About Us

Teachers in life mastery and consciousness. An academy dedicated too awakening the potential of every student.

Our Story

Truecosmic academy is an initiative to help students who aim is to expand their consciousness and awakening the power of imagination. The desired outcome is for everyone within our community to be able to consciously manifest their dreams.

The people behind Truecosmic have gained wisdom through their own personal experiences of applying the Law of Consciousness. The concepts, methods and techniques covered in all our courses are tried and tested principles successfully applied by the team members.

We have crafted our courses in such a manner that anyone can easily understand what it takes to consciously imagine and make manifest anything they desire. So, we invite you to be part of this beautiful learning experience and hit your desired outcome as soon as possible.

Meet Our Truecosmic Team

Neville Goddard

(1905 – 1972) Author and The Worlds Greatest Mystic

Michael Sutherland

Co Founder

Irene Dayes


Rajiv Roy

Social Media and Marketing Expert

What Our Students Have to Say

Perfect introduction to Neville Goddard, Law of Assumption and Imagination Creates Reality
Kelvin Roberts
From USA
For anyone wanting to transform your life, this is the ideal course to start with.
Audrey Nova
From Spain
Informative and well put together videos and assignments.

Lauren Lopez
From Portugal
I applied the methods outlined in the course and expanded my business in 3 months.
Jon Brown
From Scotland