Learn This Important Neville Goddard Manifesting Tip

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Neville Goddard Manifesting Tip

Common Mistake When Learning Neville Goddard Manifesting Methods

In my journey as a teacher of self mastery I have met many a student that are looking for a “fast food style” solution to their manifestation endeavors.

I for one never make any false claims or promises like “manifest your desire in 7 days” or any crap like that.

Certainly I have manifested things in hours and there have been times when it’s taken me years. Everything is relative to the individual and their current state of being. What your level of belief,  commitment and  the degree to which you trust the process are all variables that can accelerate or delay your manifestation.

I often tell my students that if you are persisting in your assumption and trusting the process then your manifestation will unfold in perfect time. The important thing is that whatever you are doing you remain consistent and intermittent efforts really doesn’t get results.

Stick To A Method

I’d like to also add that any serious student of metaphysics should stay consistent to one teacher or one methodology. Now obviously I would recommend Neville Goddard as a teacher,  as I can only speak from experience. When it comes to “doing what it says on the tin” I. E manifesting a specific desire no other teachers methods  are more direct and effective.


In a simple uncomplicated manner Neville’s methods enables one to manifest specifically what it is they wish, no Compromise. In fact the techniques Neville taught were taught by Sage and mystics centuries ago.

My bias withstanding I still recommend that if you are studying with Neville or any other Spiritual teacher switching and changing  mentors never works. I have in the past due to desperation and impatience tried to combine the methodology or two teachers only to find as I delved deeper there was often a point on which they  had a disagreement on concepts.This left me, the student confused and conflicted.



Different ideologies can be confusing.An example being,  in the early days of my learning I would often listen to Neville’s lecture and Esther Hicks things were fine at the beginning until I touched on the subject of the subconscious mind.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify.

Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard  has written a number of books and develop techniques on how to impress the subconscious and emphasized its importance in the manifestation process. Whilst Esther Hicks beliefs are quite the opposite, in her own words the subconscious play no part in the manifestation  process

embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL7AibmlmJw[/embedyt]

So  as a student of both ideologies I was at a crossroads.I couldn’t reconcile the two,  I had to make a choice. Probably what swayed it for me was Neville was able to illustrate the Law of Assumption through the Bible in a totally awesome way which I found so appealing. I’m not here to dismiss the methods of other LOA  teachers but I can confidently say apply the techniques taught by Neville Goddard consistently, with faith, and you cannot fail in what you wish to achieve.

How Long Should It Take.

Well that’s a big question and one I’ll try and answer. Somewhere on the Internet I read a LOA blog where the writer said ” if what you are trying to manifest does not appear in a couple of months then there are one of two things your doing wrong,. Either your applying the LO A incorrectly or the technique is wrong.”

Now to the degree you are persuaded by the new beliefs that you are appropriating does have bearing on your manifestation . To say 90 days is a bench mark is ludicrous. Some of us have different degrees of limiting beliefs to overcome. So certainly one has to be flexible in estimates.

I’m inclined to disagree with the writer on the idea of also setting a set date for manifestations.  You see all manifestations have their appointed hour, they have their own means if expression. It would be wrong to start to put that kind of constraints on any endeavor.  Remember the words of:

For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hurries toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it delays, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay long.

Habakkuk 2:3

The important thing to remember your awakening is not a race its a personal journey.

It Gets Easier With Consistency

The Law of Assumption essentially is very easy, because in reality all creation is already finished. The manifestation that you seek already exists in a higher dimension  and has its own means if expression in this 3 D world.

However the hard work if you want to call it that is challenging and changing the limiting beliefs that you grown up with. Real progress in this regard can only be achieved by consistently practicing.

Consider this your new to Neville’s teachings you do SATS for one day, skip the next two. Then you do it 3 more and skip a week. WHO ARE YOU FOOLING? Nobody but your self.

Consistent application is the key to success. Here’s a challenge if you’ve never done it before. Commit to the next seven days to consistently doing your SATS session before you go off to sleep. Then once you have achieved 7 days double it 14 and so on and so on. You get the drift. Essentially the idea is to reach 30 days of consistently imagining. Psychologists say that anything done consistently becomes a habit.

Now what a powerful habit that would be to night after night sleep in your desire until it manifests.  If you know the teachings of Neville Goddard then you know what consistently doing that means.

If anyone reading this blog decides to take up the challenge, I’d be really interested to hear how it worked out. Just pop a comment in the box below.

Many thanks.





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