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Revision technique

The Art Of Revision Technique

If you have heard or read about the revision technique by Neville Goddard and are wondering how to use it, then keep reading.

If you are trying to cope with your past-trauma whilst attempting  to maintain a well-balanced equilibrium in your present life , then the revision technique is certainly  applicable.

With the ongoing situations, it might feel as if nothing is in your control and the disturbing news bombarding you from all directions might affect you even more. But the truth is that you can actually revise your own reality through your imagination.

“Nothing comes from without, all things come from the subconscious.”—Neville Goddard

An important point to be addressed is that many of you might be going through your own healing process from a past event or a trauma. It might be an even difficult time for you currently and that is why we think it’s the right time for you to use the revision technique by Neville Goddard. This was first mentioned by Goddard in his 1954 lecture in ‘The Pruning Shears of Revision’.

To apply the revision technique, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • If you encounter a situation that you found to be unpleasant, out of your control or regretted it, then review the particular event without placing any judgement on it
  • After reviewing it, imagine the situation by revising it in a way that you would have found ideal
  • Now get into a comfortable position in your utmost relaxed state
  • Begin imagining your revised version of the situation over and over again until it merges into your reality from your experience
  • Once you feel that this revised situation feels like it has actually happened, you can either go to sleep or wake up.
  • If you are ever called upon to recall the days events in the future, the revised version should come to mind. Then you know you’ve done it correctly.

You can do this at any time when you wish to but Neville Goddard talked about using it at night before sleeping to review and revise situations of that day. You can either do this when you want to specifically revise certain encounters or you can incorporate it into your life as a part of your daily routine.

This technique is an off-spring of his larger idea that your imagination is God in action, the creator of your experience.  You are the creator of your own reality. Since you can manifest your own reality you also have the power to use your mind, more specifically your subconsciousness to alter your reality. This alteration is your facilitator towards your healthy emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth.

“Dare to believe your assumption and watch the world play its part for its fulfillment.”— Neville Goddard

Changing The Past

Now that you know that you can use this technique to rewrite your daily life events, you can also take it a step further  in your healing journey to review, revise and believe in an altered version of any past trauma.

It might be difficult at first to review it objectively and revise it, however, taking the first step forward will allow you to open yourself to more abundance and happiness.
Focus more on your feelings and revise it and then replay the revised situation over and over in your mind until you believe it.

Once you take the first step and revise the situation according to you, you can feel a sense of relief within you. This is now your reality, your experience and only you have control over it.

Your manifestation power is not restricted to your present only, in the meta-physical realm the concept of time does not exist, hence you can use the revision technique to alter your past incidents for a better and happier present.

This is your life, your experience and hence your reality. You are the creator and hence you can create your own life the way you desire. You no longer have to be weighed down or burdened by any past incidents or traumas.

The revision technique by Neville Goddard is one of the techniques you can incorporate into your life for revising your past circumstances to live a better and more congruent life in the present and the future.

In many of his lecture Neville would make reference to the revision technique. I often use the analogy of past events being like the ripples you get when you drop a stone in a pond.

Neville Goddard Revision Technique

Revision Is like creating new ripples in a pond.

The ripples represents the present and future events. Essentially what your doing is dropping another stone in the pond which not only cancels out the old ripples but Creates new ones. These news ripples being new events and consequences in your life .

This is your healing journey use the revision technique to cancel out any unwanted traumas in your life.


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