Neville Goddard : Fantastic Solutions When It Seems Like It’s Going Wrong.

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Neville Goddard Fantastic solutions


One of the biggest challenges that many people have when applying Neville’s Law of Assumption is remaining in the state of the wish fulfilled, especially when  their current reality or situation seems to paint a completely contrasting picture. It’s a dilemma which often proves a stumbling block for many as they learn to apply his methods to manifestation. Discover these fantastic solutions to this common issue.

This Shouldn’t Be Happening.

Consider this true case scenario a man desires to have a new sports car. He reads a few of Neville Goddard lecture (Feeling Is The Secret) and perhaps watched a few videos on YouTube. For the following week every night he would imagine he was having a conversation with his best friend outside his house and his friends is congratulating him on how wonderful his new convertible looks in his drive way. He is walking in the state of having his car. Feeling that his wish is fulfilled. Great so far yes?

The following week there is distressing news.He receives through an email notice that the company he has worked for the past 6 years has decided to make cutbacks and he’s being made redundant.

“How can this be? “I’m supposedly manifesting my dream car, but I’ve lost my job, this can’t be right !” he exclaims

Suddenly this blissful state that he was once in has been shattered by this these apparently negative events happening “to” him. “The Universe, this Neville Goddard  Law of Attraction it all rubbish he screams at me down the phone.” Can you identify with this dilemma? Have you ever attempted to manifest something and midway through the process something happens that appears to go totally against what you wish to experience? If your answer is yes to any if these questions, then you’re really going to enjoy the answer I gave him and the  rest of this article.

Faithful To The Assumption

Neville Goddard’s fantastic  solution to this dilemma could probably be summed up in one phrase. Persistent faith. In a scriptural definition Faith has been describe as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. Neville instructs us to “Imagine the state of the wish fulfilled, assume it’s reality and remain FAITHFULL to that assumption, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES…I have emphasised regardless of appearance because in the context of this article ignoring current external circumstances is vital.

So when I spoke to my friend this was the answer i gave him.

From birth by default we react to the input of our five senses. The un-awakened man who’s focus is on the external, lives a life of random reactions to events that they believe they have no control over. We need to shift our perspective. The great Universal Law states, “As within, so without” and by applying it here you can break free of the self-defeating cycle. Nothing is more important than your inner state of being, because persistence in this inner state will bring about the outer reflection. By maintaining the state of being or having the thing you desire i.e. the dream car it must eventually be reflected and expressed in our outer world. REGARDLESS OF YOUR JOB REDUNDANCY.

In his lecture The Law Neville says, ” if you react based on the past, you continue in the same pattern”, therefore it’s your response not your reaction that produces the desired results. One must persist and remain faithful regardless of the current circumstances. Neville goes on to say ” do not condition the how of your desire just accept it as it comes to you.

Returning back to the original scenario with my friend,  I continued to tell him the unexpected job loss could may well be part of the “bridge of incidents”  that the manifestation could come about. Perhaps a better job or career change is what was needed., in order to position him to get the dream car.

Neville often spoke of this and I myself have experienced miracle manifestations from means I could never have foreseen. Our egos have a limited perspective. If we are truly exercising faith, then nothing external should shift our state of being. Circumstances don’t matter only state of being matters.

A Fantastic Solution  To Your Dilemma

As with my friend if you ever find yourself shifting your focus to the external situation and it’s appears not in congruence with your desire, shift your perspective.Tell yourself everything is working out perfectly fine. Give thanks to inner being for having granted your desire. The Law has means and ways to manifest my desire that I couldn’t possibly devise.These little actions will immediately shift you back into the right state of being.



Recommended reading The Source: – Neville Goddard 14, 1968 Persistent Assumption:- Neville Goddard March 18 1968


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