Crystals New Age Nonsense or Do they Really Work?

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manifest with Crystals

Once dismissed as New Age nonsense or simply overpriced tat, crystals have slowly nudged into the acceptable mainstream. You’ve listened to your mindfulness app, knocked back your camomile tea and massaged your Red Jasper crystal convinced that the process will somehow move you from exhaustion to restoration. Wow, I sure had the craziest rituals in the early days of my spiritual awakening.

Recently A listers such as Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian have given crystals a glossy A list appeal. They frequently post on social media, confessing how crystals have boosted their health, happiness and success. If it works for them you say, then it should work for me. Off you go, investing in a belief in something outside of your own consciousness as the creator of your own fortunes. But can crystals really create miracles in your life?

Alternative to Crystals

When I was a young kid, I had this “lucky penny’. It was a gift from my older sister. I think she got it from an old Jamaican spiritualist. She instructed me that I should carry it with me at all times and if I ever felt I needed help, I should hold it in my right hand and make a wish. The key to my successful wish was that: I had to believe it would work.  I carried that “lucky’ penny with me for a number of years and had mixed results. Eventually I lost it when unfortunately, my wallet was stolen whilst I was holidaying in Tunisia.

Now here’s the question. Why did the old spiritualist instruct us that for the penny to work, we had to believe it would?  Consider the Buddhist with his mahala beads, the Christian with the crucifix or the gypsy with the rabbit foot just to name a few. All may get answers to their prayers not because of the ceremony, ritual or totem but rather the belief or expectation that it creates within the individual; that gets the prayer answered.

We as human beings are emotional filters. It’s through our feelings that we communicate and are able to manipulate our experience and interaction with this “physical reality.”  To find out more about this check out our numerous articles on Quantum physics.

So, what about crystals are they a necessity in the manifestation process, can they really create miracles? Consider the words from Heather Askinosie co-founder of Energy Muse and author of crystal 365

“crystals are a tool; they are something we can utilise like meditation to tap into ourselves and get to know ourselves better”

It’s important to remember as a man thinks, feels and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body and circumstance. As I said earlier our consciousness is literally creating every aspect of our experience. Tools, totems, rituals, incantations and sacrifices are merely there to assist in the mental acceptance and receptivity in the subconscious mind of the wish or desire.

Simply put, if you are able to cultivate a strong believe that something will work and the subconscious accepts it, this creates the experience. I would argue that the need to have intermediaries to help you manifest is totally unnecessary.

It’s important to remember not to transfer the power that you the individual are imbued with, into anything outside of yourself. You must remember that the journey of self -realization is an internal journey of self- discovery consider once again the word of Heather Askinosie:

“It’s important to remember it’s not the crystal making the changes and doing the work- you’re doing the work. The crystal is a tool to help you get to where you want to go”

Is it The Crystal Causing It or Is It Me?

Many people have asked me this question how to manifest with crystals.  My response is always, is it the crystal causing it or is it me?  Consider this example: You’ve been to your local Crystal supply store; the evangelical sales assistant tells you that if you place this small piece of pyrite on your desk it will bring you wealth in your business. You hand over your $50 for this small stone and exit the store convinced that your business fortunes will be transformed tomorrow. Things are on the up, because you know this crystal will bring you good fortune.

manifest with Crystals

The following day you have an important sales call to make, you glance down and notice the stone on your desk, you say to yourself “Ah, I’ve got this I’m going to close this sale right now!”. You make the call and that’s precisely what happens. Is it the pyrite bringing you wealth? Or is it you bringing the wealth because you saw the stone and believed you’d get the sale? Nothing happens in our world without it first being accepted in consciousness, this we can’t deny. Despite this irrefutable fact millions are transferring the power within themselves to a belief in totems lucky charms and crystals.

Crystals Growing Popularity

Crystal’s sales are on an upward trend especially in the last 5 — 10 years. Users have evolved from a fairly niche group of adults with a bigger disposable income to include a much younger demographic. The marketplace has definitely shifted towards people in their early 20’s. Probably one of the main influences has been social media. It’s opened up a world and brought more people to New Age concepts, including crystals.

Also, the number of male clients using crystals has grown too. Mindfulness and wellbeing are on the up and up, which also means the idea of using crystals is less frowned upon. Men now feel that they can be included in this conversation.

Western culture generally was quite cynical when it came to metaphysical, energetic or esoteric philosophy but of late society is far more open to these empowering concepts. This is the age of Aquarius after all. There seems to be less stigma, as more and more people wake up to alternative possibilities of creating health, wealth and abundance in their lives.


I experimented with crystals about 10 years ago. It was during the early days of my spiritual journey I was working with a hypnotherapist/ life coach who advocated their use. I was so eager to learn in those early days and was willing to try almost anything! Learning about an invisible world of energy that existed and how it could be manipulated really fascinated me, I was hooked.

But as I went further and further down the rabbit hole as to speak I realized that something was still missing, until I read the Neville Goddard lecture Pearl of Great Price. My mind was blown, literally!

I learnt that this great mystic had a similar experience to me. Where for years he experimented with Astrology and chart reading he later discovered that it was his consciousness all the while that was determining his own experience.  Even when people use crystals for intuition or crystals for clarity they are introducing an unnecessary intermediary in the process.

Like Neville, I learnt that as you rise in consciousness you will eventually discover the first principle of Universal Law: It’s all in the mind. At the end of it all your own consciousness is the only creative cause in your world. Learn to master that and you do not need an intermediary, no totem or lucky charm, you won’t even need crystals. A strong imagination will create any result you desire.

If your new to this concept, it may seem radical and maybe it’s not what you expected when you first started reading this article. I invite you to go deeper into the rabbit hole. I’m sure as you rise in consciousness you too will come to the same conclusion: Imagination creates reality, nothing else!

Want to discover how to train and develop your imagination, to make those long-covered desires a reality, then head over to our online academy. You’ll find tonnes of resources there to help you expand your consciousness and experience miracles in your life.


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