Victimization Biggest Rejection of The Power Of I AM

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Victimization The Biggest  Rejection of IAMness.

Consider this statement from Neville Goddard

The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified. That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world. The world, my mirrored self, ever bears

witness of the state of consciousness in which I live.  There is no chance or accident responsible for the things that happened to me or the environment in which I find myself. Nor is predestined

fate the author of my fortunes or misfortunes. Innocence and guilt are more words with no meaning to the law of consciousness, except as they reflect the state of consciousness itself.

Neville Goddard

When we perceive ourselves as a victim this is probably the strongest rejection the power  of I AMness or I create my reality.This I see continuously in the media. The victim says” this situation  happened to me. It’s unfair, it’s unwarranted. The government is unjust poor me, if only I had this or had that.”

The good thing about this attitude is you get a lot of sympathy, you get to feel good about yourself because it’s not your fault you can blow off the experience and not deal with it.  The great downside is: you just endorsed the idea that you don’t create your reality and thus are dis-empowered to do so. You rob yourself of your own divine power!

Suddenly in adopting this belief you will get this lesson over and over again until you awaken and take back your power.


Society today a reflection of blame culture.


A look at the attitudes of society at large shows how prevalent victimization is. So much social media and news coverage is centered on victims. In the USA, the victim mentality has reached epic proportions,  if anything happens to someone the first they do is to look for somebody to sue.

In underprivileged areas so often just around election time we see the local politicians spew out the usual rhetoric of how much benefits they will pump into the deprived areas and increase the lives of those underprivileged.

Reinforcing in the minds of the poor how an increase in handouts will somehow improve their lives.

Stuck in this poverty mindset they provide a politician with their vote and support which puts him back in office. Claiming their handouts they are oblivious to the self perpetuating cycle of poverty.

The consciousness of guilt calls forth condemnation, the consciousness of lack produces poverty man everlastingly objectifies the state of consciousness he abodes.


If only they could realize that abandoning their belief in false gods of governments, religion and politicians is the key to an empowered mindset.

Only changing the state of consciousness will create the desired change in their life. Change your I AMness and you change your world.


Change The Feeling Of I AMness


As victimization is the strongest rejection of this articles premise,  I accept responsibility is the strongest acceptance of it.

No longer playing the victim  is a monumental turn around and the most powerful way anyone can approach the world and the experience in it.

When you expel the victimization you vanquish the  powerlessness that it brings.

My daily inner conversation when confronted by any situation is, what state am I occupying?  What is my I AMness right now?  What is being reflected back to me what level of I AMness is this coming from?

You now accept that your life and its happenings are a reflection of your assumptions. This is not for philosophy but when you practically apply this new paradigm like magic your life will start to reflect your aboding inner state.

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are and what they do. I recently put a post in my Facebook group asking members if they believed that Meghan and Harry were victims of an oppressive Royal monarchy or were they just experiencing  a state of consciousness? .

Thankfully there are quite a few members that are knowledgeable and  understood the concept of the law of consciousness, nevertheless  there was still quite a few who stubbornly insisted on the Royal family and the situation as the cause for this couples exodus to the United States.

If you understand the discussions in this article it is clear to see that the only conclusion that could be found in this scenario  that Harry and MEGHAN the Duke and Duchess Sussex   were victims of their own state of consciousness and it was just being reflected back to them.

The Changing Of I in 1965 Neville  delivered this powerful lecture on the subject of victimization and how this dis-empowering mindset certain blocks many a manifestation.

Change the feeling of I pdf

This lecture couldn’t be more pertinent to the discussion in this article.  I feel it would be unjust to just take excerpts from this lecture but rather I encourage you to read it in its entirety. In doing so if you ever had thoughts of playing the victim in life, the words of Neville will give you a new liberating outlook.

It will reinforce the idea that you are the operant power, you are the architect of your life and that victimization is merely an illusion all be it a persistent one that can rob you of your dreams!


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