‘What is My Purpose in Life?’ 3 Top Truths about a Life Purpose

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‘What is my purpose in life?’ This is one of the most important and most asked questions of all time. Purpose is the justifying function of a thing. Without it, there is no explanation for existing. So, everyone asks at some point in life, ‘What is my purpose in life?’ I will share three truths about a life purpose. Specifically, these truths are Neville Goddard-focused. They are truths to be appreciated by those who are awakening their imagination.

3 Truths about a Life Purpose

There are many things that could be understood about a life purpose. What is most important of all is a practical truth. For that reason, it is best to feel the truth of this, I shall express most of the ideas in a very personal way, in the first person.


1. My Purpose Is a Daily Experience, Not a Future Achievement


It seems all ease in the world can dwell within us when we grasp that any idea that is worthy of being a purpose for something is not a future idea but an ongoing, present fact. Let us use a common example to illustrate how a purpose in life is a daily experience, an ongoing deed of life but not some goals to achieve in the future.


Consider your mobile phone. It certainly has a clock, a calendar, and perhaps has great apps such as Facebook and Email. These are wonderful additions to the phone. If they are not present on a phone, you will not question the phone being a phone. It may just not be a ‘type of phone’ for you. These things are not unique to a phone, even though they are great additions to a phone and achievements that have changed over the years.


However, you will not take a device to be a phone if it does not have the basic functionality to make phone calls. In the same way, a wristwatch is not one if it does not have the functionality to tell what time it is. A dress is not one if it cannot be worn to cover nakedness.


From this example, a life purpose is about functionality that is always present in something. It is not a thing to be achieved like upgrading some apps or installing new features. It is the function to be exercised daily.


As spiritual beings living in mortal bodies, our purpose must be that which is spiritual, which is always present in us. This is why Neville said in The Pruning Shears of Revision lecture, ‘You have a mission, you have a purpose. It is not to amass a fortune–you can do it if you want to–it is not to be famous, it is not to be some mighty power…’ This is profound. Our life purpose must be a daily functionality that operates our spiritual nature or exercises our imagination continuously.


My purpose in life is not something we are going to achieve someday. It is what we are capable of doing every day. We may choose to do it or not. But we don’t achieve a life purpose; we express it.


2. ‘My Purpose in Life is Revision


Back to Neville, he said: ‘You have a purpose… simply to tend the garden of God.’ Then he said, ‘And now, you have a mission, you have a purpose in life; it’s a noble purpose… You simply revise.’

My purpose in life is revision. Just to be clear, what is revision? It is simply changing a past situation from what it has been to what I wish it to be. That is what revision is. It can be any kind of past, whether the past that I experience in my personal life or the past that I witness someone else experiencing in their life. It can even be the past that I witness a group of people have had.


So far it is a past that I know of, I can change it in my imagination only, and experience it differently. Another way to put it is, ‘To revise is to remember that my wish happened even though it did not the last time.’ I would remember it the way I wish it had happened, and that is revision.


There are various things that we can revise. We can revise traumatic experiences and make them loving experiences. A broken-hearted wife can revise that she has been treated as the Queen. We can revise a sad event and make it a happy event.


What is the best thing about this my purpose in life is that we do not have to restrict ourselves to revising only bad and sad things. We can totally revise good events to have been great. We can revise the great ones to have been amazing! We can revise the amazing ones to have been absolutely phenomenal!


This makes it such a wonderful purpose in life, something that we can have fun doing, that we can do over and over again. For example, if I wanted to earn $10,000 a month, but I earned $5,000. I can simply revise my bookkeeping and find myself where I mentally read $10,000 in total sales or profits (whichever I want) from the records of my bookkeeper. Then I continue to do it until it feels to me that I earned $10,000. Did you know that I will actually earn $10,000? When I then earn $10,000, nothing stops me from making it $100,000 if I want that much money.


3. My Purpose in Life Makes Me Stay Amazing


When I live from this place of purpose, I remain amazing! How so? Just imagine a normal waking day. There are things that will happen that I like and enjoy which is good for me. What is even more amazing is that I can easily imagine them to be greater than I enjoyed them. This gives true happiness which the things that I got themselves could not have given. I feel way happier than the actual nice things that happened to me could have made me feel.


How about when some things happen that I do not like. Without feeling bad about it, I simply imagine that what actually happened was the marvelous experience that I wish for. Then I can happily go my way. The best part is not just the good feeling that I get from this continuous act.


Although these good feeling and peace are irreplaceable, the best part is the confidence I begin to build in myself when what I revised happens. This is what makes our life purpose far more enhancing than anything we may have experienced!


When something that I revise yesterday happens today, I do not only get the good feeling twice, but I actually confirm to myself that my imagination can change my life. There is a depth of confidence that adds to our experience in life. As Neville put it, ‘If you will wisely and daily use the pruning shears of revision, you will find there is no objective beyond your ability to realize.’ (The Pruning Shears of Revision)


Did you know that the only powerful way to build unending self-confidence in the power of your Imagination to create reality is by a continuous and ongoing revision? This is really my purpose in life.


This is how the Bible put it, ‘You may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.’ Since all humanity has the power to forgive sins, that is to change a past failure into a glorious success mentally, we are encouraged to ‘forgive our debtors their sins.’ In other words, on a daily basis, believe in the success of yourself and your friends even where they failed.


In Conclusion…


The one thing that we never need to try to achieve in the future is revision. It is always present for us to do. We can revise our own daily experiences. There are many things we can change and expect the future to be bright just by the changes that we have made with our imagination. We can revise for others and even revise many things that have happened in our distant past.


Ultimately, living this way not only brings us all the wonderful goals we have in life, but it enriches our life amazingly. If ever


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