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live in the end


Living in the end is Imagining and assuming with feeling of having your desired life as already yours now. Sensing and feeling it now as a vivid reality in our imagination. Then in our minds and imagination daily keeping that state alive. Remaining faithful to that end. Feeling is the secret of living in the end. How would it feel if you already had the life you desire? Learn to dwell there. That is living in the end.


Capturing the feeling of knowing it’s already yours and dwelling there with faith and belief is the path that brings our good into reality. How many times have you just “known” it would happen? It happens and you exclaim, “I knew it! I knew that would happen!”    “I knew this was going happen!” It’s a feeling, a knowingness that is confirmed either immediately or over time.

The interesting or unfortunate thing is that most of us experience this often in a non- beneficial way. We feel that ‘it’ will happen but it’s an outcome we don’t really want. What happens is a negative experience that you just ‘knew’ would happen. Then your results confirm it. You sensed or felt it was going to result in a particular way and sure enough it gets confirmed. For many this is reliving failures of the past and bringing them to life everyday as we once again mentally, emotionally, yes imaginatively project and predict failure and see it come true.


It could be an experience you have been predicting for months, years or just a few minutes or seconds. We freshen that program that end and live there, repeating it again and again. It could be a general feeling about someone or ourselves. But if you live in that feeling, imaging it true, good or bad it will become reality. We see that example in parenting sometimes. Perhaps you a have a troubled teen child. “That kid has been heading for trouble for years, I knew he would end up in jail”. Or, “I knew my daughter would pick the wrong man.” “I had a feeling that would happen.” Was it his fate, bound to happen? Destiny? Neville shares: “You are destined to reach the point where you realize that, through your own desire, you can consciously create your successive destinies. This very day starts your new life. Approach every experience in a new frame of mind, with a new state of consciousness, great wonders are possible.”


Can you believe they will a be wonderful child, a successful person instead regardless of their present bad acts? Can you imagine and know that they will turn out well healthy and loving, successful in their lives? Of course, you can! Can you live in that feeling and know that instead? I say you can, and you must. It was my experiencing of parenting these last 40 years.

My youngest, my own son was headed down the path of trouble, but I believed always that he would turn out to be a wonderful adult. I saw that in him when I had to bail him out of jail twice for the trouble he got into. I saw through it and passed it when no one else could including him. I knew he would turn out well. I lived in and continue to believe that assumption regardless of appearances. He turned around. Now he is married to a wonderful girl, he is a solid man, successful in every way. He is the lead singer for a hard-core band called “Condemned” (ironic as we often condemn our children to a life of abuse and failure through our words and thoughts).

This summer of 2023 his band is the headliner in one of the biggest shows in Texas. I have been his biggest supporter. Not my type of music but it was his dream, not mine. He has become the best at what he wants, and I am so proud! I am his biggest fan and Father. He also has a wonderful high-paying job and takes great care of his wife and child.


Can you believe in the opposite of what you are currently perceiving for yourself and others in your life, including your children if you have them? Or do you say things to yourself and others, “I just knew I wouldn’t get that job!” Or do you imagine better? “I knew they would say yes. I knew it was mine” we are either imagining and dwelling in wonderful results or the opposite. What do you continually imagine for yourself and others? It could be a specific prediction or known result.

My middle child/ daughter told me when she was 12 years old that she would be with someone rich, that she would marry a millionaire. She imagined it and lived in and from that vision. And sure enough it happened. She knew it and lived in that belief. That was my daughter’s experience. She just knew it. It happened for her, and she has lived an amazing life of luxury and world travel. 3 children latter, her priorities have evolved as a responsible mother. She is an amazing woman, and I always knew she would be.

Live in the End By Robert Meade

My other daughter likewise turned out to be a wonderful wife and mother of two. She dated some losers early on, but I knew she would find a good man and leave her party life behind. Her husband is a hard-working successful man and the best of Fathers to my two youngest grandchildren. Do you see the good for your children, your friends and loved ones? Do you know they be successful? What do we imagine in regard to our children regardless of current troubles?


Can we learn to take on this mood this attitude and feeling of knowing? Can you and I assume that your wish will be yours, is yours and live mentally and imaginatively as though it were true? Can you maintain this mood and attitude and live in the end? My experience is absolutely! I know that it works. Do you likewise know that and choose to know and feel real it daily? Are you focused on a new program? Are you loyal to it?

Neville reminds us;

“Work on it and operate it.- feel myself right unto the situation . How would my friends see me if I were the one I desire to be? Let me assume that they see in me that which I have assumed I am.” “I would not allow the sun to go down in my sleep unless I feel myself right into the situation of my wish fulfilled” What would you feel like now if you were the one that you want to be? How would you see the world if things were as you desired them to be?” Imagining it and believing it feelingly is the secret. Can you believe in spite of the evidence that tells you otherwise? Can you be there, even return their daily and stay faithful to the unseen until it becomes seen? Can you persist faithfully? That is living in the end. This we must do friends!

Neville suggests we need to “believe it in”, into our world.

“If I know what I want and I believe that I received it, stay faithful to that assumption and feeling I will see it unfold in my world. I must dare to assume that I am it. And my assumption though false, if persisted in will harden into fact.” My imagination is creating reality. If I really know what I want, I must persuade myself that I have it then live as though it were true. Desire it, see, feel it, know it, yes believe it to be true and then live in that state, and everything will reshuffle itself to conform to that state to which we are faithful. Whatever you conceive success to be you can have it if night after night you will sleep in the assumption that you are now what you would like to be. I can’t turn to and blame anything or anyone but myself. My imagination creates my own reality. It’s our own harvest. Whether we permitted or purposely chose these things to be entertained by us they do take root and grow. So chose carefully. Believe it, accept it and live by it whether it be for yourself or others. When I know what I want – I decide what it is and then ask, “What would I do if it were true?” “How would that feel?”

Quoting Neville;

“For example, suppose I wanted a home, but I had no money, but I still know what I want. I without any consideration I would make his life like a representation of the home that I would like with all the things in it that I would want and then this night as I would go to bed I would in a drowsy sleepy state that borders upon sleep- I would imagine that I am in such her house. Would I step off the bed I would step up on the floor of that house and where I to leave this room I would enter the room that is adjacent in my imagined room while I am in that house. And while I am touching the furniture to be solidly real and while I am moving from one room to another in my imaginary house I would go sound asleep.” Doing this each day is living in and from the end.

Neville continues;

“… and I know that in a way that I could not consciously devise I would realize my house.”   “Giving it all the tones of reality, until you give it all the sensory vividness of reality as you do it in that state quietly fall off and to sleep and in a way you will never know, you could have never consciously devised the means will be employed. You will find yourself moving across a series of events leading you to the objective realization of this thing.”

This is a marvelous example of living in the end, living from the end and our imagination. Can you stay loyal to your wish fulfilled? Leaving all concern as to how and when and the means that will bring it about and just dwell in that success, daily imagining it true. And whether it be with your children, friends, loved ones or yourselves in your world stay faithful to that vision and we will see an experience in life that we desire.

Are you determined to live in the end? If so contemplate these marvelous thoughts from Neville frequently as we feed our marvelous minds and imaginations and stimulate our abilities to express with our marvelous imagination and live in the end of our desired wish fulfilled. Yes, “This very day starts your new life” You can, and you will! Sources; “

Sources; “Imagining Creates Reality” lecture, Neville “The Secret of imagining” 1960 lp Neville “Live in the end” lecture, Neville The Power of Awareness ch 26 “Destiny” Neville Goddard

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