Dave Whitley

Thank you for taking the time to find out about me and what I offer.

When I was a child I was overweight, had a terrible stutter and consequently was picked on and bullied. I retreated into a world of fantasy, science fiction and comic books, and became enamoured of superhuman powers, specifically superhuman strength. I frequently used my imagination to become a superhuman in my mind, which planted the seed for things to come.

“Never inhibit yourself by the seemingly impossible. Place no limits upon yourself, and you will have none. Think that you are strong, and you are.”-The Mighty Atom, legendary strongman

I grew up to become a performing strongman, keynote speaker and coach. I use feats of strength like bending steel spikes and wrenches, ripping full decks of cards into shreds and breaking chains to illustrate how the power of the mind allows us to do seemingly impossible things.

“To attempt to change circumstances before we change our imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of things.”
– Neville Goddard –

My strongman mentor Grandmaster Dennis Rogers told me “You must remove all doubt, fear and limitation from your mind. Your mind controls your body.”

Taking that to heart, I began my quest to understand how the Mind works and came to realize that the “body” is more than the physical meat suit we walk around in, it is ALL the results we experience in our 3D reality.

Through arduous study of many Mind Masters, including Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, my friend Joe Vitale (who is a strongman student of mine), Wallace Wattles, etc, I ultimately arrived at the teaching of Neville Goddard, who is my primary source of teaching and application.

My experience as a strongman has proven something profoundly simple to me: Results are the thing that matters. Either you can bend the steel, or you can’t.

This is true of every area of your life: either you create the health, wealth, love and happiness you want, or you don’t.

The biggest source of limitation I see in my students is fear, doubt and conflicting beliefs within their self-concept.

Do you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, strong and loved?
It is my mission to help as many people as possible to overcome limiting beliefs and live a life SuperHuman.

Will you be one of those people?

– Dave Whitley –

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