Neville Goddard : How to Pray and Get What You Want

It’s evident that Neville Goddard‘s methods and teachings do not conform with orthodox religion. Who he identifies as God and the method which he taught how to communicate with the Divine would surprise many. In fact, the method which Neville Goddard taught how to pray, to some may even seem blasphemous and sacrilege.

In today’s article we will explore his concept and methods, we will see why it’s so effective. We’ll also discover why this philosophy on prayer has recently been endorsed by the most accurate science in human history, Quantum mechanics.

A look at Traditional Prayer

If you have attended a church of any Christian denomination, you’ll no doubt would have seen a priest or pastor conclude a prayer with the words Amen. Now loosely translated Amen means” and so it is” or “it is done”. In modern times practitioners add amen at the end of their prayers mostly out of habit and convention, without really knowing the full significance of what this word means.

Traditional Christianity use the word as just a symbolic gesture. The original intention of the spiritual masters when using this term was to invoke and affirm a transformation of their inner state of being, a change of feeling. They whole heartedly believed in the concept of “as within, so without’ and in order to experience anything manifest in the objective world we must first create this state or feeling from within.

Neville Goddard: How to Pray and Get What You Want

When we understand the importance of our feelings in respect to the thing we are praying for, we will understand why so many prayers using traditional methods go unanswered. As a child I can recall when I was at church, closing my eyes, clasping my hands and literally begging an unseen deity in the sky for forgiveness or to grant my wish. Never did I ever finish my prayers with a feeling of relief or accomplishment. It’s probably why so many prayers went unanswered.

You see regardless of the words coming out of my mouth or how eloquent the pastors spoke my inner feelings did not “match” what I was praying for. More about the importance of feelings later on, but let’s now explore Neville’s philosophy on prayer.

What Is Neville’s Technique of Prayer

So how do we actually assume this new feeling or change this inner state to match our desire. In his famous metaphysical classic The Power of Awareness Neville breaks down this process in easy to follow instructions. Here’s what he says:

“To pray correctly you must yield successfully to the wish as an accomplished fact, you must create a passive state, a kind of reverie or meditative reflection similar to the feeling which precedes sleep. In such a relaxed state, the mind is turned from the objective world and easily senses the reality of a subjective state. It’s a state which you are quite able to move or open your eyes but have no desire to do so”. Neville Goddard The Power of Awareness

In our popular book “Mastering the State Akin To Sleep” we expand upon this topic and detail a number of easy to apply techniques that one can use to induce this state in minutes!

Neville goes on to say, once you’re in this state, imagine in first person movie motion form what it is you desire, then feel yourself as having already achieved it. When in this state the exact feeling of exhilaration when completing this task should be replicated. It’s in this hypnotic state, at this moment that the magical transformation of your inner state happens.

Neville Goddard : How to Pray and Get What You Want

Neville in his many lectures referred to this state as reverie, it is the true art of prayer. By closing your eyes, you are shutting out any distraction and attuning your inner feelings to match your desire.

What Does Neville Goddard Teach Us about Prayer?

What Neville taught is that to pray correctly you are not petitioning an external God somewhere up in the sky. No rather, prayer is an internal process where you commune with the Divine that resides within you. The mystic also went on to teach us that;

“when you pray, believe that you have received, and you shall”.

This simple instruction is telling us that we must also assume the feeling within, that our prayer is already granted. This is what the ancient masters meant when they said “Amen”. They were affirming that what was requested for is already theirs. The instruction by all teachers was that for a prayer to be answered one must invoke the feeling, the inner state of your request being an accomplished fact.

Think back to a time in the past when you completed a task, any task and then triumphantly told yourself “it is done” at the end of it. How did you feel at that moment? Did you feel invincible, powerful and completely fulfilled? I can recall how I felt the day I passed my driving test, what a thrill! You may even be feeling those feelings now as you reminisce about a similar moment. That is the feeling of the wish fulfilled, that’s the feeling one must achieve to have a prayer answered.

What Does the Science Say?

Historically, spirituality and science have been opposed and separated certainly since the times of the renaissance. The divorce between these two modes of thinking after centuries, may finally becoming reconciled. Recent discoveries in Quantum Mechanics have led us to the conclusion that the “facts” we’ve trusted for the past 300 years to explain the universe and particularly the role we play in it is flawed.

As scientists continue to investigate the part man plays, new evidence points to an inescapable conclusion: that we live in an interactive reality where we change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us. Our thoughts, beliefs and most importantly feelings are literally moulding and dictating our objective experience. If you ever want to explore this more then read up on the Famous Double Slit Experiment. It’s a real eyeopener.

Neville Goddard : How to Pray and Get What You Want

‘I maintain that the scientist by their observations are only discovering the workings of their own minds; that the physics of the mind can not differ in any aspect from the physics in nature.  So they will not go along the mystical path, the path of faith; they must have it proved to them in their laboratories, which is perfectly alright; they are discovering in their labs the workings of their own minds.’  Neville Goddard

This revolution in science is so profound. Why, well its shattering the paradigm we held about the role and power, we as humans possess in this world. Suddenly we can conclude that what Neville and the mystics before him taught about prayer and the findings of quantum physics are one and the same. Our consciousness and how we feel is what, determines our experience. More importantly this knowledge reveals the missing secret to consistently having a prayer answered: It’s all about matching the feelings to our desires.

“Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance” Neville Goddard

John Wheeler, an honored Princeton physicist and colleague of Einstein states:

“We could not imagine a universe that did not somewhere and for some stretch of time contain observers because the very building materials of the universe are those acts of the observer participancy’

Wheelers studies have convinced him that consciousness is not only important but actually creative! Now where have you heard that before?

Quantum Physics

Remember, quantum physics has proved that through consciousness our feelings, beliefs and expectations are manipulating our objective world. So, we can conclude the process of prayer taught by Neville and its effectiveness now has scientific support!

You Can Choose How You Want to Feel

Remember that you can feel this feeling at any time, regardless of outer circumstances or your current reality. There is no condition or clause anywhere that states you can only feel the feeling of completion when physical reality matches up. Think of people who “Act as If’ or “fake it until they make it” are they not applying the same concept of creating an inner state or feeling until the outer circumstances mirror their feelings.

By use of correct prayer, you are able to choose your own thoughts and feelings you want at any time, independent of circumstances. At any time you can enter this state.

Neville Goddard : How to Pray and Get What You Want

In Neville’s other book “Prayer the Art of Believing” he really expands on this topic and in typical Neville Goddard style there are tonnes of Biblical references. Strange that when I use to read these bible stories as secular history they had no relevance, however when you interpreted through a metaphysical perspective discovering the true meaning is a real eyeopener. You’ll discover how wise these seers really were and the magical psychological instructions these writers were trying to convey. You’ll learn the hidden secrets to successful praying and how it can successfully transform your life. I can’t recommend enough that you read Neville’s classic on this subject.


Before I understood this concept, I was confused as to why some prayers were answered and some were not. God wants you to suffer, or it’s a test people would say. These answers from a priest were of little comfort in my time of need and frankly made no sense. Why would a benevolent living god want me to suffer? Could it be that theses so called “religious experts “in their blinded dogma had no answer themselves as to why some prayers were answered and some were not

However just like a new smartphone or a laptop you need operating instructions. Without them they’re use and effectiveness would be negated. So, it’s safe to conclude that the architect or designer of this universe would have left instructions for her greatest creation, Man to effectively pray.

Science supports the premise that we play an important role in this universe. It tells us that our inner state our feelings is the key. Thankfully when interpreted correctly, ancient texts such as the bible have left specific instructions on how to create any experience you wish to have. You now know how to get any prayer answered.

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