Neville Goddard :The Importance Of Testing Your Imagination

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Neville Goddard Test Your Imagination

You Must Test Your Imagination

Towards your spiritual enlightenment journey, gaining invaluable life lessons is an important step. However, equally important is the practice of applying this spiritual knowledge in life. 

This has been emphasized by Neville Goddard in his teachings on manifestations. He encouraged his students to test their imaginations in the real world. According to him:

Faith is incomplete until through experiment it becomes experience.

Holding great depths of knowledge and faith might provide solace to your soul but there will always be a chance for doubt or a hint of fear that it might not work. Furthermore, how do we truly foster unshakable belief in our desired state of life if we have never tested it?

The basis of manifestation is the assumption  that you are already living the life you desire. This is an experience of your mind, body, and soul. By creating what you desire in your Imagination  and living the life you want, you strengthen your ability to manifest. However, understanding this process is the first step, unless applied, this process might not work.

As Neville Goddard always pointed out, you are the operant power, hence only you have the power to change your life. You being a creator means you only see yourself as a creator and no one else. What you imagine must be tested for your own sense of belief. Neville said that it is not his right to test his students’ imaginations, rather, he urged everyone to examine themselves. As the creator of your own world, you are also the only judge of your own world. 

It begins with taking time to examine what your desires, wishes, and dreams are. Understanding them and their implications in your life are important factors in this . then create a scene in your Imagination that would imply that your desire was achieved. 

Secondly, ignore the current circumstances, negative thoughts and only focus on the positive aspects of your imaginary state. For example, if you want a job but you know that you do not fill exactly all the requirements, then instead of focusing on the latter aspect, you only focus on being in the job.

This means you are now experiencing your life in a way as if you already have the job. Hence, manifesting your dream job by applying the principles of law of assumption. This is how your imagination creates reality. 

You can let your imagination create reality by using it to manifest small aspects of your life, such as a phone call from a friend  or a pink pen. This is a small little way to incorporate the practice of applying law in your daily life. For your bigger dreams, you can take time to visualize and experience your imagination vividly to create your reality. This is important to foster your belief – as belief is the foundation of creating your reality. True belief is only going to be developed by you when you take steps to test your knowledge. Letting your knowledge remain dormant is essentially stunting the development of your life towards realising the Divine power that resides within. 

Once you begin to test your Imagination every day, you start to proceed further in the manifestation process and soon you can judge for yourself whether you are content with the reality you have created or whether you want to proceed further. Thus, your imagination creates reality which facilitates your spiritual growth.

Manifestation process as taught by Neville Goddard.

Are you testing your knowledge or are you testing the universe? 

In the beginning stages of using the law of assumption, there is a thin line between testing your own knowledge and testing whether your manifestations occur. The former facilitates the law of assumption process, while the latter hinders it. This is common for people to test their imagination by seeing if what they asked for can actually manifest. This approach itself defeats the process of manifestation as we are creating doubts in our belief system, going against the very teaching of manifestations. 

Hence, understanding the importance of testing your imagination is a powerful concept emphasized by Neville Goddard to further the process of personal growth. Law of consciousness solely rests on what you imagine and what you do subsequently. Applying your imagination to create reality is the basis of law of assumption. It is a merging of spiritual knowledge with spiritual behavior to create harmony and balance within yourself and the world. Once you begin to imagine your reality, believe in it, and live as if you have already manifested it, then you begin to create your desired reality. This practice will bring you closer to your divine self and help you live out your desires.




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