Lessons From Batman About The Power Of Belief.

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Batman, Neville Goddard, The Law of Assumption

Lessons From Batman About The Power Of Belief.

The more I immerse myself in the esoteric teachings of Neville Goddard the more I raise myself in consciousness, the more I gain inspiration from the most obscure places. Today’s blog is just one of those occasions.

It was whilst watching Batman The Dark Knight Rises that I gained my latest light bulb moment.

Let’s Set The Scene

Batman has been defeated by his nemesis Bane. His back has been broken and he has been cast away to a remote underground prison. The only way to escape is to make a perilous climb up a wall and make an almost impossible jump to freedom.

Broken, desperate and confined to his bed Bruce Wayne has to watch on TV as Bane unleashes terror, anarchy and pandemonium on his beloved Gotham City. Where is the saviour, the Dark Knight when the city needs him most?

Discussing with his cell mate Bruce learns that the only person to have ever escaped from this prison was Bane. On hearing this he desires and resolves in his mind that he too will escape from this prison just as Bane did.

But before any escape attempt can be made he has to repair his broken back and condition himself to make the perilous leap to freedom. The only issue is that many have died attempting the escape. This fact doesn’t deter Bruce as despite his fear the desire to save the people he loves overrides this apprehension.

We too in life may find ourselves in a metaphorical prison, this could be loneliness, poverty or a number of undesirable states and just like Bruce we may have a burning desire to escape. We may long for freedom but due to our fears we continue to be imprisoned. In order to escape, we must like Bruce Wayne create the intention to do. We must be prepared to push through our fears.

However just as with our hero there are important lessons we must learn between having an intention and manifesting our freedom.

Pushing Through Our Fears.

Back to our story. Bruce now makes his first attempt, here in this scene we see him spurned on by the other prisoners, tie a safety rope around his waist and start to make his ascent. He’s at the point where he has to make the death defying leap, which he does and fails spectacularly. His unsuccessful attempt would have been fatal if it wasn’t for the safety rope around his waist.

Days pass and fortified with a new determination he makes his second attempt. Once again he makes the climb to the point where he must now make the dangerous leap.

As before the jump is unsuccessful, his life only being preserved because of the safety rope around his waist.

Disheartened and spiritually broken, Bruce returns to his cell and turns to a wise old prisoner for guidance, “How was it that Bane was able to make the climb and I couldn’t he asks”….. Pause for dramatic effect.. the old man responds “because he made the climb without the rope”..

Boom!! Kapow!!

The penny dropped with Bruce Wayne and also with myself.

How often like Bruce Wayne when we attempt to manifest anything do we have our own metaphorical safety rope? We engage in the manifestation process be it SATS or revising, however we have a backup plan just in case we fail.  ”

Ah I’m trying to manifest my new car, but I got a plan if this manifesting thing don’t work out “

Neville constantly instructs us that when we operate the Law of Assumption it must be a complete abandonment to the desired state.  This can’t be done if we have doubts, fears and backup plans. It’s all or nothing. Only then can you truly engage that magic ingredient of the manifestation process, which is belief.

The rope in this story symbolizes doubt and far too often when students come to me with their frustrations I often identify they may have the right intent but have elements of doubt in their actions.

Yield completely, and let that being within you externalize it for you, for he has ways and means you know not of. NEVILLE

This means a complete surrender to the desired state giving no power to doubt or fear, like Bruce did with the rope.

How To Conquer Fear And Succeed

Now back to the conclusion of our story. Bruce decides to make a third attempt at escape. Significantly there are a number of subtle but important differences. As he bids farewell to the other prisoners we notice that he’s also packed food and drink for his journey.

Both these actions show that he expects to succeed in this attempt. We notice his demeanor is relaxed, calm, and quietly confident and he’s packed provisions.

But the most significant change is that as he’s about to start the climb he’s offered the rope once again, however, this time he refuses to use it.

Despite the fact that he could die if he fails the idea doesn’t even enter his mind that he will. Why does he need a rope when he’s already made the jump? Fear and doubt have been banished and we go on to see Bruce leaping to his freedom.
This simple scene from this superhero epic has some real powerful truths that one can apply when operating the Law of Assumption.

Firstly never engage in any kind of backup plan as that indicates doubt, our hero’s third attempt he wasn’t anxious but confident and so should you when you are living in the end.  His actions were in line with someone who had escaped i.e the prepared meal he had for his journey.

Our inner conversations and actions must be as if our desire was already a fact. Remember the Law operates with total belief and conviction. The Power of Belief is one of the subjects covered in our superb Manifesting Master Key Course which you can access over at our Truecosmic Academy.

Hope to see you there!

Live your life in a sublime spirit of confidence and determination; disregard appearances, conditions in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfillment of the desire.   The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard.





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