5 Neville Goddard Techniques To Supercharge Your Imagination

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Imagination Creates Reality Exercises

So How Do I Train My Imagination?

So what Neville Goddard techniques are there to improve our imagination?  How do we learn to harness this power and create the life that we desire? In this article we are going to explore some of Neville Goddard’s Techniques that you can use in the comfort of your own home and really Supercharge your results. You see to really become effective manifestors you have to train this underused faculty.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this point is to use the analogy that Neville himself used. He likened the imagination to a violin. Placed in the hands of a trained exponent, a violin can produced beautiful music, however if it was given to the untrained person it would produced horrendous sounds that you’d probably couldn’t listen to for more than a few seconds.

However with patience and practice the novice musician can transform themselves into a skilled violinist. With a little persistence and practice they too can eventually play beautiful music.

So it is with your mind. You know that imagination creates your reality yet, untrained it produces all issues and maladies in your life. However with patience and practice you can literally transform your lives into a beautiful symphony. You too can become a skilled exponent of Neville Goddard techniques.

There are some specific imagination exercises that you can practice in order to transform from novice to maestro!

To get the best results from the techniques outlined here, my advice is that you don’t choose one but practice them all for at least 10 minutes at a time. Now if your not familiar with any form of visualisation or meditation you may find it a little challenging at first. Hence the reason why I’m advising that you spend at least 3 days practising each technique until you move on to the next one.

Please bear in mind that your beginning to exercise a faculty of your mind that has been for the most part of your life untrained. So be patient with your self. Now to the exercises.

Imagination Training Exercises

Now for a little bit of fun! Just like with any skill, the more practice the better you’ll become.

The Ball Exercise

Neville Goddard Techniques

Practice holding an imaginary baseball in your hand. Notice as many details as you can: the texture, the weight, the firmness. Try this for about 60 seconds. Now, do the same with a tennis ball. Repeat it once more with a golf ball. Finally, switch between all three, spending about 10 seconds with each ball. As you switch balls. notice the difference in how they look and feel in your hand.

The Relocation Exercise

RELOCATION Neville Goddard Techniques

In this exercise, you are going to move locations in your imagination. Find a spot to sit down in your home—perhaps in your living room—and stare at the wall. Keep your body still. Now, close your eyes and start to imagine that you are in another room in your home, staring at a different wall, perhaps in your bedroom. You should be familiar with that room, so give it as much detail as you can: the wall coverings, any pictures, and furniture. Maintain this for as long as you can. After a minute or so, open your eyes.

If done correctly and with a still body, you should feel a moving sensation, as you stare at the wall you began the exercise with.

The Room Exercise

This one is quite similar to the ball exercise. Once again find a comfortable chair to sit in. Still your body and close your eyes. Imagine, in the first-person perspective, moving around your home. Go into the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Pick up familiar items in your hands, all the while trying to use as many imaginary senses as you can.

Rewind Exercise

Revision Exercise

This is one particular exercise that Neville Goddard mentions quite a lot during his lectures. As you lay down at night and start to drift off to sleep, start to go through your entire day. This will be done in reverse, starting with the last thing you did before you climbed into bed. The exercise aims to go through each event until you reach the beginning of the day. When you first try, your attention will wander, but you can do it through persistence.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop control of your attention. This is a vital skill needed for effective imagining. When in your imaginary scene, immerse yourself in the state akin to sleep.

Listening  Method

Now just as in the 3D world  your imagination has five modes of sensation. We can also learn to train all these faculties. Hearing is another one.

Sit quietly and get yourself into that State Akin To Sleep then rather than “seeing”  your desire imagine hearing the person giving you the good news about whatever it is you want to manifest.

“So when you sit down and you predetermine what you want to hear and you listen until you hear it, and you refuse to hear anything other than that, then you are using the one power in the world that awakens a man and you are using your lovely imagination, which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” – Neville Goddard Three Propositions – 1954

This I find particularly effective because I can reproduce someone’s voice in my imagination quite easily. In one particular lecture Neville was addressing a telephonist who through her job had really developed this faculty, hence this was the method she employed to manifest her desire. Test it and see, you may find it’s your preference too.

All these methods are with a little patience and practice easy to master. In doing so they will vastly improve you manifesting experience and effectiveness.

Now lets start practicing…


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  1. Ihims

    Thanks, I really needed a guide into furnishing my imagination skills. This helps a lot 🙏

  2. Nandini G K

    I like the Rewind method. I use it frequently. Thank you. Nice article


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