All You Need To Know About This Magical Mantra Symbol

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All You Need To Know About This Magical Mantra Symbol

The om symbol is today used by many Western spiritual groups as a chant or mantra to aid meditation or to help with spiritual development, and the mantra symbol is usually drawn using the Vedic script. For example, the om sound is a familiar element in the practice of many forms of Yoga. It is a supreme mantra and the most sacred of words. It is used as a mediation on the nature of the universe and involves using every part of the lung when chanted during breathing techniques. In the yoga sutras of Patanjali, which form the basis of Ashtanga yoga, the om is seen as god’s voice.

Often we will see this mantra symbol worn as a piece of jewelry on display in people’s homes as art or sculpture. This is often a way one expresses one’s spiritual beliefs and connects with the divine. The symbol design is symbolic of the three states of consciousness ( waking, dreaming, and deep sleep), the state of unalloyed pure consciousness, and the divine consciousness or Brahman. This is represented by the three curves, a semicircle, and a dot.

In the Advaita Vedanta school of Vedic philosophy, the om is used to represent the triad as one, and it also implies that our existence is “false”. Chanting om reminds us that in order to see beyond the veil of so-called reality we must learn to understand that the true nature of infinity lies beyond this illusion.

It is believed that with liberation from the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, known as “moksha” or “samadhi” we are able to see existence for what it is, and we can also become at one with the whole. When one gains true knowledge, there is no split between the knower and the known: one becomes knowledge itself. Om is therefore the sound or mantra symbol of the ultimate truth that all is one.

The Sound of OM

” before its incarnation the soul is sound. It is, for this reason, we love sound ” Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), Sufi Master

We are energetic beings of resonance and in constant vibratory exchange with our environment. In holistic healing practices singing bowls, shamanic drums, and tuning folks are used to shift stagnant vibratory patterns causing dis-ease.

The Sound of OM

Sound and vibration can alter our biochemistry in turn improving our well-being. Depending on the sound frequency, it can trigger neurotransmitters to cause serotonin and dopamine to flood the brain. Rapid tempo sounds can release adrenaline; hypnotic sounds can have the adverse effect, of non-adrenaline. Sound has been proven to alter brain waves and indirectly affect our mood, organs, and even cells within the body.

Now in Hindu practice the sound “om” is a sacred sound and repeating it aloud creates geometric patterns, through which a call is sent to the universe. The om mantra is often repeated 108 times. This number is sacred in many religions. Hindu deities have 108 names.

The sound of “Ohm”; is believed to be the first sound of creation and is considered to be the origin or source of all other sounds. This explains why practitioners believe that chanting ohm, not only creates inner peace and enlightenment but is actually putting them in direct contact with the divine. In an age when alternative medicine is ascending in popularity, chanting the sound ohm is becoming popular in many holistic practices due to its powerful healing effects. on the body, mind, and spirit. It is also used in yoga and meditation practices as a way of focusing the mind and achieving inner peace and tranquility.

Ohm Symbol In Our Modern World

So as you can see The Ohm symbol, also spelled as “; Om” or “; Aum,”; throughout ancient cultures is a mantra symbol of great significance. It is considered to be the sound of the universe and represents the ultimate reality or divine consciousness. Incorporating it into your spiritual practice can only be beneficial. We touch upon its mystical properties and the significance of its sound. However, it is for you, now, to put this mantra symbol to the test and determine for yourself if really has transformative powers.

For more information about this mantra symbol and other metaphysical symbols and mantras then please check out our recommended reading section over at the Truecosmic academy.

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