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Neville Goddard Techniques


It’s very important that you adopt the right mindset to really succeed using Neville Goddard Techniques. To the degree that you are able to accept, adopt and apply the methods that you  learn will dictate how quickly you progress. At the same time, it’s important that you realise this is not a race, it’s not a competition. The sheer fact that you are here reading this article  is evidence enough that you are beginning to awaken or better put you are remembering your true identity.

The Tale Of Two Students

I use this story to illustrate the different mindsets that you may adopt and there relative out comes. I’ve been blessed by interacting with many people and I’ve gained an intimate, first-hand experience understanding why Neville’s techniques may work so beautifully for some and yet provide frustration and no results for others.

I often tell my students that 10% knowledge and 90% application is far better than 90% knowledge and 10% application.

Nevilles teachings

I’m not discouraging you to listen and read any of Neville’s books or lectures. In fact, any knowledge of Neville Goddard techniques, Universal Laws, Esoteric principles etc is great. But spirituality is a journey of experience which you only gain through application.

Two mottos that I often remind my students of is “knowledge =experience  =wisdom”  oand ” thinking =doing =being”.The whole basis of transformation of yourself and your lives is totally dependent on you acting upon what you have learnt. Let’s now examine the cases of two students who wanted to learn how to manifest and the contrasting outcomes.

Student A

Sarah was someone who was a keen  student she wanted to learn Neville Goddards techniques  and successfully applied them. Within a short time of learning these principles she managed to manifest a loving relationship with a truly compatible partner, where prior for 3 years she had been single and unhappy. Sarah also manifested a new more satisfying job with a 30% increase in salary, upgraded her old second car to a brand-new Mercedes Jeep and as I said before found herself in a loving relationship all in a short space of a few months.

Let me be clear here as Neville said ‘the law is indiscriminate it doesn’t care how long or hard youve been studying all that matters is your state of being, as that is what you will manifest in your outer world! Have a sustained belief, let go of all resistance, fears and worries and the results will be inevitable

  1. First reason she made speedy progress was  she had always been adventurous  and willing to try new things. When I suggested that she try these new methods, she just dived right in without much resistance (even though some suggestions seem illogical! )
  2. Secondly, she was able to manage her fears and doubts. In her case using meditation in particular regularly doing her (SATS).
  3. Thirdly she found a group of likeminded people. It wouldn’t  surprise me if many of your friends weren’t interested in Neville Goddard and related subjects! In fact, some are so sceptical that they think its borderline insanity and are quick to ridicule anyone who shows any interest. So, seeking out a group of like-minded people, reading and watching related material consistently will keep your inner fears and doubts at bay. If you haven’t yet, then I encouraged you to join our Facebook group. You’ll find a whole community of like-minded souls all at different levels willing to give you the help and support that you may need. (Link provided)
  4. She made a 100% commitment to putting those principles into action
  5.  Finally, she adopted the Attitude of Abdullah. When you discuss with someone how your manifestation is going immediately you shift to a state of not possessing the thing sort. No one else his to know you are doing this work except you. It can be tempting at times to tell friends and family your manifestation success stories, but that seldom is a good idea. They haven’t an understanding and regardless of what you may say, invariably put it down to coincidence and luck!

Student B

Now this student was also very keen and interested in Neville and manifestation techniques. His business was in jeopardy of going under he wanted to use the process to not only change his business fortunes but also to manifest a new car.
The problem was Barry was a man of logic and reason. Ever the pessimist. He had a nature of distrust and had to know the exact way things would work before he would invest any effort of belief.

When he wanted to manifest a new contract for his company, he wanted to know, the how and the when. The need to have these two answers in an immediate recipe for failure and one of the six degrees of separation from self. At the end of it all manifestations have no external dependency, it all about a transformation of mind. If we fail its ultimately a case of having the wrong mindset that leads to self-sabotage. You see faith or belief in the unseen is one fundamental component of  the Law of  Assumption.

Unlike Sarah, Barry was unable to sidestep these two limitations, the need to know how and when was constantly frustrating every attempt to manifest. The need to have these two-question answered prevented him from sustaining the feeling of having his desire fulfilled.

No Feeling = No manifestation.


You must be willing to surrender to just being, without the need to know how and when, this is the correct mindset to have. That part of the process is not your responsibility.


You can either find the experience a struggle and frustration or journey of self-discovery. Discovery of your true powerful Immortal Self. Just like the words of Yoda to Luke Sky Walker “you must unlearn what you have learnt” .

Many have found joy and real life transformations using Neville Goddard’s techniques whilst others have fallen way short just because they allow the ego or reasoning mind to continue to dictate their lives. Transform your mindset to one of complete acceptance and I promise you it will not fail.


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  1. Anonymous

    Enjoyed this article. It is a wonderful illustration of the imaginative state we must occupy to realize our desires and dreams.


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