An Epic Quest Brings Doctor Strange to Marvel: Future Fight

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Released in 2016 Doctor Strange was the 14th film released in the marvel cinematic universe and for all those who have an interest in metaphysics, it’s one of the most iconic and rewatchable films to date.

While the central theme remains a superhero story, Doctor Strange expands upon the idea of eastern mysticism and quantum physics. A brilliant game changer in this movie genre, it was Marvel Studios first attempt to integrate metaphysics into a superhero feature.

Whilst Doctor Strange wasn’t the first feature movie to explore the concept of metaphysics, parallel dimensions and alternate realities, under the brilliant direction of Scott Derrickson, alongside a list assemble of actors including skillful lead Benedict Cumberbatch the movie competently handled this often-complex theme. Although it was considered risky at the time, it was well received by critics and audiences grossing $677 million dollars worldwide.


” Your intellect can only take you so far, you cannot beat a river into submission” Ancient One To Steve Strange

The movie is based on the comic character of the same name created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee and features several well-known actors including Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Egiofor, Benedict Wong, Mags Mikkelsen and Rachel McAdams. Benedict Cumberbatch trained for month to perfect the physical and vocal mannerisms of Dr Strange.

Set in marvel cinematic universe the film follows the character of Steven Strange an egotistical neurosurgeon, who, after a horrific road traffic accident, finds his hugely successful career in tatters. The crippling injuries he sustains to his hands means without a cure he can no longer practice medicine. Having depleted his finances funding a number of unsuccessful clinical procedures; the hero in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his career embarks on a journey to a mysterious Tibetan monastery called Kamontage,. There according to myth and legend, the Ancient One resides. A mystical guru who possesses knowledge and mystical powers that may be able to save him.

Amounting to a meaningful superhero, it’s also a story of self-discovery. The subplot chronicles the spiritual odyssey of Steve Strange. Under the tutelage of the Ancient One, Strange, who after the realization that his intellect cannot save him, must finally surrender his ego to a higher spiritual awareness. This inner battle of consciousness must be won, after which we see the protagonist redemption and transition to Doctor Strange sorcerer supreme.

Our hero doesn’t just become a superhero but with an expanded consciousness he becomes limitless in his power and the guardian of Earth from extra dimensional foes. This story has striking parallels with the spiritual journey of the soul, often recorded in many ancient symbols, allegories and esoteric texts. The conquest of the ego is what all true mystics aspire to, which no doubt explains its resonance with those interested in metaphysical concepts.

The film introduces several key elements from the world of Dr Strange comics into the Marvel cinematic universe. It also features several references to other Marvel films and characters including Thor and The Avengers.

How does one create a world of parallel realities and manipulation of time and space through sorcery? With visually stunning special effects this film doesn’t disappoint. Dr Strange has some really stunning and creative CGI. Even the costume design was faithful to the comics, using a combination of practical and digital special effects. The scenes set in the mystical realm of the dark dimension make for stunning viewing and it’s a testimony to Marvel Studios reputation, of masterfully bringing comic book stories to the big screen.


doctor strange movie-set image

Sometimes the stars align to produce the right people and the right script to come together and produce a really special movie. Kevin Feige who has produced all of the other films in the Marvel cinematic universe was at the helm of this outing. It was also one of the first times that Marvel ventured into the subject of sorcery and dark magic which probably explains why it was one of the first of the studio’s films to be rated PG13. Despite this breakaway from the Marvel’s more family friendly movies, it has been praised for its representation of diverse characters and its exploration of complex themes.

The film was the 14th film in the marvel cinematic universe and was followed by several sequels including Avengers, Avengers Infinity Wars and Avengers End Game. It features a score by Michael Giacchimo who has also composed music for several other films in the marvel cinematic universe. Shot on location in several different countries: including United States, Nepal and the UK.


dr strange

Movies are a nice escape, but this film poses the question, is our reality the only one that exists? The superb script was written by Scott Derekson, Robert Cargyle and John Steaihts challenges the audience to question whether what we consider is reality in truth may be an illusion or just one of many different universes.

For years the Matrix Trilogy series was cinemas definitive outing on the subject of superheroes, alternate realities and metaphysics, but although it’s arguable whether Doctor Strange surpasses the Wachowksi brothers classics, it certainly has built up its own cult following.

“Open your eye” ancient one to Steven Strange

Doctor strange provided a beacon of imagination, a superhero movie draped in esoteric teachings. The film worked on multiple levels. Truth seekers and occult students could appreciate the multiple references to ancient cosmic laws, teachings and metaphysical philosophies. Even if you didn’t fully understand all the third eye references, mainstream audiences were still blown away by the films visually stunning effects. Either way it’s a film that is a treat to revisit, each viewing you find something new to admire and there’s always another nugget of mystical wisdom to discover. This is what cements its staying power and cult status

The road to redemption can be arduous; the protagonist Dr Strange is carried brilliantly by the competent Benedict Cumberpatch who adds layers to our hero’s character. What makes this movie so compelling is that throughout the movie we see Strange work though his own doubts and personal biases.

Even if you’re not a new thinker or truth seeker you can’t help but feel motivated by this powerful coming of age story. For anyone feeling challenged in life the journey of Doctor Strange will certainly inspire you to take a leap of faith.


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