Choosing A Meditation Bench Read This First !

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Meditation Bench

Choosing the right bench is so important

A meditation bench is one of the unavoidable items one needs to achieve the benefits of meditation.

Meditation practice helps to regulate your mind brining clarity of thoughts, making the operant  calm by relaxing the mind. So how does one succeed in achieving the benefits of meditation?

It is possible only if your spine is straight during the practice with a comfortable sitting posture. To get the best results from meditation practice, is it better to have a meditation bench.

A good meditation bench even if its a DIY meditation bench is more advantageous and helpful for a good practice.

Meditation practice can be effective only if you are able to maintain the straight sitting posture without any pain when your engaging in longer meditation sessions.

Even if it is for a shorter duration, it is recommended to have a good meditation bench plan. The benefits of a meditation bench are enormous especially if you find the right one to experience and enhance your practice.

Note that benefits of meditation is not just experienced during the practice. The impact of meditation lasts for the whole day. It is because of this reason, masters say that the sitting posture has to be comfortable. A good meditation bench can help you in this regard.

Folding Meditation Bench

Example of a folding meditation bench

A folding meditation bench is always good if your working schedule or lifestyle  includes a lot of travelling. Having a folding meditation benches is extremely  useful if you are keen to continue the meditation practice without compromise even during your travel.

Even if there is a change in location and still you need to reap the benefits of meditation without any stress, it is good to own a meditation bench that’s portable .

A folding DIY meditation bench is of immense use while travelling as the objective of meditation itself is to reduce the stress and relax from tension.

It can be a part of your travel luggage. Unfolding the bench is also easy even in a public place. Folding meditation bench is even helpful if the room used to practice meditation is small.

Physical Benefits Of A Meditation Bench

Meditation bench

Posture is so important during meditation

A meditation bench helps you to seat in a comfortable posture without any pain. Some people may feel numbness in the anklets, foot, etc. even if it is for a short duration when practicing  without a meditation bench.

The great thing is that you will not be feeling any pressure on the back or spine during the meditation practice if you are using a bench. This is true even if it is for a long duration.

While using a meditation bench, your legs and knees will be bent during the practice, similar to that of you are kneeling. The benefit is that you will not be sitting directly on your ankles as your bottom will be resting on the meditation bench.

Using a meditation bench would help in getting relief from this kind of discomfort.This is very similar to the type  of pain you feel if you are kneeling for a long time.

Another great benefit of a bench is  it helps straighten your back.  The alignment of the spine will also be balanced, you can maintain a comfortable posture with the help of a meditation bench.

The angled seat of a meditation bench helps you in this case.

The Following are additional conditions and reasons for using meditation bench while:

• You may not be feeling comfortable while sitting even straight, losing the focus while meditation.
• Experiencing pain at the thighs, ankles, etc.
Pain in the lower back, spine or any other physical ailments that would stop you in sitting even for a short duration.
• Unable to manage a proper posture of the lack of physical flexibility and have some trouble getting into a kneeling posture
• Pain at the joints including the shoulder joints that would stop you from kneeling for a long time.

Having A Good Meditation Bench Plan

You need to have a meditation bench plan to get the maximum benefit from your  meditation practice. Selecting the right meditation bench will also depend on the shape of your body, height, etc.

Most important thing when meditating is, to be seated in a comfortable posture, relax physically and mentally to experience the benefit of meditation.

If the bench is too high for you,  the body weight may be put on your knees. That might sometimes create discomfort while sitting for a long duration.

If the meditation bench is too short, that too can create the opposite effect as this could make the sitting posture uncomfortable.

There are some meditation benches built for durability. Some of these come  with think padding and sturdy upholstered fabric. This is to ensure that the bench can be used without losing comfort.

Investing in a meditation bench is not a waste as this will be used for years. It helps with your breathing , you can always do deep breathe and expansion of lungs exercises whilst seated on your bench.  A Meditation bench also helps to keep your abdominal muscles upright by preventing the body from swaying to one side.

Now that you’ve seen the immense benefits of having a bench, it’s hard to see why you would want to invest in a quality meditation bench.

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