Jen Miller

Hello dear friends and family from around the world. I’m Jen Miller, The Consciousness Coach. It’s a pleasure to meet you. If you found yourself reading this page you are curious about some 1:1 coaching. My goal is to guide you on your path towards a different and more loving you and determine the best coaching opportunity for you.
Just to tell you briefly about myself, I am, The Consciousness Coach that will assist you in guiding you to manifesting your desires through the use of the most powerful tool in the human toolbox, The Wonderful Human Imagination. I will invite you to explore different techniques and different perspectives but the success always lies in the application of what you are learning.

“You are infinitely greater than you think you are.”

I have opened up various 1:1 Coaching opportunities to support you on your journey that vary in price and time.

– Jen Miller –

Will you take the first step?

1:1 Zoom Coaching Options

Email Coaching Options

Not interested in scheduling and attending Zoom calls or worrying about if your connection is strong enough, quite possibly email coaching with Jen is the right option for you. All you have to do is open your email when it’s convenient for you.

How this works:
1. Read about the email option below.
2. Click on the investment link.
3. Look for a “Welcome Email” from me, Jen Miller, The Consciousness Coach, at the email address you provided, which will further your direction.
Note: Depending on what email coaching option you select, will determine how many email correspondences we will have. If you select the 1 email package you will send me 1 inquiry email and I will respond with one coaching response email. If you select the 4 email package you will send me up to 4 inquiry emails and I will reply with 4 coaching response emails.

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