Manifesting but Feeling a Little Anxious or Stressed Read This

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Manifesting but feeling a little anxious or stressed

What You Should do if Feeling a Little Anxious or Stressed

Imagine this; you are in full anticipation and excitement about a new project: your trying to manifest your dream goal but feel a little anxious or stressed.  This article will give you practical tips too prevent you from sabotaging the process.

Or maybe you’ve been diligently applying methods you may have picked up in a lecture, book, on a e-course or workshop but the thing you’re trying to manifest has such a heavy emotional tariff, its so important to you that the interval of time it takes to “happen” seems like forever. Whilst waiting you become impatient and suddenly the whispers of doubt begin to overwhelm you, anxiety and fear takes over. Any of this sounds familiar?

Whatever technique you employ visualizations, affirmations or SATS you’ll always have a period where you just have to let go and let it unfold. It’s at this point where so many find it challenging. If your new to conscious manifesting or maybe you’re an old hat that’s just looking for a fresh perspective I’m sure you must be familiar with his scenario:

A lot of people start to concern themselves with whether I’m doing this or that process correctly. Often most people get the initial part correct, they imagine a scene properly, visualize of affirm correctly but its remaining in that state afterwards that’s the most challenging. Remember the being within orchestrates the desires unfoldment your part is to just clear all that junk away. The junk I’m talking about includes negative beliefs, negative conditioning, worry fear thoughts and doubts. Any of these can ultimately sabotage your manifestation.

In this article I’ll discuss some practical ways you can deal with all these manifestation blockers such as your negative conditioning, worries and fears. We explore techniques to make them disappear once and for all, or at least keep those anxiety gremlins in check!

Practice the Virtue of Patience

“The vision has it appointed hour; it will ripen it will not flower. If it be long wait for it’s sure and it will not be late” Habakkuk 22:15

Having patience is a wonderful virtue and often overlooked as a “tool” that can help us in the quest for a happy and abundant life. We live in a generation of fast living and instant gratification. Deliveroo, Amazon are just a few of the companies that have flourished in this have it now culture. We demand shopping delivered, we fast forward adverts because we simply can’t wait. We have lost the ability to be patient, which means often we feel aggravated.

Having the discipline to be patient and persist in an assumption means when we wait for things it always makes the end result feel better. We always absorb much more from the experience due to the diligence needed to trust in the bridge of incidents. And hey if we are to believe the quote from Habakkuk we know the manifestation is always perfectly timed.

So, practice patience, accept the fact that you don’t know it all, you are now working with spiritual intelligence. Know that conversations, discussions and countless scenarios are going on right now unseen by you. The subconscious is infinite in its wisdom, the entire universe is connected and cosmic law states that your life experience is being molded by your state of being. So just be patient and let spiritual intelligence do its work.

Don’t Become a Reactor

If you let your imagination be prompted by external circumstances then you have relinquished all power and control over your life. However, if you view things only in accordance with your wish fulfilled it stops you from becoming anxious. What do I mean by this? Every situation in life can be interpreted differently, the glass half empty half full analogy is a perfect example., and so it is with any event. If some recent occurrence has triggered your anxiety then I’ll remind you that; you must have the discipline to stay loyal to your imaginal act.

Neville gave a perfect example in one of his lectures the synopsis goes like this: a man was trying to manifest a higher salary and diligently followed Neville’s instructions. He imagined an end scene and confidently awaited its manifestation. However, a few weeks later he was suddenly fired from his current job, now this apparent reverse of fortune could have been interpreted as bad luck.

In most cases with most people it would have triggered fearful thoughts that “this manifestation is not happening; how can I get a bigger salary when I’m unemployed?” they may ask, but the story revealed an unexpected twist. As a consequence of his dismissal, this event triggered a rival company to approach him and offer him a new position paying him the exact salary he had imagined in the beginning.

In this particular story spiritual intelligence had devised a bridge of incidents that this man couldn’t have possibly devised in order for his manifestation to happen. Had this gentleman reacted differently become anxious and given up hope when he lost his first job, then these events could have taken a completely different turn. He had to remain loyal to his imaginal act and as Neville put it; being fired was actually necessary. So never judge by appearances.

Practice to interpret every occurrence as a necessity to the fulfillment of your desire. Constantly tell yourself that although I can’t see the full picture, this event has to happen in order for my manifestation to unfold. The being within you is conspiring and effecting scenarios beyond your perception. Cultivate a fourth dimensional perspective, where in this higher dimension your desire already exists as a present fact. Your faith in this assumption is what collapses this ideal and brings it into a 3-dimensional experience or what you will call “reality”.

Remember all things have a time lapse between the moment you have the imaginal act and its objectification. You either believe this or you don’t. Not reacting and cleaving to this eternal truth is so important. Having a persistent assumption in this belief will kick fearful thoughts to the kerb. Remember fear and faith cannot exist in the same place.

Listen to Something Inspiring

I know this seems an odd one, but in those anxious moments, honestly, I couldn’t count the times.

I’ve just gone for a walk and played something uplifting on my smart Phone. I love listening to Neville’s lectures, it’s as if when I do this I’m literally transported back in time. (You can download over 150 Neville ages at our blog) I feel like I’m one of the attendees in the auditorium, each time I replay a recording and every time I’m always able to glean something new, but more importantly I’m able to alter my focus. Suddenly my mood changes and I’m, more upbeat after listening. Its like I get my little fix of inspiration and reinforcement of faith.

Manifesting but feeling a little anxious or stressed

Listening to a good pod cast often helps.

Listening to anything that deals with Universal laws is the perfect antidote for those quiet whispers of doubts, that if left unchecked can easily moves us into me an unwanted state.

Now I love to listen to Neville, he’s hands down my favorite mentor but what ever you resonate with is absolutely fine, all your trying to do is to move your focus back to a spiritual viewpoint. For so long we’ve been conditioned by logic and reason, spiritual awakening is merely a resetting of our minds to a fourth dimensional mindset. So little routines like this certainly help the process

When is the best time you may ask? Well I’m not going to suggest that if you’re at work, just excuse yourself, nip into the staff toilet and pop on a Wayne Dyer audio. Lol, I’m just reminding you that how your feeling is key and should be your highest priority. Let that govern your actions throughout the day.

Refuse the Temptation to Talk about It

“How could I discuss how I was going to Barbados, when I was already in Barbados?” Neville Goddard

The above quote may seem nonsensical to some and from a third dimensional viewpoint its true, considering that Neville was in New York at the time he made this statement. However, he was living in the end and was in the process of manifesting a trip to Barbados which required that he had to think, feel and act like he was already in Barbados. Assuming that this was “already a fact” it would be a absurd to discuss how he was going to get there.

Another point to consider is that no one else needs to know that you are doing this inner work except you. It can be tempting at times to talk to family and friends about your manifesting endeavors, but seldom is this a good idea. Most people do not understand Universal laws and telling them about your manifestations may stir up unwanted emotions within them. They may even try to convince you that what your doing has no logical foundation.

You need to buttress and fortify your faith as it’s such an important ingredient in the manifesting process and the input from friends and family though well intended may be the very thing to undermine your growing belief. In the past when anxious and trying to discuss this with my family it actually compounded my worries, so my advice is to avoid this at all cost.

If you however feel you must talk with someone, then this is where a mentor, coach or someone experienced in spiritual laws come in handy. Neville in his early days was mentored by Abdullah and I also had a mentor for a few of years in my spiritual journey too.

I can’t express how invaluable it was, to have someone who I could confer with during my bouts of doubt. A mentor’s job is not to indulge and reinforce your worries or concerns, their role is to shift you back to the desired state. They are there to realign your thinking to the subjective state not focusing on what your senses are perceiving. Remember over at our academy and in our Facebook group there are some excellent coaches on hand waiting to give you the support you need.


Daily meditation is something I’ve been practicing for years now and honestly; I could not imagine living without it. I know I’m a huge fan of going into the silence and I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. If you haven’t done so already, then get into the habit of meditating at least once a day. If once a day is all you can manage then at night-time just before you fall off to sleep is ideal. This is the perfect time to impress the subconscious with feelings that counter your stress or worry.

Manifesting but feeling a little anxious or stressed

Meditating – The optimal stress buster…

Remember anxiety is born out of fear and fear is simply an imaginal activity of something you don’t want to happen. Intentionally imagine the opposite just before you fall off to sleep.

In addition to having a good night’s sleep, meditation can be a perfect tool to realign yourself and rid yourself of unwanted worry. For a texting, tweeting generation that’s hooked on smart phones and bombarded by round the clock social media this can be a tough ask.

Whenever I feel a little anxious, I love to sit in silence(meditate), withdraw myself from the input of my senses and literally marinate myself in the feeling of my wish fulfilled or revise an unwanted experience. This literally does wonders and immediately expels any stress I may feel at the time. The great thing about this is that you can do it almost anywhere and it literally takes minutes to work, now how cool is that.! If you want tips on meditation, revision and SATS then check out our bestselling E-book” Mastering the State Akin to Sleep”.

Most of the recommendation in this blog does require some action and commitment on your part. If your feeling anxious right now and have never meditated before I would still encourage you to try. Like most things however the more you practice the easier and more proficient you’ll become.


To an individual worrying seems like the most natural thing to do. We feel the need to plan for every possible contingency in advance and to be prepared for every possible scenario that could happen. While this trait may make you feel well prepared most of the time, it will also make you unnecessarily stressful. The ego has an overwhelming need to know how everything will work out in advance.

This old framework and mechanism for dealing with challenges in life is not only limited, but it also cannot help you manifest miracles in your life. You’re here because the idea that with your imagination you can solve life’s biggest challenges resonates with you on a deeper intuitive level. However, it requires you cast away those limiting concepts and methods of solving problems. You’re beginning to learn to trust your imagination.

Right now, affirm to yourself that your imagination is God, and that anything is possible to God. If you truly internalize this concept, then how can you be anxious. When you can believe this ultimate truth nothing will worry you


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