The BEST Super Powers of Nude Meditation

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nude meditation

Does Naked Meditation Have Benefits?

Are you aware of the word, Nude meditation? Maybe you haven’t heard about it as it’s an unusual practice. But it has incredibly powerful benefits.  Here we will take a brief look at the strange practice of nude meditation.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in!

What does it mean by nude meditation?

Simone Its means that you do meditation while you are naked. Why is it so? Because when you are naked, you are trying your best to have a better understanding of yourself.

Practically, nude meditation and normal meditation are not much different except for your clothes.

But you should consider some things which make it more enhancing when meditating naked. We will also explore why nude Meditation is growing in popularity.

Overcoming body shame:

The best advantage of practicing this type of meditation is overcoming  lack of confidence in your body.

If you struggled in the past engaging in this practice you will understand that you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Connection of your body with your mind:

When you’re meditating, you are connecting your breath to the world.

So, when you do meditation without getting dressed, you can use it to better connect your mind and body. That way, no unnecessary barrier can separate you from the world you are facing.

It can enhance your meditation experience by taking off the physical restrictions.

Physically, you can also move freely while practicing nude meditation. Usually, people wear baggy clothes during meditation, so they are not restricted. Being naked, you can change positions and sit for a prolonged periods in any position.

If you were to  meditate while wearing tight clothes; you would feel restricted and firm. Nude meditation will liberate you from insecurity , doubts, and other inhibitions.

Connection of your body with your mind

Overcoming your restrictions:

Do you feel comfortable when you think of nude meditation? There are chances that you may feel embarrassed or shy. But remember, all these are self-doubts. These are your inhibitions which can be easily removed by nude meditation.

Feel good with your skin:

It’s the natural beauty of nude meditation. It’s very good to learn about how to feel confident and comfortable with your skin.

It’s our routine that we show off by wearing expensive and branded clothes and other accessories. Research shows that most people in America don’t spend money on higher education; instead, they are interested in buying expensive watches, jewelry, and shoes. Have you ever given it a thought that why people spend on these expensive brands? It’s because:

• People are making efforts to impress their friends.
• They are trying to prove their worth. They pretend they are high-value people.
• They want to obtain acceptance from other people.
But when you start practicing nude meditation, you throw all your ego away, which brings positivity to you.

What does nude meditation will not provide?

This is not a physical way to make your meditation session emotional. Like other meditation forms, you must approach it with an open mind.

Yes, nude meditation helps you release sexual power and even promotes your libido.
But actually, it’s about liking and accepting the raw human form. And that’s something we often overlook.

The things that should be taken into consideration:

Usually, people do nude meditation when they are all alone, but if you practice it in a group, avoid staring at other people. Remember that nude meditation is not a sexual act. Instead, it’s a way to enhance and improve your relationship with your body, which can be amazingly rewarding.

Why should one practice nude meditation?

2 Reasons:
Hey! I am not forcing you to practice nude meditation. You can first fully understand it and then can try it.

There are many reasons for practicing nude meditation, but we will look at only 2 of them.

1. Freedom:

Isn’t It amazing that you roam in your house without being dressed? Well! This is what freedom is. Enjoy this freedom!

2. Body picture:

Most people have problems with their bodies and are conscious of it. We have expected much from our bodies. We are surrounded by unrealistic Instagram posts, advertisements of models, etc. We are spending our lives in a society where a negative image of the body is a problem. But it would help if you practiced nude meditation to overcome this problem.

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