Kundalini Spirit versus Holy spirit

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Kundalini Spirit versus Holy Spirit:

Have you ever thought of a thing called Kundalini spirit versus Holy Spirit? It wasn’t until recent years that Kundalini was a concept that western culture was unaware of. Most of the Wed had thought that Kundalini was just a part of their eastern religion. Little did they know that this energy is, in reality, Universal and have had always operated within human beings without them actually knowing about it.

Christian mystics have often described how the Kundalini spirit’s experience is and its close resemblance with Holy Spirits. Writers believe it to be indeed true, as Holy Spirit does releases Kundalini energy.

However, there are still several differences between Kundalini and the Holy Spirit. For instance, Kundalini is said to be evolutionary energy having an origin from Earth. All the people who are borne into this planet have some or more Kundalini spirit, which ensures the development of their power and mind-knowledge, is carried out.

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit is more of divine energy that comes from above the skies and galaxies. It is said to be

Kundalini Spirit versus Holy Spirit

Goals of Kundalini Spirit versus Holy Spirit:

The primary goal of Kundalini energy is to enlighten, and a Christian’s goal is to be filled with the love of God or Christ.

It depends on people to choose a path between devotion and faith or practice and knowledge. People may argue that the Kundalini spirit relates to the mind of God and Holy Spirit is more to do with the heart of God.

The exciting fact over here is that regardless of what path you are on, it usually is the later-on stages that each person shows to depict the sign of these spirits.

So, if you are focusing on the mental path, you will likely develop wisdom and love with expansion as you practice, along with the compassion it requires. On the other hand, if you are on a different path, path of wisdom and love, you are likely to develop the knowledge by first understanding and controlling its process.

We all are required to call each path equally.

Kundalini spirit versus Holy Spirit

What does current research have to say about the Kundalini spirit versus Holy Spirit?

Some modern researches in place are looking at different paths like ancient Egyptian, Sufi, Rosicrucian, Indian, American Indian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Christianity. This does not mean that they have given up their religion and belief to study others. When you examine other religions, it only lets you understand yourself better.

What confusions do these spirits consist of about the Kundalini spirit versus Holy Spirit?

With the advancement in vocabulary, we are faced with new understandings, which may or may not be understood by everyone.

A very common example of a vocabulary problem is the use of the word “Sin.” There are hundreds of people who do not comprehend what does a “sin” means spiritually rightly.

What may seem sinful for one may not be for the other. The generation gap also plays a vital role here. What their ancestors used to think unacceptable and ‘sin’ is very commonly adopted practices amongst today’s generation.

Another type of confusion occurs when religious groups alter the rules and doctrines of the religion according to their situation at hand.

Such chaos has led people to seriously question the basics of these principles. It has caused them to wonder whether their belief is between them and their God or them and a particular rule or a doctrine.

These questions have caused an immense disturbance among people. Hence, many sincere people have left the organized and traditional religions just to search for a more personal understanding of the connection between them and a divine resource.

How can we resolve the confusion?

To solve this confusion, we need to examine the concept of sin either through “karma” or otherwise. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means your action will follow according to reaction.

People are now beginning to realize that some power accounts for ones’ good and bad deeds, holding one accountable for one’s negative deeds and rewarding them in some natural way for one’s positive and good deeds. This has firstly happened in history that the knowledge is readily available for those dedicated seekers who want to invest their life into finding what this spirit actually is.



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