7 Laws Of The Universe The Kybalion

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The Kybalion

The Laws Of The Universe

If you are on your path of a spiritual journey and are looking for ways to further your growth, then this article is meant to reach you.

Hermetic principles of the Kybalion can work in conjunction with the laws of universe to help you in manifesting.

Hermeticism’s origin goes back to the 1st century AD, this is an ancient form of teaching, but it holds value to this day. These universal laws have been captured and written in a book named ‘The Kybalion’. The basis of the 7 Hermetic principles of the Kybalion is that they are meant to enrich our knowledge of the universe. This subsequently helps in gaining a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the world around us. Understanding and incorporating these principles in your life can help you in your personal growth as well as remove any blocks to your manifestation process.


The Principle of Mentalism

The world we see is created by our minds. Every thought and feeling we experience holds massive energy to bring in changes to the physical world. 

Thus, this principle teaches the importance of our thoughts and how we are the creators of our own world. Hence, we have the power to shape our reality in a way we want. 


The Principle of Correspondence

By adopting a viewpoint that our mind, body, and souls are intricately connected, we can understand the world in a much holistic manner. Hence, using our own inner potential such as the power of intuition can help us make a better sense of our experiences. We can use our intuition only when we are connected on all three planes of; mental, physical, and spiritual self.This is a fundamental yet powerful law of the universe.  


The Principle of Vibration

This is a principle that also closely resonates with the law of attraction. The ultimate goal of a spiritually awakened being is to raise the vibrations of this world. However, the initial step on this journey is to increase your own vibrations to attract similar vibrations and thus create positive experiences. 


The Principle of Polarity

A valuable lesson inherent in this principle is that everything in life has a dual nature and our alignment begins with this understanding. Once we understand that where there is love, there is also hate; where there is sadness, there is happiness; and so forth, we can begin to attain balance in life. 


The Principle of Rhythm

This illustrates how life is in a constant state of movement – in its own rhythm. This rhythm must not be fought with nor ignored because working with this rhythm can help us achieve our true sense of bliss. 

In essence, life has its own seasons, birth/death cycles, and a multitude of human emotions. These aspects are not permanent, hence, if you experience sadness, it is not permanent. It will pass and you can enjoy happiness again.


The Principle of Cause and Effect

A principle very close to the idea of ‘Karma’, every action in this world has a reaction. If you do good, you receive good.  Hence, life experiences do not occur in isolation, rather it is interconnected with many experiences in the world. This signifies how every thought and action you take can have a life-changing effect in this universe.


The Principle of Gender

In this world, each object has a gender quality attached to it, i.e., masculine or feminine energies. The presence of both these genders in this universe is important as both draw from each other’s energies. Furthermore, they keep each other balances and consequently this world in harmony.

Laws of the universe the Kybalion

In the context of self, we have both feminine and masculine energies. Recognizing it and applying it in our lives can help us in attaining balance and growth. 

Thus, these were the 7 Hermetic principles of the Kybalion. They hold a reservoir of worldly truth and learnings. Understanding these principles can help in the manifestation process because the core of the teaching is that ‘you’ hold a tremendous amount of power and value in this universe. You can further increase this spiritual growth by striving towards harmony, balance, and reflection of your life experiences which are taught by these principles.

Hence, strengthening your belief system in yourself and the universe. Incorporating the 7 laws of the universe the Kybalion can help you in the process of manifestation to enrich your life and your spiritual growth. 




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