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What dreams have you let slip away into the shadows of doubt and hesitation?

Are you ready to unearth the Shocking Secrets of transformation that have been Shrouded in Mystery until now? Engage with a Powerful Force That Self-Help Gurus Rarely Reveal: Self Revision.

“Back to the Future – Leaving The Past Behind” Master Class

Ignite the Sparks of Revolutionary Change

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This is more than just a masterclass; it's a portal to the unfulfilled dreams and untapped potentials of your future. Your dreams await your action. It's time to reclaim them.

Transform Your Reality with the Power of Revision

Many spend a lifetime studying manifestation yet see little tangible results. Then there are those few who seem to carry a magic touch. These are the conscious creators who can manifest any desire – the wealth, the happiness, the ideal love life – into reality at a pace that defies understanding.

It’s almost as if they’ve learned to bend the very fabric of time and reality to their will, living lives that others only dream of. The Back to The Future – Leaving The Past Behind is your exclusive pass to join these fortunate few and unleash the full range of your creative superpowers. This course, led by none other than the top transformation coach, Fazila Bizior, will guide you to a future where your dreams are the reality. Welcome to the art of self-revision – where the past is left behind and the future holds endless possibilities.

Drawing on the profound techniques of Neville Goddard, this masterclass on revision will guide you to reshape your past, present, and future. It’s not just about manifesting; it’s about revising your reality to align with your most heartfelt desires.

Welcome to the art of self-revision – where dreams become reality.

Introducing 'Back to the Future', an expertly crafted online course inspired by Neville Goddard's Revision technique. This isn't just a learning experience; it's a transformational journey. Manifesting your desires goes beyond mere daydreams. It necessitates a profound comprehension and implementation of certain principles for dependable and expected outcomes. This course will not only provide you with a roadmap to these principles but also equip you with the tools to apply them effectively in your life.

Here's the key things you will learn:

Section 1 "Write The Ending You Want"
This section takes you on an enlightening journey, helping you grasp the law and principles of consciousness as the singular reality. Drawing from Neville's wisdom, we'll delve into the concept of revision as the primary step towards correction. You'll gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of revision, understanding its immense significance in transforming your reality.

Section 2 - 'The Deeper Purpose of Purpose"
Delve into the profound purpose of revision and explore the true essence of forgiveness. This part of the course will guide you on a journey to shift your state of consciousness, a vital step in manifesting your desires. You will also learn effective strategies to overcome any resistance you might have to letting go of the past. This knowledge is crucial in paving the way for a future filled with growth and abundance.

Section 3 - 'It Is All A Psychological Drama"
Dive into the powerful technique of the Four Mighty Ones, a strategy designed to transform your reality and heighten your consciousness. We'll boost your revision skills to the next level. Plus, we'll show you how to handle the challenges of 'Everyone Is Yourself Pushed Out' (EIYPO), an idea that will change how you view relationships and interactions with others.

Section 4 - 'Revision Is Truly The Key"
we reveal how revision can transcend from a mere practice to a fulfilling way of life. We'll help you tap into the untapped power of your imagination, using it as a tool for creative revision. This section is designed to ignite an awareness of your mission and purpose, leading you on the path to self-discovery. By harnessing the power of your imagination, you'll learn to shape your reality and live in alignment with your true purpose.

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Valued at $665, "Back to the Future" is available now for just $239

Testimonials from Students

Read authentic testimonials from individuals who have experienced firsthand the power and impact of Back To The Future Master Class, earning it a full 5-star rating. Their success can be your inspiration.

"I manifested a lottery win..."

Fazila’s course was a great journey that helped me understand things better. I’m really thankful for the clear lessons. The course was well-organized and easy to follow.

I revised that night to win the lottery. The next day my husband brought a lottery ticket and we won €25k! This course didn’t just help me learn, it also changed my life in a big way.

"Gratitude and Growth: My Personal Transformation Through the Master Class"

First and most importantly, thank for teaching these materials and for the beautiful energy you brought to the class. Prior to the master class I had been reading the materials and trying to wrap my head around the concept of revision. During the class and thanks to the way you explained the teachings , and to the manual you provided us to follow along and work with. I was able to fully understand, practice and revise multiple situations. 

Because of this master class I know now, that past, present and future are moving together , they aren’t separate and because of this concept we are able to change outcomes in some situations, but also create what we really want to accomplish or experience. I also understand now , that  just like in my yoga practice, mastery comes with time, discipline,desire, commitment and the practice of concepts. Once again extremely grateful for teaching us , how to use our inner god.

Jazmine – USA


" A Life-Altering Journey Through Fazila's Masterclass"

After five months exposure to Neville’s teachings I began to realize that Revision was part of my purpose and that I needed to find out more about it. Consequently I signed up to the Masterclass. 

This line “And God placed man in the garden to dress it and to keep it”, gave me the impetus to find out more.

One begins to realize the power that revision holds for us and humanity at large. You can rewrite anything that you’ve experienced in your life and this is a liberating realization.

The way the class was presented, the slides and presentation were phenomenal and very well explained so that all attending could grasp the enormity of Revision and the power we hold in ourselves. I was brought to tears during this masterclass. When we realize that we are responsible for humanity and what we’ve created, then and only then can we go about changing what we’ve created. Using revision to rectify and improve upon past creations is a liberating realization and experience. To know that one can undo what’s gone before is phenomenal. I learnt about the power one holds within oneself and remain ever grateful for these teachings and coaches.


Sarah R. – USA

Valued at $666, "Back to the Future" is available now for just $239

Your Transformational Guide: Fazila Bizior

Multi-dimensional Self-Mastery Teacher, Metaphysician, and your mentor to unlocking a new chapter. Fazila Bizior has transcended her own history, rewriting a tale of empowerment that started amidst the challenges of rural South Africa. Now, she’s bringing her conquering mindset to you.

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Start Your Path to Revision Mastery. This is not just about learning; it’s about applying and transforming. Join us in this revolutionary masterclass and witness the change first-hand.

Don’t wait any longer. The life you’ve always wanted is just a decision away. Secure your spot in the “Back to the Future” online course now and witness unimaginable transformation.

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