Is Law Of Attraction Bullshit? The Truth Revealed

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Law of attraction Bullshit

Is the Law of Attraction Bullshit?

With all the Law of Attraction bullshit being propagated online, you may have given up on this practice, but don’t lose heart. In this article, I will dispel the myths and give you truths so that you can have real success in using this powerful law.

The Most Common Law of Attraction Bullshit

The movie “The Secret” is a fantastic introduction to the law of attraction. However, many misinterpret the movie. This most popular law of attraction bullshit is basically centered upon the idea that thoughts generate reality.

You must understand that it is not the thoughts alone that have creative power. It is the feelings and emotions through these thoughts that make this law work.


Another misconception about the Law of Attraction arises when it comes to prayers. The universe doesn’t give you what you beg for; it gives you what you are.

The effectiveness of your prayers is directly dependent on the type of energy you generate by virtue of your thoughts Never beg or petition in your prayers. Rather, when you pray, give thanks that your prayers are already answered.

The amount of emotional energy that you invest in this thought tells the universe to give you exactly that: your answered prayer.

More Misconceptions

Law of attraction Bullshit

Find Law If Attraction Confusing?

More law of attraction bullshit is that negative thinking doesn’t really affect manifestation. The thing that you must remember is that negative thoughts can have an adverse effect on the whole process.

This happens because positive thoughts generate positive vibrations and result in the manifestation in this 3D world we call reality. Because the amount of energy generated depends upon the intensity of positive thoughts, negative thinking has a detrimental effect and decreases the energy that gives shape to your wish. The negative vibrations cancel out the effect of the positive. Thus, when you ask the universe for something, always do so with a positive mindset.

My Desire Is Coming

This law of attraction bullshit is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for my students. You must speak the same language as the universe. Time is a man-made construct. The universe responds to the now, the present tense. The more you concentrate upon your desires not being here and think about your wish coming true, the more vibrations are sent to the cosmos.

Try to keep a positive frame of mind and act as if you already have what you wish. Remember, the universe matches your feelings Have faith in yourself and the universe. Try to evade doubt and tell yourself that your wish is already granted; you just can’t see it yet! Have that attitude of gratitude and you will surely get what you desire.

I Don’t Need to Practice Daily

Every day, take some time to meditate on your desires. Select a time when you will not be disturbed by anybody and concentrate on feeling the fulfillment of your desire. For example, if you want a new job, imagine yourself working in your new position. Put all the forces of your visualization to work and imagine feeling your dream as already granted.

Apart from the time you spend concentrating on the desire, remember that you must not think about how you will achieve the goal. Just focus on already having this desire and, most importantly, how it would feel.

As we told you earlier, a doubtful mindset can undo the wonderful effects of your imagination. Negative energy has the potential to negate the entire process.

So, never let doubt seep into your mind.

One of the best things is to begin with a desire that is not a necessity. For example, begin with something that would be great but is not a must-have. A good example is manifesting a phone call from someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

This is because you tend to have more doubt about the things you desperately want. If you are in debt and really need money, you will inevitably think about what will happen if your manifestation fails. This is the kind of doubt that often undoes the process.

Thus, it is good to begin with smaller, insignificant desires. Success in achieving these little things will boost your confidence and improve the power of your concentration. This will enable you to focus on the bigger and more important things with ease.

Remember that the laws of desire are strange. If you can put in enough conviction and faith, they can come true instantly. Hopefully, this article has given you insight into the many Law of Attraction bullshit theories written online.

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Have faith and try to put in all the positive vibes you can gather. The results will definitely be great!



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