7 Mysteries of Your Wonderful Imagination

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In this series, 7 Mysteries of Your Wonderful Imagination, I take us through some important lessons in understanding our divine nature and exercising our divine right of creating life. This is the introduction to these 7 mysteries of your wonderful imagination. So, I will outline the seven mysteries and briefly describe them.


The goal in these seven mysteries is that you experience a transformed life. One day, my friend and coach Sheena said to me, ‘Adelere, if you have all the information without any transformation, you are only here to entertain us.’ Well, knowing that I am not a piece designed for entertainment, knowing I did not become human to amuse myself, to amuse people, I decided to be a doer of what I know.


This reminds me of something another friend Martins did say to me about two years ago. He said, ‘If what you know is not what you do, then you know nothing.’ In Luke’s letters, he said,


‘In the first book, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach.’ (Acts 1:1, ESV)


He did what he taught, and when a person does that — when they follow their instructions — Shakespeare called them ‘a good divine’. Therefore, to experience transformations in your whole life, that is, my simple commitment throughout the discussion of these seven mysteries. While I shall expound further on each one of them in subsequent posts, in this one, I simply lay the foundation and highlight some important points of these mysteries.


The 7 Mysteries of Your Wonderful Imagination


1. The Mystery of Fasting and Prayer


In the world of religion, fasting and prayer have been taken as fixed rituals. Nearly every church has designated days for fasting and praying every year. Whereas this practice is considered a sure and reliable way to appeal to the heart of God, I shall remind you that your wonderful human imagination is God. Fasting and prayer are an important mystery to understand and test because of their connection to faith that moves mountains. The mustard seed faith, you see.


Jesus said to the disciples that they could not have sent the possessive spirit out of a kid because of their unbelief, for if they ever believed as certainly as a mustard seed was convinced of being a mustard seed, they could move mountains. Paradoxically, he concluded by saying, ‘But this type goes out only by prayer and fasting.’ See it in Matt. 17:20-21. He said they only needed that faith as a mustard seed, and still said they had to pray and fast to make it happen.


Whether he was inconsistent or the faith of a mustard seed is what prayer and fasting generate in our consciousness. I opt for the latter and I test it. If I prove it by testing, then I know how to intentionally have the faith of a mustard seed. Don’t you agree that is very practical and wise? In my next post on the 7 mysteries of your wonderful imagination, this mystery will be thoroughly discussed.


2. The Mystery of Tithes


Tithes today yield billions of revenues to churches. Of course, that is not bad for the church. What is important, you’ll quite agree, is that people receive the very expectation they have for tithing. What are people’s expectations for tithing? The straightforward answer is in Malachi 3:10, ‘Bring the full tithe… put me to the test… I will pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.’


Whilst people do this to test themselves, tithes are a test to the Lord. The Lord is your own wonderful imagination, to test him is to see whether what you imagine will inevitably come to pass. If it does, you can have no more need. To understand this mystery, therefore, is to truly escape a life that is tossed by the raging waves of survival.


3. The Mystery of Tongues


Speaking in tongues is a mystery, and is even said to be used to speak deep mysteries. Whereas the practice of speaking gibberish has erupted in the world, what does this mystery connect us to deep within us? How can speaking in a tongue be so powerful, yet Paul said he would speak five words with his mind to instruct than ten thousand words in a tongue? Which tongue was he referring to that it would be less valuable to say ten thousand words in?


The power of tongues especially is that when you speak in tongues, you speak to God but not to men. In other words, you are not conforming to the limitations of your world. You are speaking the promise of your wish fulfilled in imagination. How to do this, and use it to testify the wonderful works of your Imagination is our focus in the 7 mysteries of your wonderful imagination.


4. The Mystery of the Sperm


One of the most intriguing stories in the Bible is the story of Judah and Tamar, for the wisdom of Tamar prevails over the tricky father-in-law. However, the background of the story contained an even more intriguing experience for the lady. Onan, Tamar’s second husband, always wasted the semen rather than let it fertilize Tamar’s womb. He refused to impregnate her, and as such he was put to death. Certainly, there is a powerful significance that the Lord has for the semen, otherwise should he not have struck Onan to death.


Just as every mystery is not to be taken on the physical level but to be thoroughly understood as a mystery, this story does not talk about a physical man. It is a story of our consciousness and our wise intelligent use of the Imagination and Desire. This mystery will be unraveled in this series. This mystery is directly connected to every successful immediate manifestation that we may have.


5. The Mystery of the Wine


A few days back, a friend shared her dream with me about the wine. She has been taking the wine, and would not let the prince of this world take it away from her. She continued to take the wine. Wine is a mystery of your wonderful imagination. It is the mystery of applying what you know. When she told me about her dream, I shared the jet of truth in it with her, congratulating her for the wonderful application of the law. A few days after, she called me to share further experiences, two of which are powerful manifestations that she has wanted for some time.


Paul suggested to Timothy, ‘Take not only water but start to take some wine with it.’ Do not know only the psychological law. Be spiritual by applying it. Test the Spirit, be drunk in it. Use your wonderful human imagination and results follow. In this mystery, we see what Neville has emphasized about Stone, Water and Wine, the difference in understanding and lifestyle based on which level a person operates from.


6. The Mystery of Godliness

Mysteries of Your Wonderful Imagination

This is the great mystery. Paul said, ‘Great is the mystery of godliness, God became flesh… was taken up in glory.’ (1 Tim. 3:16) Unlike the behavioural conditioning that most of us have experienced in our past lives, godliness is rather the testament that Man is God. This is the mystery. Behind the face is God, and he did not pretend to be man. He BECAME Man. Transformed into humanity, we call him John, Alice and Adelere. So that man could be taken up in glory.


This is the mystery of mysteries, and as Neville likes to call it, it is the wonderful promise that every human will experience, to be ‘taken up in glory’. In this series of 7 mysteries of your wonderful imagination, this is one of the most important mysteries that shall be revealed.


7. The Mystery of Forgiveness


There is a deep mystery in the word ‘forgiveness’. First, I do not mean how the world thinks of it and approach it in terms of ‘sparing the punishment.’ Forgiveness in the scriptures is ‘taking away the sin until it is as white as snow.’ In the popular Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ That is completely paradoxical. If we consider that when Jesus was forgiving someone his sins, people questioned it saying only God can forgive sins. You will see this in Mark 2.


This he knew fully well that only One like God can forgive sins. Yet, he said, ‘Forgive us as we forgive.’ Therefore, the divine power of forgiveness lies in humanity. Forgiveness is revision. William Blake called forgiveness and forgetfulness the only art of living in heaven. In these 7 mysteries of your wonderful imagination, this is the last mystery that we shall examine.


Get Prepared


My teacher has this saying that the most difficult thing to change is a fixed idea in the mind. I encourage you to assume the attitude of expansion, not so much the attitude of learning as it is the attitude of expansion into deeper truths. The truth remains the same, yet we may experience deeper levels of it. Just as the ocean remains the same but its currents vary between the shallow banks and the deep sea. Therefore, assume at this moment that you got the best out of this series. Until our next post, be in Love.


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