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Miracle Meditation for the Modern Life

July 15, 2022
by Mystic M

Miracle Mediation

Miracle meditation is taking place everywhere. Somewhere in an urban city, a group of workers is sitting together, eyes half-closed, listening to the sound of their breath. In another place, the owner of an artisan bakery is starting her day by engaging in yoga poses, listening to the sound of her breath.

Still elsewhere, a mechanic is drinking a cup of coffee and heading to a quiet corner of the workshop, where he puts on his headphones and breathes deeply while listening to the sounds of waterfalls.

Meditation looks different for different people, but one thing is for sure: Miracles occur with meditation.

Why Is Miracle Meditation Successful?

The idea of creating miracles, or being successful, or even having a wish fulfilled, is usually related to words like “persistence,” “patience,” “hard work,” and “goal-setting.”

Meditation most likely wouldn’t even be linked to miracles. But it should be. Think about it. If one action, alone, could expand several aspects of your body and mind simultaneously, don’t you think it would contribute to miracles occurring in your life?

The healthier you are, the more empowered you feel and the more likely goals/miracles are to be accomplished.

So, why should you take time out of your hectic work schedule to sit and “do nothing”? You see, when you view miracle meditation as a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, i.e., all the mental and physical benefits, it’s easy to understand why so many people globally choose to engage in it.

Preparing Body and Mind for Miracle Meditation

Miracle Mediation

Miracle meditation involves placing your body in a comfortable position. Before engaging in miracle meditation, make sure that you will not be disturbed by phone calls, children, partners, etc.

Choose a place where you are safe and relaxed, with minimal noise and soft lighting.

Why not try some meditation headphones/eye covers? Make sure that you are not thirsty or hungry and don’t require the restroom. Your bodily urges must not overwhelm you and distract you from miracle meditation.

The miracle meditative sitting posture is important because it allows the meditator to sit comfortably, enabling good circulation and alertness while engaging in relaxation.

If you are using music like binaural beats, why not try headphones? Select something you are familiar with which does not have any surprising clangs, screeches, or riffs.

Put your iPod, laptop, or phone on repeat so you will not break your attention to start a new song.

The Miracle Meditative Posture:

Elongate your spine, and allow your head to rest in line with your shoulders. Slightly tuck your chin inward. Allow your face to go soft and relax your tongue, your eyes, and your brow.

Let your shoulders rest in line with your hips whilst allowing you to open your chest. Keep the soles of your feet grounded or gently press the soles of your feet together, tucking your heels as close as comfortably possible into your pelvis.

Place your hands on your lap or your knees, with palms either facing up or down, or loosely cupped within each other. Make sure your shoulders do not feel any strain from your posture.

Miracle Meditation Exercise:

Now that you are in position, the following is a simple miracle meditation practice that you can easily incorporate into your daily schedule.

The exercise can be practiced in almost any environment such as your office or bedroom, or in a park or garden. Start with as little as 10 or 15 minutes per day.

Deep Breathing:

This is the core of miracle meditation and most meditative practices. Your body and mind are now prepared to begin. Close your eyes and focus all your attention on the experience of your breath filling your lungs and leaving your body.

Allow the breath to flow naturally in and out of the body. The belly should rise and fall with every inhale/exhale. Let your spine and shoulders move with your breathing. Everything is naturally flowing.

Take a few deep breaths into the upper chest, allowing your chest to open. Allow yourself to relax as you exhale, keeping a feeling of an opened chest as you do.

While miracle meditation can be a prolonged activity, it doesn’t have to take hours of your day. Even a 10- or 15-minute session can produce miracles, so go ahead and try it.

Going Into the Silence:

Neville Goddard often spoke of a meditation that involved closing the eyes, going within, and imagining a scene that involved you achieving your desire.

Whilst in this imaginary scene, you would try to invoke all the feelings you would experience if the scene were actually a present-day reality.


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