The Power Of Imagination Will Change Your Life.

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The Power Of Imagination

The Power Of Imagination Can Transform You

By our imagination, by our affirmations, we can change our world, we can change our future. To the man of high purpose, to the disciplined man, this is a natural measure, so let us all become disciplined men.

Neville Goddard Radio Lectures 1951

I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that our thoughts can some how change our reality. Negative thoughts influence the world around and create negative experiences. Whilst alternatively positive thought produce positive results.

But are positives thoughts alone enough to create your ideal life ?

What if there was a short routine we could do, that if  we could committed to, would have an enormous impact on our lives? What if this daily practice could unlock the power of imagination and we could consciously manifest any desire.

Regularly entering the state of the wish fulfilled will do this.  Creating the feeling of accomplishment in Imagination, feeling it real on a daily basis will create the inner state of being, which n turn reflects that experience back to us.

This idea has been taught by the sages, seers and mystics for centuries.You can literally write the story of your life when you cultivate the power of imagination.

Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn’t Work?

Today the positive thinking industry  annually is worth billions of dollars. But if the premise that a positive thought creates a positive life of abundance is true, why is it that despite the size of this industry anxiety and depression are so prevalent in today’s society.

Now Americans aren’t just reading about Prozac. They are taking it and other antidepressants (Celexa, Effexor, Paxil, Zoloft, to name just a few) in astounding numbers.

Harvard Health Publishing 

Despite the popularity of positive thinking books, courses, seminars and life coaches everyone is not walking around exuding success and most importantly happiness.

Far from it, on appearance it seems that this happiness state of being is on a decline. In fact in the last decade prescription drug use in particular antidepressants has increased to alarming rates.

The federal government’s health statisticians figure that about one in every 10 Americans takes an antidepressant. And by their reckoning, antidepressants were the third most common prescription medication taken by Americans in 2015–2018, the latest period during which the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) collected data on prescription drug use.

Power Of Imagination

Why Is Positive Thinking Not Enough?

Well I spent a lot of years pursuing happiness. I attended a lot of these seminars, spent a lot of money in pursuit of this “magic fix” to all my life’s issues. It was only when I discovered the power of imagination and the teachings of Neville Goddard that I was able to transform my life. The idea that your inner state creates your experience is ancient principles of Esoteric  Law. It’s only when I applied this in my life that I saw positive and permanent results.

I realized that happiness wasn’t  a place or a material asset. It was a state of being. What struck me was that the methods of cultivating any desired state like happiness was a secret that had been with mankind for thousands of years.

I can honestly say since I’ve made this discovery, I have never been as I am now.

Neville’s teachings may seem simple in concept “imagination creates reality”.Yes the  power of imagination use correctly creates the inner state.

Often the student just views Neville Goddard’s ideas on a surface level without really internalizing his methods and practicing them.

Neville QUOTE

If you are to truly benefit from this ancient  wisdom then I suggest that you commit to practicing them,  for no amount of knowledge can benefit you without experience .

You see reading and acquiring knowledge can never substitute practical application. Only by testing and trusting the processes can a new empowering, transformative belief be formed within.That’s how you unlock the power of imagination.

Practice Entering The State of The Wish Fulfilled

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify Neville Goddard

This will change your life literally!  I suggest if you are not doing this already, that you daily  commit to practicing for at least 5 minutes entering into the state of the wish fulfilled.

Power of Imagination

Enter The State Of The Wish Fulfilled


That is still your body, close your eyes shut out all external distractions and just imagine how it would feel if your wish was fulfilled. If its just happiness, then create a scene that has that assumes that desire. See our post state akin to sleep for the correct method.











You see it takes practice and a conscious commitment to make real change on a subconscious level.

The Only Battle Is With Yourself

The Ego self acts like a sentinel guarding your current belief system it will do anything in its power to preserve the status quo.

When your self talk says something like,” I’m too tired, what’s the point, visualizations boring, let’s do it tomorrow and so on know that it’s the ego talking trying to prevent change.

Your old you has an inbuilt self preservation mechanism that’s totally opposed to change. Never procrastinate, just persist in your knew formed habit because it will pay dividends in the long run.

Reason Why So Many Fail

The subconscious mind is adverse to permanent change its the reason so many find it difficult. Its the reason why so many who attend a seminar, watch an inspiring video or read the latest self help book, always experience that initial high.

This may last for a couple of days or even a week but inevitably the self preserving mechanism (the ego) wins out and we return to our old self.

This is because the books, videos and seminars only deal with the conscious mind. To create lasting and permanent change it must be done on a subconscious level. Remember it’s from our subconscious that 95% of our actions spring. In fact I’d go further and concur with Neville. Its from our subconscious that we out picture our life experiences.

The State of The Wish Fulfilled

Practice Feeling The State

If you can commit to entering the state of the wish fulfilled consistently for five minutes a day and incorporate this as a new habit.  I guarantee if done correctly,  this daily practice will eventually impress the subconscious.

This is the power of imagination.

Once this is achieved then the subconscious will take over and express the impression into your 3 D world. It’s that simple yet so many fail due to lack of discipline.

It’s on the subconscious that wellbeing, happiness,confidence and love of life are manifested.

So you see why real commitment to this daily routine is bound to produce results. Happy practicing.





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