How to Become the Greatest Version of Yourself

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How to Become the Greatest Version of Yourself

“The promise is definite that if you are shameless in your impudence in assuming that you are already have that which your senses deny, it shall be given unto you- your desire shall be attained.” Neville Goddard.

Every month as part of the work I do for my Instagram page I research 30-40 inspirational quotes from Neville Goddard and other mystics. It’s something I’ve done for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy. It’s a labor of love that keeps me spiritually focused. There are on occasion some quotes that resonate with me on a deeper level, the above one being one such example.

Last Saturday whilst I was pulling quotes together, playing in the background on the TV was a documentary on the life of Muhammad Ali. Synchronistically I thought here was a man that exemplified what this Neville quotation said. Whether he was consciously doing this or not, he was demonstrating the Law of Assumption.

How to Become the Greatest Version of Yourself

How many times did this young, braggadocios boxer (he wasn’t world champion at the time) go around making these bold assumptions often at times to the derision of the so-called boxing experts. How often did he behave impudently telling the world he was the greatest and through sheer persistence was eventually vindicated in his boast? Now I’m not denying he was an extremely talented athlete, there have been many great boxers before and after him, but there’s only ever been one “greatest”. In fact, listen to what the boxer himself had to say:

“l told myself I was the greatest before I ever was and then suddenly something amazing happened and I was the greatest.” Muhammad Ali.

What was the amazing thing that happened here? Well, when viewed from a metaphysical perspective, this was clearly a manifestation of a state that was first imagined and occupied. This subjective goal held in the mind of this young boxer became his reality, why? Because he doggedly believed this was his truth without any evidence to back it up.

If ever there was an example of shameless impudence in an assumption then this was it. But what can we learn from this and how can we successfully apply this ideal in our own lives?

Standing Out from The Crowd

“When we see our uniqueness as a virtue only then do we find peace” Ghost Cell Movie.

I want to say that amongst the seven plus billion inhabitants on this planet, you are uniquely talented, with unique gifts and it’s there lies your greatness. By nature, we are social creatures and from an early age as children we are raised not to be different. Cultured in a herd mentality, think about our time at infant school we are taught to all dress alike in the same school uniform.

Individuality and uniqueness are discouraged, so often the child that chooses to standout at school becomes a victim of bullying.

So, it’s only natural that when we get older as adults many people find it uncomfortable being different. Rather than following a career centred around their gifts they settle for an unfulfilled life of mediocracy.

Our uniqueness our greatness has not been given a chance to flourish, the fears and pressures of modern life suffocate so many dreams and aspirations. I sit here and think would Muhammad Ali been the greatest if he followed a career other than boxing? Probably not. In his case of he wasn’t afraid of embracing his unique gift, in fact he nurtured that seed, that talent to the max.

As a boxer he wasn’t afraid to stand out amongst the crowd his attitude and mindset was so radical but at the same time captivating. Now I’m not saying that you have to be extroverted like he was some of us are just not set that way, but I’m talking about knowing who we are, embracing your individual gift and having the courage to pursue it and make it grow.

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Your Greatness Is Waiting for You

“Take my message to heart and apply it from now on. You can be the man or woman you want to be. Don’t start dreaming about it. Awake and think from it”. Neville Goddard

If you’re living your dream life now, waking every morning enjoying a career that gives you joy and purpose then this doesn’t apply to you. Thriving in a vocation that you absolutely love, daily pursuing a passion where work doesn’t actually feel like work is surely something that we all aspire to.

Unfortunately, this is not the truth for most of us. Most people are racing through life on half empty, often overworked and under paid they find themselves doing things out of necessity rather than choice. Monday morning, they arrive to work already exhausted and by Friday they are literally like walking zombies desperate for the weekend to arrive. Week by week they churn out this existence, unfulfilled and uninspired the soul yearns for a more exciting life experience.

Your Greatness Is Waiting for You

So many students ask but how can I get this “Mojo” back into my life? How can I get excited again about my career? I’ll argue it’s an illusion to think your greatness lies anywhere other than following your passion. You merely have to develop the courage to push through your fears and boldly pursue your dreams, just like Muhammad Ali did.

The Door to Your Greatness

The human imagination is the door through which one must go, to achieve any great achievement in life. You must first visualize your goal and then act upon it with belief and conviction to make it a reality. It all starts first in the mind of the individual.

Learn to trust that anything is possible to your imagination. Put this concept to the test and it will prove itself. As you learn to orchestrate your own reality, your optimism and self-esteem will rise. There is a supreme self-confidence when you know you have the ability to create your own exciting future. I want you to understand that no obstacle is too hard, no mountain to high so why not live a life that compliments your passion. The ultimate purpose of life is to live for something bigger than you!

Didn’t Muhammad Ali cultivate this mindset? Well greatness is not an exclusive right; you too can be great in your own life. In fact, each day becomes an adventure when you realize anything is possible. You’ll begin to frequently take the optimistic path knowing that if like the great boxer Muhammad Ali, I merely have to imagine and persist in my belief then it will become my reality.


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