The Mystical Lessons Of The Beginning

Adelere Adesina takes us through the lessons of the Bible and reveals through the lens of the law of assumption the mystical lessons for man’s consciousness.

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New Coaching Clinic Releases

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Recreating Your Specific Person

Saturday 3rd February

Love Redeemed

Unlock the secrets to a fulfilling love life with Love Redeemed - a transformative coaching clinic. Watch the free recording and discover expert insights, practical tips, and powerful strategies to reignite passion and build lasting relationships. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity!

Introduction To Live In The End

Thursday 11th May

In this Coaching Clinic, we will explore several vital aspects including what it means to "live from" our wish fulfilled.

Manifest Your Financial Freedom With Your Imagination
Monday 29th May

In this coaching clinic, I teach you proven principles of Neville Goddard’s Teachings which I personally used to change my former salary into my hourly pay. When you apply the lessons of this coaching clinic, you will change your financial status for great.

The Mystical Lessons Of The Beginning

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Episode 10

Sunday 4th February

The genealogy in Genesis 10 highlights the descendants of Noah's. One name stood out; Nimrod born of Cush. He is the first mighty man in the earth, the mighty man of before the I AM. Adelere shows that this mighty man is man's awareness, capable of hunting desirable states and non-desirable ones and manifesting them accordingly. He shows how to use this power of awareness for mighty acts of God in this world and beyond.

Episode 11

Sunday 11th February

Genesis 11 introduces the construction of the tower of Babel. Babel is confusion and man never completed the construction of this tower intended to reach the heavens. This symbolic chapter mystically teaches us the great mirage of mankind, perpetual construction and deferred occupancy. Neville often called this the great mirage. In this lecture, Adelere shows how this is all about man's incoherent inner conversations, and that taming it in the spirit of boldness and meekness is the only way to go out of this confusion into the state of the exalted father, who is Abram.

Eposide 12

Sunday 18th February

Genesis 12 is the story of the Exalted One who is the Father of all, and how this Exalted One was sent out of his Fatherhood into the humble form of man. Whilst this eternal drama is happening in consciousness, Genesis 12 still shows us how that everyone is rooted in us, in which we have a clear idea by the promise of Abram that the only way to live is by the way of revision, which is the only true forgiveness. Adelere Adesina expounds on both sides of the story in this lecture, showing both that Everyone Is Rooted in You, and that you are the Exalted Father sent out from that Fatherhood for a grand purpose.

Episode 7

Sunday 14th January

In the story of Genesis 7, Noah entered the ark with all the selected desirable states of right thinking and his I AMness shut him within the ark, while the former states perished from experience by the flood. This is not a global flood that affected the world at some distant past. This is the story of man's shift of his states of consciousness. In this lecture, Adelere breaks down exactly how we withdraw the breath of life from undesirable states and give it to desired states, and thereby change our states of consciousness.

Episode 8

Sunday 21st January

The story of Noah's flood assuaging and Noah finding a dry ground contains rich symbols to teach us how to use the law of belief in Seedtime and Harvest. Adelere takes you on a dive into this most exquisite story and its mystical lessons of letting your seeds of beliefs externalise into harvests of a beautifully fulfilled world.

Eposide 9

Sunday 28th January

The story in Genesis 9 reveals to us the first covenant of God, which reveals man's place in creation: he is to bring forth abundantly. The consequence of which is that man overspreads the earth. Your destiny of destinies is to overspread your world by bringing forth abundance. How to do this is unveiled in the story between Noah and his three sons right after the flood. Adelere demonstrates this and shows the secret of the law of creation contained in this story.

Episode 4

Sunday 24th December

In this lecture, Adelere showed how the drama of Genesis 4 typifies the resounding faith of man by which he replaces his old world with a new ideal. Cain is the current objectified world that must be cursed to be completely cast away from consciousness, in other words that attention must be withdrawn from completely. Abel is the desired subjective state. The desire subjective state had to be buried into consciousness as an accepted fact for it to hatch into the external world. It hatches in the form of Seth. Learn from this story a great deal about faith.

Episode 5

Sunday 31st December

The genealogy in Genesis 5 quickly confirms for us that the story of the book is psychological and must be treated so. Adelere Adesina reveals in this lecture that the ten generations from Adam are ten different states of consciousness which man thinks he must be in to awaken, but since none of them lived up to being a thousand years old, none of them lived to see the day of the Lord which is a thousand years. In other words, nothing can make man awaken except Christ is formed in him. This is not judgement but awareness, and an empowering one at that. For in that case, you can be your wish fulfilled without thinking that forfeiting your objective is what God needs to make you awakened. You awaken in the perfect time.

Eposide 6

Sunday 7th January

In the story of Noah, we are introduced to the law of assumption forcefully. Genesis 6 shows the power of awareness is incredibly inestimable. In fact, it reveals that it is not man's actions but his thinking that determines the preservation of goodness for him or the destruction of his world. He must preserve his good by his own right thinking. Adelere expounds on this mystery that speaks directly to all sons of God, which are you and I, in this lecture.

Episode 1

Sunday 3rd December

In this lecture, Adelere Adesina reveals the symbolism of the six days of creation in the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1. He shows the meaning of the passage for the law and the promise. In conclusion, your wish fulfilled must be made in your own image of experience and given dominion over all other ideas in consciousness.

Episode 2

Sunday 10th December

In this second lecture of the Mystical Lessons of the Beginning Sunday lecture series, Adelere shows how Eden is symbolic of man's awareness, and how the psychological truth of consciousness is parted into four ways, which symbolise the four steps of using your wonderful human imagination to create. Eden, meaning pleausre, is always the feeling of fulfilment. What is it like that you enjoy the satisfaction? Dwell on that and you are in Eden now.

Eposide 3

Sunday 17th December

In this third lecture of the series, we are made to see that man's descent into this world of death is orchestrated by God himself through the serpent, which represents man's inner speech. Now beaten to dust or defeated to not be observed predominantly as the cause of life, our inner conversations are where the afflictions of the furnaces are ongoing. We are redeemed by constantly exercising control over our own mental talking. This is the process by which we became individualised consciousness, so that we may expand by experience of humanity to be the Father.

Coaching Clinic - Hispanic

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Clínica de Coaching – Fracaso

Thursday 9th June

¿Por qué a pesar de que practico las técnicas, tengo claro mi objetivo y persisto, no logra materializarse mi asunción? Te invito a que platiquemos de las posibles causas por las que no has experimentado con tus sentidos la realización de tu deseo.

Clinica de Coaching - ¿Cómo ignorar la 3D?

Thursday 16th June

¿Estás prestando tanta atención a las circunstancias de tu tercera dimensión (3D)? ¿No sabes qué puedes hacer para enfocarte más en aquello que no se puede ver qué en lo que tus sentidos perciben? Te espero este jueves 16 de Junio para que platiquemos sobre cómo puedes ignorar tu realidad actual.

Clinica de Coaching - Técnicas de Manifestación
Thursday 30th June

¿Sabías que además de SATS, Neville nos habla de más de 20 técnicas diferentes para manifestar nuestros deseos? Te invito a que platiquemos sobre algunas de estas técnicas en la próxima emisión de Clínica de Coaching en Español.

Clínica de Coaching – Fundamentos

Thursday 7th July

Los fundamentos son los principios básicos que cualquier estudiante de Metafísica debería entender según las palabras de Neville. Te invito a que platiquemos de estos 3 importantes principios que son el fundamento de la transformación interior.

Clinica de Coaching - Persona Especial

Thursday 14th July

Muchos deseamos poder encontrar a esa persona especial con quien podamos vivir nuestra vida en plenitud. Buscamos que reúna ciertas características muy particulares, que cumpla con nuestras expectativas, alguien con quien pasar el resto de nuestros días. ¿Te sientes identificado? Te espero este jueves para platicar sobre la persona especial y qué debemos tener en cuenta cuando lo/la estamos manifestando.

Clínica de Coaching - Conversación Interior

Thursday 21st July

¿Eres consciente de que todo el día, todos los días, te encuentras manteniendo conversaciones privadas contigo mismo? ¿Qué tan gentil es tu diálogo interior? Estamos delineados por nuestras conversaciones privadas, estas definen la persona que somos y por ende lo que podemos experimentar en nuestra 3D.

Clínica de Coaching – Revisión

Thursday 11th August

¿Qué es la Revisión? Neville nos invita a ir en reversa, a cambiar nuestro pasado ya que éste constituye nuestro futuro. Durante la revisión, trabajamos con nosotros mismos, nos enfocamos en ser y vivir de acuerdo a la persona que ya es quien quiere ser y desde aquí un nuevo mundo se va creando. Te invito a que me acompañes el siguiente Jueves 11 de Agosto a platicar sobre este fascinante tema.

Clínica de Coaching - Mente Subconsciente

Thursday 18th August

¿Cómo opera nuestra mente subconsciente? Esta es la parte más importante de nuestra conciencia, es la causa de la acción voluntaria, es lo que el hombre es. El subconsciente es ese lugar donde todo es posible, es la residencia de Dios dentro de nosotros.

Clinica de Coaching -La Creación Está Terminada

Thursday 25th August

"Todo lo que has sido o serás, de hecho, todo lo que la humanidad fue y será, existe ahora." - Capítulo 10 - Creación - Poder de la Conciencia. Lo que experimentamos en 3D es una elección que hemos hecho a partir de nuestro estado de conciencia y del concepto que tenemos de nosotros mismos. Todos los potenciales existen ya, están disponibles para nosotros. Si queremos, podemos experimentar la vida de nuestros sueños, pero ¿cómo? No te pierdas nuestra siguiente emisión de Clínica de Coaching en español si quieres conocer más sobre cómo acceder a estas diferentes posibilidades que ya existen para ti.

Coaching Clinic - Hispanic

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Coaching Clinics

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Coaching Clinic - How to Use Neville Goddard Sleep Technique to Manifest

Tuesday 5th July

Understand that the reality of all that you wish for is within you. Your imagination is the power that creates reality. Calmly surround yourself with the dream, the reality of your wish fulfilled. The word is IMPLICATION! Mentally act in the attitude that implies your wish is fulfilled! What would you do? Where would you be? Who is before you? What would you wear? Feel yourself to be in the dream by feeling the reality and solidity of the imaginal act itself. Touch it. Hear it. See it in its natural place. Feel the thrill with the inner speech that keeps you rested in the assurance of your imaginal act. The tiny little voice is now saying, 'Isn't it wonderful that this is true?' Fall asleep 😴 within this act! Or get well-relaxed into it. Put it to Action now!

Coaching Clinic - How to Use the Power of Your Inner Conversations

Tuesday 19th July

Hebrews 11:3 NKJV — By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. 1. Inner Speech is the word that generates faith or doubt. Faith: when it matches the wish fulfilled. Doubt: when it does not. Romans 10:17 NKJV — So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. 2. Inner Conversations is the only form of continuous imagination or unconscious imagining that INEVITABLY bears the fruit of fulfilment. Isaiah 55:11 NKJV — So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. 3. Inner Conversations that are effective must call attention and evoke a listening attitude within us. Matthew 6:6 NKJV — “But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

Coaching Clinic - How to Change Your State of Consciousness Instantly

Tuesday 2nd August

Day 3 and the Clinic, How to Change Your State of Consciousness Instantly Today's task is as simple as asking, 'What does it feel like to be this?' Or 'How would I feel if I were that?' And mentally answer the question to ourselves, using the inner speech to embody that idea, mood or feeling. To KNOW a state, BE Observant of where your perception lies. 'The moment man matches the beliefs of any state he fuses with it, and this union results in the activation and projection of its plots, plans, dramas, and situations. It becomes the individual's home from which he views the world. It is his workshop, and, if he is observant, he will see outer reality shaping itself upon the model of his imagination.' In this clinic, I demonstrate how we live in and move across states all day long. Then I show you how to think of a desire, and switch to thinking from the wish fulfilled. Finally, I share a few eternal states with you. In fact, the two most important states for the Imagination to dwell in.

Coaching Clinic - How To Use Revision To Change Your Life

Tuesday 16th August

In the last seven days, we have been learning how to use Revision to change our lives. If you are part of those who did the exercise from the first day, then you must have your own success stories by now. I know I'll be surprised if you shared them with me. The purpose of this coaching clinic is to train you to make revisions your smart and daily practice! Some objectives of our clinic include: 1. To understand how to do revision effortlessly. 2. To learn three kinds of revisions. 3. To grasp the true purpose of an awakened imagination If you have done the exercise on a daily basis, then our purpose has been achieved and now we can proceed to the three objectives here. Ready?

Coaching Clinic - How to Change Your Self-Concept

Tuesday 6th September

You must first start with self. Find self, don't be ashamed ever of the being you are. Discover it and start the changing of that self" Let's learn to change our self-concept. Two things that we learn here are: 1. What a self-concept 💡 is. 2. How to deliberately change a self-concept. After 20 minutes of teaching, boldly ask your questions in the comments.

Coaching Clinic - How to Self-Concept To Create A Loving Relationship

Tuesday 20th September

How to Self-concept to create a loving relationship.