5 Reasons Law of Assumption May Not Be Working For You

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Key Reasons Law of Assumption Fails

When most people first learn about Neville Goddard and manifesting their dreams, they think, “Hey, that sounds easy! I can do that!” They focus on something they want, but then they get disappointed in a few days or weeks when their dreams haven’t become a reality. Why didn’t the imagination thing work for them? And why isn’t it working for you? Let look at the reasons why the Law of Assumption  could fail.

Possible Reasons Why Neville’s Teachings  Isn’t Working for You

1Your not focused.

When it comes to the Law, Neville asked the question: Where are you staying? In other words what was your habitual state of consciousness. You get what you focus on. And for every goal you are trying to achieve, you can focus on how it feels to have it already, or you can focus on the fact that you do not have it. When your mind is consciously or subconsciously concentrated on the deficit (I don’t have it, yet), then you are not in the right state to manifest. Learning to let go of deficit thinking and focus only on the feeling of the wish fulfilled is crucial to making the Law of Assumption work for you.

2. You are worried about the wrong things.

When people first start the process of manifestation, they are asked to visualize what they want, to catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. But many people focus too much on how  their accomplishments will be realised. Their carnal mind kicks in and starts to ask those 6 destructive questions. You know… who, what, when where when and how. They imagine a future where their dreams come true but focus too much on how they process unfolds or worry about how the bridge of incidents  will bring the desire into the 3D world. It does not matter how it will happen. It matters that it will, if you believe. Don’t worry about how it is coming; just know that it is.

3. You are not persistent.

When you want to manifest something and use the Law of Assumption , you must persist in your application. So many of my students try it for a while don’t get instant results then jump to the next LOA teacher or latest course.  Remember you are reversing a lifetime of negative conditioning. Be patient with yourself!

If you were trying to learn how to play a new musical instrument would  you just give yourself a few weeks to master it?  No of course not, that would be ridiculous. The mind, like that musical instrument with practice and patience can be mastered, you can cultivate a real proficiency and produce wondrous results . That means that whatever you are seeking must be aligned with your values and beliefs, and it requires persistence.

If  Neville’s teachings resonate then stick to just Neville. There are similarities in certain aspects, but the Law of Assumption has many differences to the Law of Attraction. It would be far too confusing to learn both at the same time.

Persist in one method and commit. 

4. You have limiting beliefs that are preventing manifestations in your life.

If you do not believe that you are the operant power, that you are capable, that you should change, that good things do not happen to you, then how can you manifest positive things to your life?

When your beliefs are negative or limiting, then your 3D life will reflect accordingly. That means that, as long as you are holding on to your “but” statements and telling yourself (deep down) that this really will not work, then guess what? It won’t! Your thoughts dictate what you create as well as how you behave. You must start here if you want to truly get results.

5. You aren’t actively moving towards your goals.

The idea of the Law of Assumption is that as you assume a state,  all opportunities, people, resources, and possibilities come  into your life to match that assumption.This is how the power of imagination works.  But, ultimately, to get something done, you have to do something. That means that you need to act on those opportunities, engage with the possibilities, talk with the new people, all from the premise that you are or already possess your wish.

Law of Assumption Manifestation

Neville when he manifested theater tickets to the play Aieda (lecture: The Duality Of Man)  ,acted in the assumption that he already had the tickets. He went to theater in this state . This was despite the fact that every notice board for miles was saying tickets for the play were sold out.

Neville in his imagination saw himself with the tickets and acted in line with this assumption by going to theater despite the contrary.

Your dreams will come when you persist in your assumption , but you must be willing to act bodly  when the time comes.

You can have everything you want,  to create the life you deserve if you learn to use the Law of Assumption well. If it is not yet working for you, ask yourself which of these reasons may be holding you back.


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