Neville Goddard’s Feeling Is The Secret A Must Read For Any Truth Seeker

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If you’re a seeker of truth, if you wish to discover the phenomena of this universe and how and why things come into being then you must read Neville Goddard’s Feeling is The secret. If you are goal orientated and are frustrated with the tonne of self-help books that over promise and under deliver, this metaphysical classic delivers a practical no-nonsense roadmap to manifesting success.

Despite his passing over 50 years ago Neville Goddard’s teachings and methods have never been more relevant and popular today. So many of the contemporary “gurus” profess that there is a power within us and have adjectives such as Universe, Law Of Attraction, Source or Subconscious Mind they never explain exactly what this power of source is. Neville in his no nonsense approach tells us not only what this power is , but how to effectively operate this power to get what we want.

So many people struggle to get positive results using other Law of Attraction methods such as visualizations, vision boards affirmations and mantras. Why? It’s because they fail to achieve one vital component;


The inner feeling must match the thing desired. and this is where all those other methods fall l down. Books such as The Secret are a terrific introduction to the concept of conscious manifesting, as inspiring as it is it fails to deliver a modality to manifesting one’s desires.

“Feeling is not only the result of our conditions in life, it is also the creator of those conditions.” Neville Goddard

A Metaphysical Gem:

As a student of metaphysical literature, I have read hundreds of books on these Universal Laws. For many years. I tried many techniques hopping from one program to another. Occasionally I would have some success, but my results were sporadic at best. More often when I tried to manifest something with a high emotional tariff these methods failed abysmally.

So you could imagine my surprise when I stumbled on Feeling Is The Secret. Surely such a slight book could not be effective and provide the missing key I was searching for. It was a revelation. Neville breaks down the mysterious and vast subject of conscious manifestations into four easy to understand chapters. I instantly applied what I was reading, the way he interpreted these spiritual principles gave me a clear roadmap on how to achieve results that had for so long eluded me, and yes I started to instantly get positive results!

Well, it’s been 8 years since I first read this publication and so often I find myself reading it over as I’m forever gleaning something new, or some further insight.

Feeling is the Secret is self-contained and written in a way so that the reader can instantly benefit from the teachings within, no matter what level they are in terms of metaphysic knowledge. No prerequisite or background understanding is needed, which is why so often it’s the first book I recommend to anyone who is new to these concepts.

Yes I admit I’m a very keen student and love to read anything that deals with Universal Laws, but reading a tonne of books is not necessary to gain a true understanding of spirituality. Through application is how we gain wisdom and understanding.  As I continuously bark on that, this journey of understanding is a practical one and this is why this book is so special. It teaches you the one thing you really need to know how to create the inner feeling (state) that matches your desire in easy to follow steps.

Neville Goddard's Feeling Is The Secret A Must Read For Any Truth Seeker

The Feeling Is The Secret You May Not Know About:

Now hopefully by now you’re at least intrigued. If my article has stirred your curiosity then you should just click the link below downloaded your FREE E book and start making those wishes a reality.

Feeling Is The Secret eBook

Feeling Is The Secret

But before you make that important first step, this article wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Neville’s famous Lecture titled by the same name.

In 1951 the same year Neville published this book he held a series of Radio talks on Station KECA in Los Angeles., he was covering a weekly show for a then popular religious broadcaster Dr Bailes. Number 3 of these talks was titled Feeling Is The Secret. The content of this broadcast slightly varied from the book, but in typical Neville style it was thought provoking as well as being extremely practical. Consider this excerpts:

Neville Goddard Radio Talk 1951

Neville Goddard Live In The End Master Class Radio-Lectures-Be-What-you-Wish-Be-What-you-Believe

Feeling is the secret of successful prayer, for in prayer, we feel ourselves into the situation of the answered prayer and, then, we live and act upon that conviction.”

“Recognizing the power of feeling let us pay strict attention to our moods and attitudes, every stage of mans progress is made through the exercise of his imagination and feeling.”

If you wish to read the entire book then you can download the complete series in our Neville Goddard Library.


My closing thoughts are this: you can obtain all the desires of your heart however you must be able to consciously imagine with the feeling of the wish fulfilled this is the secret to success. Most methods out there talk of how you should feel if something is yours but don’t teach you how to feel that feeling.  We’ve developed a fantastic Master Class called The Feeling Is The Secret Master Class it is hosted by one of our top coaches Isa Meza and will literally walk you through the process and set you on the path to realizing your dreams.  Its time to turn your dreams to reality, what are you waiting for?

Check it out over at our Truecosmic Academy – Master Zoom Class – Live Stream

Master Zoom Class – Live Stream

Neville Goddard Live In The End Master Class



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