How To Ignore The Current Reality When Manifesting

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How To Ignore The Current Reality When Manifesting

I Can’t Walk Around Blind Folded.

Learning How To Ignore The Current Reality

Many people often complain that they are not getting the desired results using the Law as they don’t know how to ignore their current reality. Things don’t “appear” to be working out they say, as they give far too much attention to the external 3D circumstances constantly allowing this reflection to dictate their state of being.

They should realize that this self sabotaging habit is what is blocking them from their manifestation.

“I’m trying to manifest my SP back in my life, but I noticed he hasn’t called my phone in over two weeks.” Or how about another comment I read “ I imagined myself starting my new job its five weeks now and there’s no change what should I do?

On and on these so called conscious manifestors rant and complain that they notice this and that in the external, its as if they have totally misunderstood the concept that Neville and the ancient mystics were trying to convey.

Let’s explore this lesson in more detail and see what Neville and these ancient seers were attempting to teach us. By clarifying this subject hopefully you’ll never fall prey to these old limiting way of thinking.

Neville’s Teachings On The 3D Reality

MAN MOVES IN A WORLD THAT IS NOTHING MORE OR LESS THAN HIS CONSCIOUSNESS OBJECTIFIED. Not knowing this, he wars against his reflections while he keeps alive the light and the images which project the reflections.
“I AM the light of the world.”
“I AM (consciousness) is the light”.
That which I am conscious of being (my conception of myself) such as “I AM rich”, “I AM healthy”, “I AM free”, are the images.
The world is the mirror magnifying all that I AM conscious of being.
Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror.
Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.

Neville G. – Your Faith Is Your Fortune

Here the instruction is clear in this mirror analogy. Our face represents our state of being.  Its our attention and  focus on changing this is what will create the desired 3D manifestation or in this case the reflection in the mirror. By constantly bearing this in mind our response to things rather than reacting will aid us in the manifestation process.


Simple Exercise In Attention And Focus

At this moment I’m sitting on a chair in a room. As I scan my surroundings looking around the room I notice things like the furniture, ornaments and pictures on the wall.

I then notice a large analogue clock above the fireplace and as I focus my attention solely on the clock, staring at it intently for a prolonged length of time everything else in my peripheral vision begins to fade. The ornaments pictures etc are there but doesn’t have my attention.

I’m ignoring the other things in this room not by saying I’m going to ignore this or that, but I do so as a consequence of just focusing on the clock above the fireplace.

You see when people discuss the things they are” trying to ignore” that conversation in itself is acknowledging its existence and is also giving the thing attention. It literally reinforcing an undesirable situation.

Just like the example with the clock on the mantle piece our attention and focus must be totally on the state imagined. In doing this by default we are ignoring the other things by placing them in our periphery.


Remember in the story when Neville wanted to go to Barbados. He so desperately wanted to discuss with Abdullah about the absence of his manifestation on more than one occasion. Well what’s was Abdullah ‘response he literally slammed the door in Neville’s face!

I’m not saying that it’s easy ignoring things, but having our own “ clock”as to speak to focus on makes the process easier. The clock represents the imaginal state and in the meta-physical world that, is the reality not the 3D shadows.

Also by having the attitude of Abdullah that is not even discussing the problems or issues whilst faithfully awaiting the appearance in the 3D is something I’ve practiced with great success.

It’s the focus or our attention that’s important. By contemplating and discussing the unwanted we give validation and reinforce  the 3D reflection.

Knowing and remembering that it’s all a reflection of our state of consciousness its  this state of being we can dictate. Its what will liberate us, we have only to choose our focus to free ourselves from any undesirable state we find ourselves in.

The old state we were in is the reflection we are currently seeing and that the less focus and importance we give to these old ripples the quicker they will fade and be replaced by our new states of being .Remember nothing here is permanent and our current state today is carving out our experiences for tomorrow.

“All great acts of genius began with the same consideration. DO NOT BE CONSTRAINED BY YOUR PRESENT REALITY “
Leonardo DaVinci

When we begin to penetrate this 3D illusion we become the solution. The way we penetrate this illusion is through the internal eye of Imagination. But it not just imagining once, we must persist and have faith. Belief in this unseen reality as taught by the old prophets.

Biblical Stories Reveal The Same Truth.

Throughout history the Seers and prophets all spoke a similar message to what Neville teaches. Using symbolism and parables they attempted to convey the same message on how to ignore the current reality when manifesting.

They taught the importance of focusing on the imaginal state as the solution to all problems. It was only when I began to read the Biblical stories as psychological instructions rather than secular history that I too was able to see the truth and deep meaning to these allegories.

Ignore the current reality

Daniel focused on the I AM state.

There is a really appropriate story in the Bible that teaches us how to address a unwanted situation in the 3D world. It’s the story of Daniel in the lions den. You can read the story in your Bible in Daniel Chapter  6 Verses.
However for the purpose of this article let’s look at Neville’s s mystical interpretation of this story and the powerful lesson it conveys.

Daniel In The Lions Den
This story was written for you to instruct you in the art in the art of freeing yourself from any problem or prison in the world.

Most of us finding ourselves in the lions den would be concerned only with the lions, we would not be thinking of any other problem in the whole wide world, but that of lions; yet we are told that Daniel turned his back upon them and looked toward the light that was God. If we could follow the example of Daniel while threatened with dire disaster such as lions, poverty or sickness, if like Daniel, we could remove our attention to the light, that is God, our solutions would be similarly simple…..

Lions represent seemingly unsolvable situations of a threatening nature. Every problem automatically produces its solution in the form of a desire to be free from the problem. Therefore turn your back upon the problem and focus your attention upon the desired solution by already feeling your self to be that which you desire..
Neville Goddard Your Faith Is Your Fortune.
My Consciousness Creates My Reality

It’s clear the instruction is to focus upon the solution. Which is I AM the state of the wish fulfilled. Nothing outside of yourself your I AM has the power to give life to anything. In other words it’s your consciousness that manifests your desires. You need to completely surrender to this belief regardless of circumstances in the 3D world and never give power to anything outside of your self.


This is the foundation of the Law as taught by the Seers and Neville. Its the reason why so many struggle to consistently manifest. Giving power or belief to the external is not being loyal to the belief in I AM and will forever create struggle and frustration. The shadows are not real! As solid as they may appear they are formed out of our own consciousness.

John 1:3 : All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made

The next time you find yourself drifting back to the old way of focusing on external things remember the lessons discussed here and realize that by focusing on them your consciousness is giving it life to continue in your world.


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