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Hello, I am Mystic M and I’m here to help you expand your consciousness and enable you to realise your unlimited potential. I think “Personal Transformer” would be an appropriate title. I assist people to become enhanced versions of themselves. In the actual sense, I help them unleash their hidden potentials through Law of Attraction in particular applying the methods and techniques taught by Neville Goddard. Since you have come this far, let me tell you a little about myself so that you know better who you are about to trust to improve your body, your health, wealth and most importantly, your spiritual consciousness

My passion for helping other people inspired my interest in blogging, but perhaps the greatest motivation is when I experienced my kundalini awakening a few years ago.. But there’s more… As Neville once said, real spirituality is learned through experience, not just knowledge. And I believe that having this experience is what has motivated me towards taking a step further; from merely offering general tips and advice online as a blogger, to being actively involved in my audiences’ lives — as I help them become better individuals through discovering the principles and laws which govern this Universe. Principles such as The Law of Assumption, as Neville Goddard aptly puts it. As someone who has, at some points in my life, had a fair share of life struggle until I got a grasp of the principles that transformed me completely. I love to work with my clients; taking them by the hand and walking them through the fundamental principles and laws of the universe — the law of assumption.


Perhaps you are wondering what this law is all about… It simply refers to how effectively you are able to bring about the required transformations in your life through the laws of attraction and vibration respectively. In my experience working with people, I have discovered that there are generally two groups of people when it comes to working with the laws of the universe. The first group picks up these principles very quickly and they are soon able to attain their desired lives and conditions at will. The second group, however, takes longer to internalise these principles. They often have a period of struggle which ensues before they are able to see sporadic and somewhat temporal results. These second category of people often find themselves regressing back to their old selves and belief systems. And in certain cases, doing things that sabotage whatever results they may have obtained. Many people in the second group never reach their desired states of success and fulfillment. I can confidently tell you today, that I belong to the first group. But you see, it didn’t come overnight…

Having spent over 10 years of my life stumbling over every pitfall, feeling unsure about which way to turn, or what the future held. It was in these moments that I turned to the great spiritual teachers and masters for guidance and assurance. Thankfully, their teachings helped to keep my faith alive in the darkest hours. I would never forget the day I stumbled upon the teachings of Neville Goddard. It inspired more faith in me! It also further emphasised the many fundamental teachings that I had imbibed from my spiritual teachers. Those moments marked the beginning of the marked transformation in my life; when my success exploded, which acted as a catalyst to my kundalini awakening. So, if you have found that your circumstances or predominant life experiences share a striking semblance with the second group that I mentioned earlier. You’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. I have been exactly where you are now, or probably in a worse situation compared to yours. And I can empathise with you as we take the journey together, to becoming the best version of yourself! Let’s discuss!!

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