial. Yes, you read that right! You’ll have full access to all the premium content, on-line courses, guided meditations, Q&A’s, podcasts, and life changing resources at no cost for 2 whole weeks.  It’s the perfect opportunity to embark on your manifesting journey and experience the true potential of the human consciousness first hand.  Ever wanted to expand your consciousness through an affordable and accessible group of coaching services, then this is!



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What Members have said about Truecosmic Academy

For anyone want to transform your life, this is the ideal course to start with.

Audrey Nova

From Spain

Informative and well put together videos and assignments.

Lauren Lopez

From Portugal

I applied the methods outlined in the course and expanded my business in 3 months.

Jon Brown

From Scotland

Your manifestation journey begins with the Truecosmic Inner Awakening Circle membership. Sign up now for your free 14-day trial and embark on a transformational adventure towards love, relationships, health and abundance.

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A: This is for you if you’re looking to learn and implement exclusive manifestation tools and techniques via an affordable package and with access to a number of top imagination coaches and experts in their field it’s your opportunity to turn your dream life into an abundant reality.

A: Unlike many other Law of Attraction teachings, here at Truecosmic we primarily teach the Law of Assumption as pioneered by the great mystic Neville Goddard. We also advocate doing the deep inner work to achieve the results you desire. All our resources are designed to take you deeper and get rapid results.

A: All you need is willingness to dive in, connect with like-minded individuals, and prepared to do the inner work.  We also ask you to be open to trying new concepts.  Just click the link below to join us!

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A: Whether you are new to the journey of self-discovery or a seasoned practitioner there is always something new to gain from the resources and tools available.  Our content is designed to cater to all levels of consciousness!   

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A: No worries at all simply give us an email at [email protected] with any questions or billing queries and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!