Revealed Kundalini Warning signs of awakening

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Kundalini warning signs of awakening

Kundalini warning signs of awakening

According to the writers who write about their experiences and Kundalini warning signs of awakening.  It is known that when a person’s Kundalini is raised without their knowledge, it can adversely effect them mentally as well as physically.It can also be a profoundly exhilarating experience.

This is why it is also considered a process that may bring one closer to God, bringing harmony and union.

If we study Hindu history, it is clear that Gopi Krishna was a modern exponent of this evolutionary energy. It is said  that his own Kundalini activation and release came from the practices he did without having any prior knowledge about it.

He took years to realize what was happening to him; according to some , his writings and experiences have become a very helpful reference text for others.

Kundalini Warnings Symptoms of Early Release

Following are some symptoms that may give you a hint that your Kundalini is on the verge of awakening  possibly before your meridian system is ready.

  1. Getting ill without any explanation of what’s wrong
  2. Very erratic behavior
  3.  Feeling lost and finding it difficult to cope with everyday life’s problems.
  4.  Showing multiple personalities
  5. Having extreme mood swings
  6. Having depression and ecstasy
  7. Having breaks of extreme dullness or extreme brilliance
  8.  Losing or having a distorted memory
  9.  Showing signs of disorientation with oneself.
  10. Having an extreme appearance. For instance, showing signs of looking and sounding younger one moment and elderly and 20 years agent the next moment.
  11. Seeing visual effects such as different colors of lights, geometric shapes, scenes from past lives, and much more.

Of course the above symptoms could be attributed to a medical condition so it’s important to first seek medical advice. 

What’s the purpose of this Kundalini warning?

Kundalini has got its sense of direction. The natural flow it has got is just like a plant that moves and grows towards the light; Kundalini moves towards enlightenment, removing any block of energy that it may come across its way.

It will carry out its purpose, and all we can do is either help or hinder the process. However once it starts the process is irreversible

What are the symptoms of release?

If Kundalini rises before allowing for any prior cleansing or spiritual awareness, this is considered premature. It is going to produce many different symptoms, so you will need to be prepared.

Along with moments of extreme awareness, brightness and enlightenment, there may be times of extreme melancholy  and depression as well. On hearing about such experiences  one may ask is Kundalini evil?

The answer is,absolutely not.Its just that before we ascend to another higher  spiritual dimension  we have to go through a process of purification.

Just like if your liver is affected, your skin starts showing a yellowish color, with Kundalini you may begin to release negative energy, and the and color complexion of your skin may darken.

Just because there is no proper information about the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening, many people going through the process are often  mis – diagnosed with certain conditions.

This is why is so important to seek out someone who has had prior experience or knowledge of the Kundalini awakening process.

People undergoing this may feel  pains and aches in different parts of their bodies. They may sincerely  feel that they don’t have enough time to live. However, they may be perfectly alright from the outside.

Kundalini And Sex

As this energy rises from the base chakra, your sex drive can be heightened. People with previous experience have even spoke of a kundalini orgasm, where during intercourse the one going through the awakening has activated the Kundalini of their partner.

Confusion is guaranteed when an  unprepared person experiences an  extreme Kundalini release.Often whilst going through the process the person may experience a total collapse of their social structure.

So profound is the experience if working at the time they may find it difficult to hold down a job. You see most employers require a steady routine.

The Kundalini awakening has no regard for the schedule of normal day living. So you see the dilemma it would present.

Kundalini warning is essential beforehand so that a person can prepare himself for the upcoming change of events in his/her life.

It will help to face the different memories locked within. As you release all the blocks within yourself, and allow the divine and universal energy to reach you in its purest face and form., you make union again with pure consciousness, God.

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