Neville Goddard : Revealed The Attitude of Abdullah

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Neville Goddard Attitude of Abdullah

Neville Goddard Attitude of Abdullah

As an individual currently trying to navigate your way around the world, you might feel confused. It might seem that the world is moving at a speed that you are not able to grasp. The reality is that your circumstances are a reflection of your inner state and that can be controlled. If you desire something or want to change something about your life, all you need to do is adopt the attitude of believing that you already have what you want.This is the core principle of Neville Goddard’s teaching of the Law of Assumption. 

You adopt the attitude, the emotion, and the behavior in a manner that you are already living your manifested life. This requires you to ignore the current reality that does not serve in your personal growth and only focusing on your desired state. It might be difficult initially, but with consistent practice, it can become a natural aspect of your life. Hence, living your life in a way as if you have already received what you desire is the way for it to manifest. 

The most brilliant illustration of this approach is the Attitude of Abdullah. Much of the information about the great Abdullah is reconstructed through others’ stories, he rarely penned down his own teaching. But what is known for a fact is that he was an inspirational rabbi from Ethiopia who inspired thousands of people on the path of spirituality. As Neville once said:

But if I judge from appearances, I would say, “Well, he can’t be a holy man.” For which today I am most grateful that he wasn’t! Because he taught me real Christianity. And he was born in North Africa, of Jewish parents, and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home. But he knew more Christianity than anyone I’ve ever met, because he spoke the Hebrew tongue perfectly. He spoke other tongues. And Rabbis would come to study with him. And he and I would discuss, day in and day out, for over five years, teaching me all that he could teach me that I could absorb concerning the Kabbalah, the great mystery of how this thing is put together in these simple little letters of Hebrew.

A man of intense faith and pride his approach to life had been observed by many and subsequently tried to follow such a simple approach. His clarity in thoughts and speech facilitated in spreading his messages to the masses. This was reflected in his valuable lessons on law of assumption.  

A distinct factor about his teaching is that he rarely used the traditional manner. Instead, he used life circumstances to illustrate his lessons. One such example is when one of his students, Neville Goddard wanted to go to Barbados and discussed this desire with Abdullah. This was during the Great Depression, Neville said that after 12 years, he has a deep desire to go to Barbados but is unable to because of lack of money (Shenk, 2017).

To this, Abdullah’s response was simply ‘you are in Barbados’. Abdullah said that Neville can feel the weather, the atmosphere and see the small homes of the region. At that moment, Neville was perplexed, nevertheless, when he went to sleep, he imagined being in Barbados, the atmosphere, the scents, and the familiarity of the surrounding.

However, nothing ensued and he tried to communicate about this with Abdullah. But Abdullah did not even allow the conversation to proceed further as he said ‘How can they discuss that he wants to go to Barbados when he is already in Barbados?’ This is the definition of the Attitude of Abdullah. An unwavering belief in the state imagined. 

And on one fine day, the message from his brother came who arranged for tickets and money to go to Barbados. Neville was elated and spent three months there happily (Shenk, 2017).

This attitude of Abdullah initially caused irritation in Neville, but later it led to a dozen realizations. Abdullah never gave an opportunity to even discuss the possibility that Neville did not get what he desired. Instead, he always maintained the firm belief that Neville is already where he wants to be. 

The Attitude of Abdullah holds great value to our lives. When we begin to doubt our own desires, we are essentially blocking our manifestations. When we hope for a ‘better future’, we are not perpetuating ‘the hope’ nor creating the quality of life that we want in the present. This hindrance is brought on by ourselves and strengthened by ourselves.

Belief An Essential Component

Being aware of this and subsequently living your life as if you already have everything you dream of is a valuable lesson. Belief is the key to this—belief in yourself, belief in your dreams, and belief your wonderful human imagination . Having doubts create blocks in your convictions, this subsequently only delays your process of achieving what you want.

Manifesting your desired life is not a one-time ritual it is a way of life and practice that requires unshakable belief and consistency. It might take time, but it manifests at the time when it is suitable for your spiritual growth.

This way of life is what we need to incorporate in our lives, especially in the current context, by adopting the Attitude of Abdullah.Countless times in Neville Goddard lectures he would encourage us to test our imagination, but this test must be combined with belief. 

This way, we can also live the lives that we desire and thereby taking us forward in our spiritual journey. 

If you wish to listen or download this lecture click this link. 



Shenk, H. M. (2017). How Abdullah Taught Neville the Law: “He turned his back on me and … slammed the door!” Retrieved from: [Accessed 17 June 2020].


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