Law Of Assumption Guaranteed To Manifest Your Desire

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Law of Assumption

What Is The Law Of Assumption?

If you have an assumption and persist in that assumption it will become your reality.

The Law of Assumption is the most powerful and fundamental truth for your success. You are consciously or unconsciously creating your future with every thought and feeling you have. Are you using the Law of Assumption effectively?

If your spirit and mind are clouded with negative emotions and thoughts which dictate your assumptions then you are sabotaging your self.

If you believe in another cause for the circumstances in your life, other than your own consciousness then you are self sabotaging and not using the Law of Assumption to fulfill your desires.

When we understand that consciousness is the only reality, we know that it is the only creator. This means your consciousness is the creator of your destiny.

Neville Goddard

The Law of Assumption is always working, even when you are upset, unfocussed, and full of negative beliefs. To use the Law of Assumption effectively, you need to follow the instructions of Neville enter the state of the wish fulfilled and move into a state where you already possess your desires.  You need to abandon yourself completely to the belief that you are what you previously desired.

Neville Goddard always taught that persistent assumptions will harden into fact.

Your state of consciousness, be it negative or positive, is always being reflected back to you.  So its this state of consciousness that must match your desires.  Because the Law of Assumption brings like to like, your state of consciousness will always be out-picturing itself, whether good or bad.

Using the Law of Assumption effectively requires that you:
• Clear Your Mind
• Ask for What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want
• Believe and assume

Clear Your Mind

Self-limiting thoughts seep into your mind consciously and unconsciously. At your lowest, you may believe that the desire you may have may be unattainable. Even when you feel you are prepared to accept a blessing; your unconscious mind may sabotage your success by quietly telling you this is not possible. To stop these self-limiting thoughts, you need to make a change in your subconscious thinking. Remember this negative programming has been happening since birth. But by using techniques taught by Neville you can reprogram your subconscious mind.

Meditation, more specifically entering into the State Akin To Sleep is where we need to be to make those changes to our inner state.  Once you are in this state be still and no that your IAMness is the creative power that can bring forth your manifestation.

Ask for What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

When your mind is calm and clear, you can now turn to your wonderful imagination which is God. Create a clear scene of your wish fulfilled.This whole process must be done in the present tense, you must feel as if the experience is happening now.

For further instruction check out our articles on State Akin To Sleep.

What are your deepest desires? What do you need to be given to you? Because the Law of Assumption makes no distinction between good or bad, it make no distinction between possible or impossible it does not recognize big or small. All it brings forth is the seeds of your inner conversations and beliefs.

As an example, consider that you are manifesting your desire for a raise at work. If your mind is clouded by self-limiting thoughts such as this raise is impossible or I don’t serve this, then your consciousness is clearly not a match to your desire.  When you visualize a larger paycheck, if you are also imagining your fears, then this will sabotage the process.  Fear of becoming selfish or arrogant when you have more money, fear that you will have to work too hard for your raise, or fear of your raise not being enough are all thoughts that can shift your state of being.

The Law of consciousness  doesn’t stop only with positive requests. If your assumptions are negative then the Law will reflect those too.

Believe and Assume

Manifestation embodies your desires. If you don’t believe you have a blessing, the Law of Assumption will not bring your desires to you. Worrying that your request won’t be fulfilled, being impatient for the fulfillment of your desires and fearing that your needs are too high brings only limited blessings.  In fact Neville went as far as to call this a sin against the holy spirit.

If you don’t believe in your power, if you don’t believe in the power of I AM the Law of Assumption cannot effectively grant your wishes.

The Law of Assumption  doesn’t reflect only belief. It also brings like to action. Now that you have made your intention and assumed the state of the wish fulfilled how will you act? If you act like your blessing isn’t yours, then you are not assuming that your wish is fulfilled.  Neville went one stage further, to act as if it is going to happen, is still confirmation that you are not. You must TOTALLY abandon your self to your new state.

Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be for in that determined assumption, you and your infinite being are merged in creative unity and with your Infinite Being God all things are possible. God never fails…(Neville Goddard )


Live your life knowing the blessing you desire is yours. Treat yourself and other people the way you would if you were blessed because you are. Don’t hide your intention with thoughts of tomorrow, someday, or maybe in the future. Live as if your desire is already a present fact and by your persistent assumption it will be so.

The Law of Assumption will bring whatever you desire into being if applied correctly. Effectively using this Law requires total abandonment of yourself to the desired state.  There is no limit to your wonderful imagination, so why put restrictions on your desires.

When you release your intention, believe in your wish fulfilled and act accordingly. Effective use of this principle is the door way to experience the life you always dreamed of.


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