Manifest Your Goals 6 Questions You Must Not Ask

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Manifest your goals

As Neville Goddard  quite eloquently put it, manifestation of your goals is not something one works towards.To manifest your goals  it must come from a state of being.

Normally  to achieve any goal, we perhaps create a to-do list with tasks and milestones that are incrementally ticked off. Im not saying this doesnt work, but how effective is this when our goals seem so far out of reach or even appears impossible. The limited approach the way of logic and carnal thinking can only take you so far.

So if you desire something or wish to manifest a goal which seems beyond your capabilities,  the Law of Assumption as taught by Neville Goddard provides your solution.

The operation of ” The Law” is profoundly different from the logical paradigm . You see by thinking and feeling, from already having achieved your goal, this shift in mindset  and inner state invokes and aligns you with the power of the universe.Totally illogical yes, but when correctly applied miracles literally happen.

Often in Neville’s teachings to manifest your goals  he would instruct :

you must enter the image of our hearts desire and think from it”.

By doing this we create the internal condition (feeling)  which as we know is then reflected in our external world.

However, through my journey of learning and applying this law there were always six particular questions which often disrupted, delayed or sabotaged my manifestations. Through practice and application, I am now able to immediately recognise these triggers when they appear and realign my focus and desired state. If your aware of these triggers and how to respond you will be well equipped with the knowledge to cancel them straight away. Let’s explore them and learn how to defeat these manifestation blockers.


1) Who Is Going To Give It To Me?

The moment you ask this question you are separating yourself from your power. Neville Goddard often spoke of faith and the importance of belief. The belief that IAM already in possession of that which I sought. To ask “who is going to give it to me? ” your focus immediately shifts to that of not possessing the thing sought. The means of how you manifest your goals has been handed over to the supreme power of the universe, your wonderful imagination. Do not concern yourself, NEVILLE quotes:

when you become lost in the reasoning world, your imagination is not fed with your desire, your reason negates its flow.

Do not obsess on this detail as essentially this stops the flow of your desire to you.


2) When Is It Going To Happen?

I’m going to answer this question with another question. How can you be impatient for something which you already possess? You already have that which you seek.Your manifestation into this 3-dimensional world will be timed perfectly. In fact, Neville would often quote a scripture in Habakkuk which says.

The vision has its appointed hour, it ripens, and it will flower. If it be long wait, for it is sure it will not be late” .

So go to the end, go to the desired outcome and think, act and live from there. This state of mind compels the desire to objectify. Relax your mind and know that it’s unfolding will be perfectly timed.


3) How Is It Going To Happen?

The moment you begin to engage the logical part of your thinking, your carnal mind that has no faith, needs to see a way in order to believe. You are once again not in the desired state. Faith is the true abandonment of self. In the lesson “Assumptions Harden Into Fact” we are instructed:

” You have within you the capacity to appropriate a state without knowing the means that will be employed to realise that end and you assume the feeling if the wish fulfilled without having any of the means that man claim you must possess in order to do so”

In imagination we can go to and be anything we desire.When forged with the feeling of having that wish we create that state within. By persisting and remaining in this state the outer world is compelled to respond. So, you see you don’t need to know how, you just need to be.


4) Where Is It?

Quantum mechanics simplified states that this external world which we believe to be so real and solid is in fact made up of electrons and photons which are constantly shifting between wave and particle form. It’s the speed of their vibration which gives it it’s solid ‘feel’, and guess what influences and manipulates these electrons? OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

The focus of your attention should be on already possessing the thing sought the feeling of manifesting your goals.By engaging our mind on where it is? our consciousness is influencing the electrons and photons to reflect that thought. A mind set,  of where is it, will create a situation of where is it. The simple scripture of “take no thought  and as within so without” is truly powerful when you understand its true meaning.

5) Why Is It Not Here Yet?

This should really be coupled with the previous question.

Once again when the mind engages this thinking you are telling yourself that you do not possess your desire. The focus should always shift beyond the range of the five senses.Where is that? In our imagination. If we are to release ourselves from the self perpetuating  cycle, our focus must be fixed upon the desired goals which already exists within . Remember the wise council:

ignore the evidence of the five senses, persist in the assumption of the wish fulfilled

If we follow Neville’s  instruction then our desire is inevitable.

6) What Am I Doing Wrong?

The answer is quite simple.You don’t have to do nothing, you just have to be present with the desired state. Just be!

Now you may say but that doesn’t make sense, it’s not like the thing desired will just fall from the sky. Your right if you look at it logically. However,  Neville Goddard often spoke of a bridge of incidences that you will be compelled to take. The action or doing will be inspired it will come from the state of being the thing you desired.

Lets say your desire was to be a successful entrepreneur, well your thinking from that state of already being successful will engineer your actions.These actions would be in total contrast to someone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur(their desire confirms they do not have). So just by being you cannot possibly be doing anything wrong

In conclusion let me say this, somewhere along this journey, human logic has convinced mankind  that how you feel is not important and the words you speak are just words.

Truth be told if you ignore and shift from the desired state you lose your ability to activate the law that governs the whole universe. Never engage in the above questions whilst you patiently await your desire to manifest .If you do,  then immediately halt that train of thought. Within you the power to manifest your goals resides. The question is, are you going to deny yourself?

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