The Power of Self-Talk: The 3-Step Life-Changing Approach

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The power of self-talk is one of the most powerful processes that can be used for manifestations. In fact, the power of self-talk is more vast than what most people expect. Inner speech or self talk is all that we are saying within ourselves, whether in our own voice or as hearing it through the voice of another. 

Our self-talk determines our moods and feelings quite rapidly. For example, when we mentally argue with someone, we tend to feel hurt, angry or disappointed very quickly. Internally, we may scream and cry even when we are laughing on the outside.

On the reverse, when we speak loving words with a person mentally, we feel love and calm towards them. Our self-talk not only control our moods and feelings, but they are a powerful manifestation process. We may say the most loving words without opening our lips. 

How to Use Self-Talk to Manifest

Neville Goddard called the power of self-talk by many names such as the coin of heaven, inner conversations or inner reactions to life. Talking of how this power determines our experiences, he said, ‘It is the inner speech that is frozen in the world round about us.’

The power of self-talk can be easily confirmed by any of us if we will take the time to actually use it. It takes practice and it is not one of the easiest things to do, but I will share a step-by-step process to use it. Before then, let me share a manifestation story of a friend who used this power.

How Martha Used the Power of Self-Talk

On Friday July 1, I shared a simple exercise with my friend Martha. I asked her to read a short note of Neville on Inner Conversation, then formulate a goal and apply her self-talk to tell herself the joy of already having that goal.

Well, by Sunday July 3, Martha realised she was scheduled for a business meeting with a person that was difficult to deal with. ‘The person always complained and was never satisfied, a hardly pleased person.’ Instantly, Martha realised this was her self-talk about the person.

So, she changed it immediately. She began to have self-talk of how this person admired her contributions and expressed satisfaction. She thought, ‘This person is praising me so much.’

By 5am of Monday July 4, the meeting held and for the first time, the person praised her exactly. In fact, the person used the words of her self-talk. Martha said, ‘I now feel calmer and in control of my life.’ This is the power of self-talk. Remember Neville said, ‘Our world is inner speech frozen.’

How You Can Use the Power of Self Talk: The 3-Step Life-Changing Approach 

I will give you simple steps to use the power of self-talk. When you follow them, you too will achieve rapid and fantastic results like Martha.

  1. Define Your Aim: Decide exactly what you want to achieve. It is impossible to control our self-talk if we do not have something wonderful and lovely to replace it with. But once we have something definite that we want to achieve, the exercise becomes easier. 

What do you want? A new home? A progressive career? A loving marriage? A happy life? You can formulate any aim and do not bother on how to achieve it. You will use the power of self-talk.

  1. Create Your Self-Talk for Your Goal: It is simple. Ask yourself, ‘What will I say to myself when I truly have this goal?’ Or ‘What will my friend/neighbour/colleague say to me?’ It could also be something your relatives, even reporters would say. 

When you know what that expression will be, make it as natural as you can. The ‘talk’ in ‘self-talk’ means something that is natural to say. An example of something natural to say is a question.

Most of us already use self-talk to argue with others. We use a lot of questions such as, ‘How could he say that to me?’ Change it to something wonderful. 

Suppose you want to be rich, ask questions such as, ‘How am I to manage all these excess money?’ Or, ‘What can I do to keep this excess wealth for my future generations?’

  1. Mentally Rehearse Your Powerful Self-Talk: Write out your self-talk and mentally read it with the purpose to memorize it. Do not say a word of it on your lips, just focus on reading it mentally. As you do, occasionally put the note down to rehearse it from memory.

Once you have memorized it, continue to say it as often as you can. Especially when something happened about your goal that you don’t like, simply rehearse your powerful self-talk. Another wonderful time is when you are doing your state akin to sleep (SATS), at the background have your self-talk going.

It will not be long before you proof that it works when your world changes. The best results you will have though is not the manifestations. It is more. You too will be able to say with Martha, ‘I am now in control of my life.’ This is the power of self-talk.


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