Cómo ignorar la realidad actual al momento de manifestar

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Learn how to ignore current reality

Many people often complain that they are not getting the desired results when using the Fa because they don’t know how to ignore their current reality.

They say that things don’t “seem” to be working, because they pay too much attention to the external circumstances that show up in the 3D world, constantly allowing this reflection to dictate their state of being. You should realize that this self – sabotaging habit is what is blocking your ability to manifest .

“I’m trying to manifest my Special Someone back in my life, but I see he hasn’t called me in over two weeks.” Or how about this other comment: “I imagined starting a new job, it’s been five weeks and there is no change, what should I do?”

The so-called ” conscious protesters ” rant and complain over and over again about what they notice on their exterior, it seems that they have totally misunderstood the concept that Neville and the ancient mystics have tried to convey.

Let’s explore this lesson in more detail and see what Neville and these ancient seers were trying to teach us. Being clear on this subject, we hope that you never fall prey to these old and limiting ways of thinking.

Neville’s Teachings on 3D Reality

“MAN MOVES IN A WORLD THAT IS NEITHER MORE NOR LESS THAN HIS OBJECTIVED CONSCIOUSNESS. Unaware of this, he fights against her reflections while keeping alive the light and images the reflections project.

“I am the light of the world”.

“I AM (consciousness) is light.”

What I am aware of being (my conception of myself) as “I AM rich”, “I AM healthy”, “I AM free”, are the images.

The world is the mirror that magnifies all that I AM aware of being.

Stop trying to change the world as it is only the mirror.

Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. He forgets the mirror and changes your face. He leaves the world and changes your conception of yourself. The reflection will then be satisfactory.”

Neville Goddard – Your faith is your fortune

The instruction is clear in this mirror analogy, our face represents our state of being. Our attention and focus on changing our face is what will create the manifestation we desire in 3D, or in this case, the reflection in the mirror. Keeping this constantly in mind will help us to improve our manifestation process instead of reacting to things.

Simple exercise of attention and concentration

Right now I am sitting on a chair in a room. As I take in my surroundings, I notice things like furniture, decorations, and pictures on the wall.

I then notice a large analog clock above the fireplace, and by focusing my attention solely on the clock, staring at it for a long time, everything else in my peripheral vision begins to fade. The decorations, the paintings, etc., are there but they do not have my attention.

I ignore the other things in this room not by saying I’m going to ignore this or that, but rather as a consequence of focusing only on the clock above the mantelpiece.

You see, when people talk about the things they’re “trying to ignore,” that conversation itself is acknowledging its existence and also giving the thing attention. It literally reinforces an undesirable situation.

Like the example of the clock on the mantelpiece, our attention and focus must be totally on the imagined state. By doing this, by default, we are ignoring the other things by putting them on our periphery.

Clínica de Coaching Gratuita

Remember the story of when Neville wanted to go to Barbados, on more than one occasion he desperately wanted to argue with Abdullah about the absence of his manifestation. Well, what was Abdullah’s response? He literally slammed the door in her face!

I’m not saying it’s easy to ignore things, but having our own “analog clock over the fireplace,” so to speak, so we can focus on it makes the process easier. The clock represents the imaginary state and in the metaphysical world that is reality, but not the shadows of 3D.

One thing I have practiced with great success is keeping the Abdullah attitude, which is, not discussing problems or issues while faithfully awaiting their appearance in 3D. The important thing is the focus or where we focus our attention. Contemplating and discussing what we don’t want is to validate and reinforce your reflection in 3D.

Knowing and remembering that everything is a reflection of our state of consciousness, it is this state of being that we can dictate; it is what will free us, we just have to choose where we will put our focus to free ourselves from whatever undesirable state we find ourselves in.

What we are currently seeing is the reflection of the old state of consciousness in which we found ourselves. and the less focus and importance we give to these old waves, the faster they will fade away and be replaced by new states of being. Remember that nothing here is permanent and our current state is sculpting the experiences of tomorrow.

“All great acts of genius began with the same consideration. DON’T BE LIMITED BY YOUR CURRENT REALITY.”

Leonardo da Vinci

When we start to penetrate this illusion of 3D we become the solution. The way we penetrate this illusion is through the inner eye of Imagination, but it is not just a matter of imagining once, we must persist and have faith, we must believe in this invisible reality as the ancient prophets taught us.

Bible stories reveal the same truth

Throughout history all the seers and prophets spoke of a message similar to what Neville teaches. Through symbolism and parables they tried to convey the same message about how to ignore the current reality when we are working on manifesting. We were taught the importance of focusing on the imaginary state as the solution to all problems. It was only when I began to read the biblical stories as psychological instructions rather than secular history that I, too, was able to see the truth and deep meaning of these allegories.

En la Biblia hay una historia realmente apropiada que nos enseña cómo abordar una situación no deseada en el mundo de la 3D, esta es la historia de Daniel en el foso de los leones, puedes leerla en los versos del capítulo 6 de Daniel. Para el propósito de este artículo, vamos a ver la interpretación mística y poderosa lección que Neville nos proporciona.

“Daniel en la Guarida de los Leones

Esta historia fue escrita para ti para instruirte en el arte de liberarte de cualquier problema o prisión en el mundo. La mayoría de nosotros, al encontrarnos en el foso de los leones, nos preocuparíamos sólo de los leones, no pensaríamos en ningún otro problema en el mundo, sino en el de los leones; sin embargo, se nos dice que Daniel les dio la espalda y miró hacia la luz que era Dios. Si pudiéramos seguir el ejemplo de Daniel cuando nos amenazan desastres terribles como los leones, la pobreza o la enfermedad. Si como Daniel, pudiéramos desviar nuestra atención hacia la luz, que es Dios, nuestras soluciones serían igualmente sencillas…..

Los leones representan situaciones aparentemente irresolubles de naturaleza amenazante. Todo problema produce automáticamente su solución en forma de deseo de liberarse del problema. Por lo tanto, dale la espalda al problema y enfoca tu atención en la solución deseada sintiendo ya que eres lo que deseas.”

Neville Goddard – Tu fe es tu fortuna.

Mi conciencia crea mi realidad

Está claro que la instrucción es centrarse en la solución que es YO SOY el estado del deseo cumplido. Nada fuera de tu YO SOY tiene el poder de dar vida, en otras palabras, es tu conciencia la que manifiesta tus deseos. Necesitas rendirte completamente a esta creencia sin importar las circunstancias en el mundo de la 3D y nunca dar poder a nada fuera de ti mismo.

This is the basis of the Law as taught by Seers and Neville, it is the reason so many struggle to consistently manifest. Giving power or belief to the external is not being true to the I AM belief and will always create struggle and frustration. The shadows are not real! As solid as they may seem, they are shaped by our own consciousness.

“All things were made through him, and without him nothing was made that was made.”

John 1:3

The next time you find yourself slipping back into the old habit of focusing on external things, remember the lessons discussed here and realize that by focusing on them, your consciousness is giving them life to continue in your world.

feeling is the Secret

Translated into Spanish by Isa Meza |  www.vidaaqui.com



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