3 Steps to Use Revision for Overflowing Money

3 Steps to Use Revision for Overflowing Money

In preparation for the Imagination Creates Money masterclass coming soon, I’d like to share with you 3 steps to use revision for overflowing money. I know that if you put this into practice, you’ll have fantastic results with yourself. Revision is when you change a mental image of your memory to change your beliefs. Revision is simply changing your beliefs. 

We know money but what most people don’t know is that there are different kinds of money and different people relate to different kinds of money. There’s income which isn’t the same thing as earnings, there’s spending, savings, investments and so on. Income and net worth are not the same, you can have a large income with little net worth and vice versa.

For example, it is a great application of your imagination to create money when you have both income and net worth. But you must decide what you want. 

The 3 steps to use revision for overflowing money are just as simple as this:

  • Know Your Desire/Ideal of Money 
  • Find Your Childhood Experience of It
  • Revise that Childhood Experience

How do you implement these 3 steps to use revision for overflowing money? 

1. Know Your Desire or Ideal of Money

You start by identifying the certain area of money you want to work on and what your ideal in that area is. You know you want a certain level of income and you reflect on your childhood memory about it. I want you to look at the difference in perspectives and consciousness when you approach this matter in two different ways.

If your ideal was to earn two million every year, as a child, you might have heard, “Do you think money grows on trees?” and similar variations. In essence, they’re passing across the message that you don’t earn so much money. 

You must be unmistakably clear about what you want. The more specific, the better. Often though being specific isn’t about a number. It is about clarity on what kind of wealth you want to experience.

You knew them as a child. Your childhood fantasies of money are barely different from your desires now as an adult. Don’t take my word for it; just check. You may have varied the means, but the goals never change. 

2. Find Your Childhood Experience of It

As a child, you probably made a vow that you wouldn’t end up like your parents or guardians and earn so much money that you’d be better than the average person in your society. What happens when you become an adult is that you started wanting money to prove that you wouldn’t end up like dad, mum or any other person you knew when you were growing up. As a result, you end up reacting to not having money.

Your actions are towards making money but your mental attitude and consciousness are not. You’re reacting to a lack in your state of consciousness and the things you didn’t like about your upbringing in terms of income. You know you have the potential to be a millionaire, people tell you that you should be one but you end up not having it no matter how hard you try.

In this masterclass, we’re going to learn that you’re compelled by your assumptions to either earn so much money or earn no money at all. You can’t outrun your assumptions, you can only change them to get where you’ll like to be. If you’re having inner reactions of not having money to some mental images from childhood and that’s what’s motivating you, you keep going back to that desire and recreating the experience.

If you have kids, my question for you is this: Are your children now experiencing some of the things you said your children won’t experience because you didn’t like them in your parents? The simple answer is YES. I could almost guarantee that until someone works on their state of consciousness, that’ll continue to happen.

3. Revise That Childhood Experience 

What do you do after identifying those mental images around money because you react to them and they imply what you want? You simply change them. You simply go back to the mental image and change one approach or action that means that you have what you want. The money ideal you have now becomes something you have from that past experience.

Let’s give an instance. When I was a child, my parents always say, “do you think money grows from the tree? Do you think I’m the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria?”, to inform me that money isn’t made that easily whenever I spent money lavishly.

As a child, I wanted to be a millionaire and planned to be one as an adult. We all get our money goals from childhood. I bought a book authored by a twelve-year-old and it was autographed. That shows that you didn’t achieve your money goals as a child not because you were young but because you didn’t believe that you could. This is why revision becomes important for money.

Ask yourself: What do I want for money? ‘I want money to flow to me. I want to be compelled to have money. The goal is overflowing money that’s unconditional and not dependent on my actions.’

As a child, one of your mental images might have been that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. You’d change that mental image by putting yourself in that moment and location when it was said and letting yourself hear them say, “Have you harvested money on the tree today?”. It sounds funny but it’s beautifully compelling. Indeed, you can’t pick money like leaves or fruits on a tree but money does grow on trees.

The point is that you have an impression but from that little change in your mental state. When you’re done with the revision, you feel like money does grow on trees so you don’t have to work so hard to have it. Your fundamental impression becomes that you harvest money and you don’t care how other people get their money.

You can do so for any area of your life like being called a reckless spender or irresponsible as a child. The problem is that as you grow older, you continue to react to what you’ve been told. By changing that memory, you react to having that thing in place.

You get compelled to have abundance and not lack learning to react to having achieved that goal. By giving the people who rebuked you the opportunity to be the first to tell you that you are rich or whatever your goal is, you use your imagination to change your life. That’s how you use revision to create overflowing money. 

In Conclusion 

At least seven money desires are unique. Many times we condition one for the other. People sometimes familiarise having income as the same as having net worth even though they’re different.

We learn how to separate them in the first week of the Imagination Creates Money masterclass. In the second week, we learn to go back to the past and rewrite our money experiences. We go through fundamentals and the beliefs of our money experiences. I’m not asking you to engage in magic but to judge your personal experiences and review them. 

How many times have you experienced the same thing repeatedly? It might be an inconsistent flow of money and I’m sure you’ve experienced it countless times. You’re to change it permanently by changing your consciousness.

In the third week, we use revision to create money and in the final week, we go into inner conversations and what I like to call “Creating money out of thin air”. You don’t have to put in any strategic efforts or try to make things happen, things happen on their own accord and compel you to earn money. I feel better being compelled to have money than trying to earn money.

If you’re wondering what the utility of you revising these childhood experiences is, the fact that they have such undue pressure on you until now that you still get your motivation to earn more money from them is enough. The simple answer is that if you’re working against the money goals you have because you’re trying to outdo someone you think is a failure from your childhood, you’re just repeating the same thing and your attention is focused on that.

Immediately you revise it, your attention becomes focused on emulating them because they’re successful or just being you. Your reactions become that of one who has been wealthy for a long time and it becomes natural for you to have more money.

See you at the masterclass! Registration is currently going on at a 50% discount for the next seven days. I know I’ll see you in class since you’re someone who loves to make money and is willing to make use of this opportunity.

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