“I Remember When” Manifestation Technique


“I remember when” is a very powerful way that people use to create the reality around them. It was introduced by Neville Goddard. In this way, people use their imagination to trick their minds into thinking that their present is much better than their past. A statement like; I remember when I did not have so much money for myself, when said, makes one believe that in the past, I did not have money but now, I do have a lot of money for myself.

Subconsciously, your mind is made to think that you have started earning a lot of money and therefore have got a lot of money to yourself. This manifestation technique is believed to attract further money because, as per your belief, you should have a lot of money now.

If you are not sure how to use this technique, you could simply follow the three steps stated by Neville Goddard to learn this amazing manifestation technique in order to change the whole vision of how you see yourself.

First step:

Practice saying “I remember when” in your daily life, keeping the bad memories for the past and the good you desire from your life to be present in your current life. For instance, you may have been earning $1000 in the past few years, and now your salary may have increased to $1100. So yeah, you could use this phrase to make belief for your mind.

The time when you should be using this technique is when you are very ecstatic or at least relaxed. It does not work in the gloomy moment, so don’t try using it then because it may cause a negative impact.

It works only in the happy moment of yours because;
1. If you are in a good mood, you can ensure to have a solid base for your manifestation as you are not going to be visualizing anything very hard.
2. To my belief and experience, when you are already in a good mood, your frequency is higher, and thus the chances of manifesting your desires are also very high.

Second Step:

Now is the time to identify for your mind the desire you are trying to manifest. Once you are in a good mood, identify the desire you wish to be true. For instance, suppose you want health through manifesting health. Therefore you should start affirming such statements that would indicate to your mind that you own good health.

An example would be;

  1. I remember when I was not healthy at all to even walk by myself.
  2. I remember when manifesting health for myself wasn’t as easy for me.

The process requires you to compare both the situations in your mind, the time when you were not healthy, the “past,” and the “present,” as if you have gained health and are perfectly fine. Feel the tension of the past and then feel the relief the present situation would bring.

This is not a one-time thing. In fact, it requires practice and experience. Even two minutes would be enough if you were able to actually feel the statement of “I remember when.”

Last step:

The last step is about letting it go and going about your usual day. It does not recommend obsessing for your desires. It is believed that as you have done your part, now is the time to let the universe take its course of action.

Applying the I remember when Method:

This I remember when is the best powerful technique as it helps to eliminate the anxiety feeling that one may have regarding their future.

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