The Best Solutions For Maintaining The State Of The Wish Fulfilled

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State of the wish fulfilled

How Do I Maintain This State

Struggling To Maintain The State Of The Wish Fulfilled ?

When we try to integrate conscious imagination into our lives, it is because we have a specific goal in mind that we want to accomplish. Maybe we have an entirely different ideal for our future lives, or maybe we simply have an important personal ideal that we would like to encapsulate. Maybe we want to be more successful financially, or we want to have our ideal bodies or careers. Whatever the case may be, our wonderful human imagination which is God in action is what we engage towards achieving all goals.

Most of us already have an idea of things that we can do to tap into the Law of Assumption .We get into the State Akin To Sleep we easily see a scene of the perfect life for us in our minds just by closing our eyes. We catch the feeling, we catch the mood perfect right?

While this is great and can help us to get to get into the state of the wish fulfilled we need a little bit more than that. We want to boost our ability to stay in the state while we are waiting for the manifestation to unfold. You see any delay is often caused by our inability to remain consistently in this desired state. It can be incredibly important to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to remain disciplined.

Wear this feeling as you would a suit of clothes and persist until the feeling takes on the tones of reality. Do that, and in a way no one knows, your desire will appear as an eruption of your continuous thought.

Live The Answer Now: Neville Goddard

Fortunately Neville Goddard  gave us some terrific tools that we can use to maintain  the state of the wish fulfilled. Here are a few you can incorporate in your daily routine.

Daily Revision Exercise.

State of the wish fulfilled

Daily Revision Exercise

The technique of Revision is a method I have found extremely effective in maintaining my inner state in line with my desire. Neville’s advises us at the end of the day to revise the day how we wish it would have gone. Relive in your imagination the day how you would have wanted it to go until it feels real and then fall of to sleep.


This is an incremental process as you day by day revise each day in accordance with your wish fulfilled the future events you will encounter will be in accordance with these revisions.

  • Try this before you fall asleep:
    Review any events during the day that did not go the way you wanted
  •  Get into the State Akin To Sleep (SATS)
  • In your imagination revise the events the way you would have wanted them to go.
  • Relive the revised event over and over again in you imagination. Until it starts to take tones of reality. In other words it begins to feel like it actually happened.
  • Then fall asleep in this state.

Inner Dialogue

I often find myself , talking to myself during the day. I’m not referring to the ego self, no I’m referring to the part of me that is God. If I find myself doubting or feeling in patient I simply says thanks for granting my desire. You see gratitude for your wish fulfilled immediately shifts you from a state of wanting or impatience to a State of Feeling that you already possess the thing sought.

Maintaining the state.

Routine affirmations in the mirror.

When you wake up in the morning, consider using vocalization as a part of your routine. Once you have gotten yourself ready, try to look in the mirror and tell yourself some powerful affirmations. I AM ______ you fill in the blanks with whatever you wish. A little dialogue with your reflection in the mirror is not as crazy as it may sound. It’s really empowering, Vocalization can help to program our subconscious minds and this simple little exercise takes seconds and it cost nothing!

Morning Routine

As you awaken from your nights sleep, your brain shifts through wave states. You move from Delta through to Theta then Alpha and finally Beta. It’s in this Beta state that the Carnal or intellectual part of your brain kicks in and if you pay too much attention to the inputs from your senses in this state, it’s easy to shift to an undesired feeling.

Main the state

Morning Imagination Session

A very good practice is just before you get out of bed, whilst your still in that drowsy dreamy state consciously imagine the scene of your wish fulfilled. We all know the importance of the feeling, and just like the routine before you fall asleep at night your brain will be far more suggestive to your imagining at this time. Catch the mood, the feeling just spend a few minutes doing this, then you can rise and engage fully in your days activities. Only by doing this little activity you’ll be better equipped to remain in the desired state throughout your day.

As silly as it may sound, this simple exercise really sets you up for the day ahead of you and can really to put yourself in the right mindset. Remember there is no limit to our own potential, and if we are able to clear our minds and set our intention for the day, we are much more likely to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished. Which is to persist in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Screen Saver

OK if your like me, I hate to admit it but I spend far too much time on my smartphone. If its not social media,tweets emails or streaming music a large portion of my time is spent either staring at my phone screen or my laptop. So a great way to have a frequent reminder is to setup a screen saver with a powerful affirmation.

State of the wish fulfilled Affirmation

Set Up A Screen Saver With Your Affirmationl

Just think about it every time you look at the screen there’s s that powerful I AM statement right in front of your eyes. Try it for a day and be pleasantly surprised how often you’ll read that affirmation. And remember subconscious impressions work by repetition..

All the tips here are techniques I have been using to keep me in the desired state whenever I’m manifesting a wish. You see so often in the groups and forums I belong to I often see comments from members who are able to imagine correctly, but struggle to maintain the mood there after. Anyone of these methods or a combination of them can assist you in remaining in your state of the wish fulfilled.

Stay Blessed and remember you are the operant power.



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