Choosing A Meditation Chair to improve your practice

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Meditation Chair

Meditation Chair

A good meditation chair helps any meditation practice, by enhancing  your experience.  Have you ever thought what would be the best type of chair you can use to experience the best benefits?

This article will help you to find the best meditation chair highly suitable for you. We will examine why this piece of furniture is important for your practice. There are different types of  chairs available to help you to experience the benefits of silent introspection. 

“Mere physical sitting is not enough. You have to sit carefully and attentively. Let your body and breathing sit. Let your mind and emotions sit. Let your blood circulation sit. Let everything sit. Then your sitting becomes indestructible, immovable.” – Zen Master Maezumi Roshi

Why use a Meditation Chair?

Meditation is not complete or cannot give fruitful results if you are not able to sit with a straight back, in a comfortable position. It is not so easy for beginners to stay focused while learning this art.

Meditation Chair

A meditation chair is advised for newbies

It takes some time to get a suitable and comfortable posture. Hence why it is wise to use a specific chair to get proper concentration and benefits from your practice.

A well designed chair will make you more comfortable if you wish to sit for a long time. It is also useful whenever you attend retreats.

Meditation retreats are good to get the best experience out of practicing silent reflection. In my own experience, having an old sports injury when I attended I found it difficult to sit in certain positions for long.

You may even end up in pain if you are not able to sit in a comfortable posture. It could be the knee joints or the lower back, thighs or ankles.

Eventually this might even affect the blood circulation. This is why a good meditation chair becomes essential as our body is not always equipped with strong backs and good muscles.

One might think that an ordinary chair would be suffice in achieving our objective whilst reflecting.  But what would happen if  we chose to meditate whilst sitting on the floor, how would that work?

Sitting on the floor to practice, even with a mat becomes very difficult as our body is not programmed to manage sitting for a long time.

The only reliable solution is to have a well designed chair. It not only helps you to sit straight and support your back, but it also ensure that you achieve the desired results by supporting knees and other joints.

It takes some time for you to get acquainted with using a meditation chair. However, this specialized piece of furniture will certainly help you to have that correct sensation during your practice.

How to choose the correct chair?

Comfort is one of the most important aspect to achieve the perfect posture. As you have already read in the earlier paragraph, a chair is an essential piece of furniture.

Always consider the following before choosing a chair. If you intend to practice meditation beyond 20 minutes the chair should provide support for your feet.  Why?

It is not just the spine and joints, but also the feet that takes the weight of the body during the practice.

Your physical needs are important to consider when making your choice.  Good back support is certainly one which must be assessed.  Also different positions can put stress on various parts of the body;

Rattan meditation chair has been one of the most popular chairs used by practitioners.

Tips To Choosing The Right Chair

1. Make sure that you like the color of the chair. This may sound simple, but it matters a lot, in the beginning. To align our mind towards the focus and concentration, all of these small things matters.2. Comfort – if it is a cushion or any other material, comfort shall be the first priority with the physical posture. The Rattan meditation chair has a good cushion support for prolong practice periods.
3. An Ergonomic chair is ideal for practitioners who need additional back support. The Rattan Meditation chair offers a taller back that would ensure the correct alignment of your spine.
4. Material – why not use an eco-friendly material. The chair that we have recommended in this article is also eco-friendly.
5. It should be comfortable when sitting even when you sit cross-legged.

There are a lot of practitioners who attend meditation retreats. A  retreat is one of the best ways to embrace a life with mental and physical well-being.

People have often carried their own chairs with them. So having a portable chair should be something you consider.

So there you have it, don’t over complicate the matter, ultimately you’ll choose a chair that makes you comfortable and enhances your practice.







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