Is Imagination Creates Reality A Viable Concept?

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Is Neville's Law of Assumption Viable 

Contrary to what you may have heard, the idea that imagination creates reality is not magic, voodoo, or a trick. It is not some kind of complicated ritual, and it does not require you to use spells or join a cult. Based on the principles that control the universe, the Law of Assumption  is actually at work in your life right now.

Learning to connect with it and use it intentionally can enable you to control your life and realize your goals and long-term dreams. But what is Imagination Creates Your Reality ? And why does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this principle to understand if it is a viable option for you to transform your life into what you want.

Understanding that Imagination Creates Reality

The most basic definition for the Law of Assumption is that whatever you focus on in your life, whatever you believe to be true within; this will be experienced in your outer world.

Your imagining, attention, focus, and energy will dictate what is impressed upon your subconscious . When you imagine intensely and mix it with feelings this creates subconscious impressions. Whether you are doing it intentionally or not, the Law or principle is always in place. Learning to transform your thoughts then, can change what you experience  in your life.

Within the universe, everything is a manifestation of what was first imagined. The entire universe is an out-picturing of  imagination. Vibrations in matter are automatically attracted to and resonate with similar vibrations in other objects. All of this was triggered with the initial imaginative act.

Everything Was First Imagined

To really grasp this concept I want you to try a quick experiment. Right now,  start to look around your immediate surroundings and observe what you can see. In my case I can see my smartphone on my desk,  the TV on the wall, a pair of sneakers on the floor. As I continue to observe these random objects I know they all have one thing in common.


They were all first imagined by some individual. Some one had to initially imagine the design of my smartphone, the concept drawings for my sneakers were first imagined by some designer before they drawn out on paper. The TV on the wall began as an inspired Imaginal Act in one individual somewhere in an R and D office. In fact nothing material in this world was not first imagined. Whatever you have observed in your surroundings it will have  the same origin. It was first imagined.  I challenge you to disprove it!

When you realise that your Imagination is the source of everything objective in your world you realise how much power you possess to control the outcome.You see imagination creates not only objects but circumstances too.  The key is to deliberately direct your Imaginal acts in line with your desires. Any Imaginal activity that is in conflict with your desire learn to reverse that impression. Nothing happens to you, it happens through you!

How Does the Law of Assumption Work?

The principles of the Law of Assumption  can be explained in many ways. If you look at how the mind operates, you can clearly see connections and correlations to its central tenets of your assumptions become your truth.Whatever you assume is true, regardless if it seems impossible , if you persist  will harden into a fact. Imagination Creates Your Reality and the Law of Assumption are the pillars of Neville Goddard’s teachings.  Consider this Law of Assumption quote:

Daring to assume that all things are possible to imagine, put this one reality to the extreme test by assuming you are the person you would like to be. Your reasonable mind and outer senses may deny it; but I promise you: if you will persist, you will receive your assumption. Believe me, you are the same God who created and sustains the universe, but are keyed low; so you must be persistent if you would bring about a change. NEVILLE

So by managing our imagining and  assumptions, we manage our destiny. The subconscious is nonselective.  If we are filled with negative assumptions, then we will experience negative results our life. Good or bad whatever is your dominant Imaginal activity, that you will manifest.

Persist In Your Assumptions. 


Through practice and patience however, you can easily learn to create mental images of your own choosing.

You can learn to observe, monitor and filter what thoughts you allow into your mind, by doing this you control your assumptions and in turn your experiences.


Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and choose to assume that you are happily employed. Despite the fact that at the time you are not . You begin to focus your thoughts and feelings on already having the desired job. Regardless of whatever you experience to the contrary throughout the day, you persist in this desired assumption, that you are ALREADY employed. All your imagining or thoughts throughout the day are in line with your new assumptions.Then at night before sleep,  you say a quiet thankyou in prayer for having this marvellous job.


Days and maybe weeks pass and you persist in this new habit. Well the Law of Assumption states that eventually this sustained and persistant mindset will harden into reality.

Because your mind is constantly thinking about what you have, you filter the world and everyone in it in a specific way. You see people, places, and circumstances as possible opportunities to aid realization of your assumption.

Your brain which is the filter to your consciousness  looks at everything it sees and hears and says, “well, since we are focused on this important mission, let’s see which of these is relevant and only send that input into the conscious mind.

Because of this filtering, you come across a bridge of incidents to make your goals come true. You meet the right people who can help you in your dream. You become aware of possibilities that you did not know about before. You can then act on more conditions and factors that will enable you to have success and to accomplish your objectives. You manifested your goal with your mind.

You can manifest what you want because you are telling your mind to pay attention, to focus, and to look at certain things from a specific assumption or “State of consciousness” . As you continually imagine from this assumption other people will fall under this influence and be compelled to help you.

So, you see, the Law of Consciousness  is not magic Imagination Creates your reality  is simply tuning your emotions and thinking into this positive desire. It is teaching your mind to pay attention to things that will help you achieve your goals. It is directing your Imaginal activity. It is intentionally setting the purpose for each day. And through these principles, you can learn to control your life and use your wonderful imagination  to realize whatever it is you want in this world.


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