Do I Need A Life Coach To Learn Neville Goddard Techniques

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Should I Get A Life Coach

Should I Get A Life Coach?





Are Life Coaches Necessary?

When you begin to learn about Neville Goddard techniques are Life coaches necessary? “Well the journey you have taken is one of ever expanding consciousness. As you begin to remember this wisdom you possessed before your human experience its a process that takes patience and persistence.

The concept of Imagination Creates Reality is not complicated at all and it its simplest form is not difficult to apply. You are doing it anyway , but it’s conscious application is something you have to to learn.

Yes you are able to manifest right now whatever you wish, but if you are new to Neville’s teachings it takes time to become totally transformed to this new paradigm, that your Imagination is God. One doesn’t become an expert or mystic overnight and along your journey a life coach, online course or mentor could prove to be extremely helpful.

What About Self Tuition?

Life Coach Neville Goddard

What About Teaching Myself?

Why not just listen to his lectures and teach yourself? Honestly there is no shortage of Neville content available online. The last count there were approximately 140 audios in his own voice and nearly 300 lectures in text form.  In addition to the 10 books he published, this  means there’s  an abundance of content out there.

For all his lectures and books check out our Neville Goddard Library.

Sifting through this catalogue of lectures can take time. However like any subject matter you choose to study, as much as there may be available content online just diving in and teaching one self would be quite a difficult undertaking. Impossible? Of course not but esoteric wisdom is not easy to grasp.

Also learning is not gained through the grasping of the concept rather its application is where you progress the most. This how you become wise and proficient and  where a life coach or mentor I believe would prove invaluable in the early stages.

You see the ego or carnal mind is like a sentinel guarding and protecting your subconscious. It’s duty  to protect and reinforce your  current belief system and as you take on this new knowledge you will literally be making an assault on your old self beliefs.

You will be constantly challenging limiting convictions you have had maybe for your entire life. A mentor or life coach can provide you with the encouragement and support you will need during these challenging times.

Did Neville Goddard Have Mentor?

Now in his early years Neville certainly was a keen student of metaphysics.  He didn’t have a first class education and in the early stages of studying occult teachings he was self taught. But then eventually, through a bridge of incidents he met an old Ethiopian Mystic called Abdullah

But if I judge from appearances, I would say, “Well, he can’t be a holy man.” For which today I am most grateful that he wasn’t! Because he taught me real Christianity. And he was born in North Africa, of Jewish parents, and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home. But he knew more Christianity than anyone I’ve ever met, because he spoke the Hebrew tongue perfectly. He spoke other tongues. And Rabbis would come to study with him. And he and I would discuss, day in and day out, for over five years, teaching me all that he could teach me that I could absorb concerning the Kabbalah, the great mystery of how this thing is put together in these simple little letters of Hebrew. NEVILLE GODDARD

Now we learn that Neville studied under this mentor for over 5 years in which he was taught everything concerning the Law and the Cabala. Its safe to say Abdullah accelerated his learning.

Even in his early accounts when he wanted to go to Barbados; Neville although he understood the principle of the Law benefited from the   invaluable practical lesson that Abdullah taught him.  In his moments of doubt by his actions Abdullah  gave Neville an important lesson. If your not familiar with this story click on the video below. Abdullah’s style was harsh but nevertheless effective!

Now consider this, if your perhaps struggling like Neville in the early stages of learning to apply the Law of Assumption wouldn’t it be great to have a mentor or guide giving you practical encouragement?

My Own Experience

When I met my first mentor, who was also a hypnotherapist by the way. Her original outlook was to book 3 sessions with the intention of curing the anxiety I was suffering from at the time.

To be honest my life was in such disarray  that if she recommended 50 sessions I would have booked them. However what struck me, was that from the onset she always encouraged me to rely upon myself. She always directed me to search within for the solution. Often should would say “if you persist in your learning and practice conscious imagining one day you are going to fly Michael ”. In other words from the beginning  she encouraged reliance upon my inner being even though at the time my confidence was low.

The sessions went beyond the 3 initially booked  and by sheer synchronicity she ended becoming my mentor and now a very close friend.

You see as the Christ consciousness begins to awaken within eventually that will be whom you rely upon. You’ll turn to nothing else for the solution to your problems. After all this is why the ancient mystics referred to Christ as your saviour!

I had two mentors in my early years and I’m please to say both had a similar approach. Yes I was an eager student.I wanted learn meditation techniques, methods to maintain my focus whilst imagining and little tweaks in my revision practices. In fact as far as anything esoteric I wanted to know, but ultimately a trust in my imagination was something I had to cultivate.This was something encouraged by both my mentors.

As with Neville and Abdullah in the video extract  I too doubted myself in the infant stages of learning but through the support and encouragement  of my mentors I was able to prevail and have many manifestation successes.

Life Coach Or Fake Gurus?

Life Coaches Or Fake Guru

Fake Guru?

Let’s me say this, everything and I mean everything you experience is an reflection of your state of consciousness. Now if your fear, which is a negative thought with feeling is of a fake Guru and this is your focus. Then have a guess what’s going to be your experience.





If you meet a life coach and in consultation you are guided to a solution that is outside of your self then this is not the coach or mentor for you. Your entire purpose is to realize your own Divinity. The Law itself teaches you that your imagination creates  reality,  to develop this faculty and faith one has to put it to the test. Any mentor that encourages you otherwise is hampering your development.

So what’s my opinion? Well if you are introduced to a life coach who’s primary objective is to have you as a client for along as possible run away as fast as you can! They are only looking to inflate their egos and their wallets. However if you life coach not only supports but encourages you to trust and rely on self and your Imagination then sure go ahead your in safe hands.

Maybe your current life challenge on appearance may seem immense and daunting and certainly having someone to bounce ideas and provide support would be helpful. It worked for Neville and it certainly worked for me.

What About Neville Goddard  Courses

Online Course

What About An Online Course?

When I first discovered Neville,  it was through YouTube videos. Immediately from the beginning I was hooked, however I must confess the language he used seemed a bit dated, I mean he taught nearly 60 years ago! So it wouldn’t surprise me if a millennial student found his style of English a little confusing. I often found myself having to listen to lectures up to 5 times to fully grasp the sentiment of the lesson.

Maybe I was a slow learner but I must confess when I invested in an Neville Goddard online course it really accelerated my learning.The course provided clarity on points that I was stuck on for months.

It was in audio form and was pretty comprehensive, what I love was that it helped to explain the lectures meaning and  I was able to learn a lot quicker. As soon as I completed the course I had the basic grasp and enough understanding to attempt manifesting straight away. Today there are some video courses that are extremely interactive and will provide you with a good correct understanding of the basics.

I remember my second mentor who was listed as an expert in Neville Goddard techniques found it far easier to work with me, because I had a good foundation knowledge of all Neville Goddard Techniques that I had previously  learnt in the course.

There are some excellent Neville Goddard  courses out there that in a methodical way  condense all of  Neville Goddard’s content and provide you with a contemporary interpretation of the Law of Assumption. Once you have a good understanding then combining that with a life coach to help in the early practical steps can certainly bring dividends.

In any case what I will say is eventually your going to have to go out there and test your imagination. No course, no mentor or guru can do it for you. That’s the beauty of it all. You are the operant power and this whole manifestation process can only work through you. Life coaches, courses and mentors are just aids and nothing more.

Life Coaching Services a Must Have for Success



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