Jasmeet Kaur

My name is Jasmeet Kaur. I am a multilingual global Sikh, a life-long learner. Being born and raised in Sweden, where I have lived for 29 years and travelled to over 20 countries over a span of 35 years and lived in 3 different continents has taught me multiple lessons and provided invaluable experiences.

I speak 4 languages, Swedish, English, Punjabi, Hindi/Urdu, which allows me to communicate with a wider range of people. My background is education, language educator by day and financial educator by day and night. My passion for self-development has inspired me to consistently read, study, apply, listen, study, and apply teachings of Marisa Peer, Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard and Bob Proctor.

“I discovered my awareness has power. That indifference is not enough I have to act!” – Neville Goddard –

Being a law of assumption coach, I help people develop their self-concept and by understanding their goals and then coach them to achieve the life they desire. I am dedicated to passionately coach all my clients in facilitating them through their challenges, develop a wealth mindset, help them accelerate their growth and live their dream life. Because each being is worth it!

– Jasmeet Kaur –

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