5 Proven Visualization Techniques for Rapid Manifesting

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Visualization Techniques

5 Proven Visualization Techniques for Achieving Goals Faster

It’s hard to believe that achieving your dreams and goals is as easy as visualizing them in your head. But science has proven that consistent visualization can manifest your desires if practiced effectively.

Numerous studies have already shown that visualization achieves very real and tangible results. These studies have concluded that visualization is a kind of practice, or a “dress rehearsal” of your future success, which wires the brain to help you achieve it.

Visualization exercises enhance your brain’s ability to manifest your goals through a simple neurological rewiring process. When we visualize a goal, the brain signals the neurons in our subconscious to practice it. Your brain actually performs the imagined goal as if it’s happening.

Consistent visualization creates a neural pathway in your brain that reinforces the behavior you’re imagining. Over time, your goal will manifest.

Try these 5 powerful visualization techniques and prepare to be amazed at what they can help you achieve.


Exercise #1 The Wish Fulfilled

Visualization Techniques

How Would You Feel Having Your Wish?

• Choose a goal such as passing an exam, losing 10 lbs., or getting a promotion.

• Close your eyes and visualize that your goal has been achieved. Just visualize the final outcome, not the process of getting there.

• See yourself basking in success, and focus on how great you feel.

• Try to be as vivid as you can and use all of your senses, hearing, smelling and feeling what is going on around you.

• You’ll know you’re doing is right if you experience a wonderful sense of wellbeing and joy.




Exercise #2 Live in the end.

This exercise involves living your dream in your day-to-day life. Visualize that you have become your future self and achieved whatever it is you wanted to.


• Dress, talk and act like your future self.

• If possible, do the things your future self would do, such as reading market analyses, having a personal trainer or whatever else related to your goal.

Note: This exercise can be a bit tricky. For example, if your goal is to become an Olympic swimmer, you probably can’t wear a swimsuit and goggles to work. It may not be practical for you to dress or act that the part exactly, but you can live the part inside your head as you go about your normal day.








Exercise #3  Multiple Perspective Visualization

• Visualize your success in the eyes of others. This is called | “multiple perspective” visualization.

• Visualize your success from the perspective of your family and the people you care most about. Visualize their pride in you and how they are applauding and cheering you on for greater things.

• Do the same for colleagues and friends. Visualizing their respect and how they look to you as a role model

• Visualize your success from the perspective of your club, community, organization or any other entity related to your goal.

• You can even visualize yourself being interviewed and watch yourself from the perspective of an audience.

Exercise #4 Scripting


Visualization Techniques



• Write a scene describing the achievement of your goal.
• Be as descriptive as possible, describing other people in the scene, the interactions taking place and the conversations.

• Remember that you are the stat of the story. Describe what you are wearing, how you feel, and what you are doing.

• This is a particularly fun exercise because each time, you do it, you have free rein to create a different scene with different characters and dialogue – but always with you as the star.






Exercise #5 Vision Boards

Visualization Techniques

Vision Boards A Great Way To Focus.


• Make a vision board to manifest your goals. Use any type of board on which to post images of your dream.

• Collect makes related to your goal from magazines or from the web. Make sure they speak clearly to your goal and inspire you.

• Add affirmations or inspiring quotes in your handwriting wot colored markers.

• When you are dome. You should have a beautiful collage of inspiring images. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

• Look at your vision board every day for at least 5 minutes, immersing yourself in the images and allowing the positive emotions to flow.




You can practice all of these exercises by automating them, or practice two or three, or just one. Each one is powerful enough on its own to manifest your goals. The main thing is to practice them daily.

Keep yourself open to what will start to happen in your life.

New opportunities will come your way and unexpected doors will open. New ideas and innovative plans will propel you forward. Step by step, your future success will begin to manifest before your eyes.



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