Stop Interfering and Surrender to the God Within

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It’s one of the most important rules of manifesting. In today’s blog, I’m not going to explore a specific method or technique, but rather I’d like to discuss why your interference in the process or better put your failure to surrender may be the very thing that is preventing your desired outcome from manifesting into 3D reality. The need to surrender is pivotal to your success.

The famous mystic Neville Goddard instructs us that once you’ve relaxed yourself into a state akin to sleep, imagined and entered a scene of the wish fulfilled, then that’s pretty much all you have to do. Having impressed the subconscious mind using this process, he believes the rest of the process the expression of your desire is in the hands of our higher self. The creative act only takes place once, and germinates just like any seed that we plant in the ground, it has its own ways and means of expression. In fact, he goes on to say:

“Now yield completely to the being within, and let him externalize it for you, for he knows ways and means you know not of” Neville Goddard.

The Importance of Surrendering

Self-surrender is essential and by that is meant the confession of personal impotence. Neville Goddard

So, what does he mean exactly, let’s consider this analogy: Suppose that you are the CEO of a massive co-operation. Your enormous network of employees handle the day to day running of the business. For every facet of your company there are hundreds of highly trained staff best equipped to carry out the specific instructions. Research and development, human resources, marketing, accounting, sales and advertising in fact right down to the office cleaners, all employees are there with one common purpose: to carry out your instructions and make your company a success.

You have a right-hand person, a manager who has been with you from the beginning. He or she is ever faithful, ever sure and has never let you down in the past. Whenever you have a new idea that you want to implement, this is the person you delegate the task to. After all you’re the CEO and you haven’t the time to fraternize with the staff do you? You just want your wish carried out.

Now, if you’ve handed over the task to this manager, whom you trust implicitly, would you constantly question, interfere or interrupt their work? No because if you did it would make their role redundant and more importantly undermine the trust in the relationship.

This example illustrates what it’s like to have a reliable partner whom you would turn to handle your most important task. Remember you just want results, it’s why you employed this person in the first place.

Your true self, Imagination, your I AM-ness, source, Christ within or whatever term you want to call this power could be likened to this manger, but only infinitely more powerful and reliable.

Remember there are two sins against the holy spirit: eating of the tree of Good and evil and lack of faith in IAM. It’s the latter which we are concerned with here.

If you’ve handed over the manifestation to your imagination (l AM) then only a lack of faith, a lack of trust in this inner being will cause you to miss the mark, this is the true definition of sinning.

“Willingly identify yourself with that which you most desire, knowing that it will find expression through you.” Neville Goddard

So, what does to fully surrender mean? It means to totally yield to the being within, allowing him to dictate the manner of expression and stop that old ego self from interfering. Some call this letting go and letting God. This is not trying to think or hammer out a solution, but rather allowing the persistent feeling of already having the thing desired create the means for it to happen. Want to learn more about feelings then check out our “Feeling Is the Secret Masterclass” over at the Truecosmic Academy.

What Is Inspired Action?

So, what about the action part, do I just sit there doing nothing and expect my manifestation to fall out the sky? It’s a common question I’m asked and my answer would be an emphatic; no. At some point during the manifestation process, you will have to act maybe more times than once you will be compelled to do something physically. This process is referred to as a “bridge of incidents”; it’s something we have written about in previous blogs. Let me explain; you’re perhaps imagining that you’ve been given a promotion at work, you’re living in the end state and not interfering in the process but some time you may well have to attend an interview with your employer, it’s generally an act that is compulsory for the desire to externalize.

surrender, failure to surrender, Neville goddard, Feeling is the secret

There’s another attitude I adopt that I believe allows me to act from a place of being rather than desiring. Daily I ask myself how would the version of myself who was experiencing his desire act today? What would he, think, say or do? I then behave accordingly during the day. Operating from this state will give you all the acquisitions needed to become this person.

The Ultimate Partner

“My ways are higher than your ways, my ways are way past finding out”( BIBLICAL REF)

I want to end with this final thought. Your challenge or goal may be something that your intellect cannot solve. Maybe you just can’t see any way out of your situation, however, when you turn this over to your imagination, your higher self knows that you have handed it over to a higher spiritual intelligence. Like our example of the company CEO you have delegated this to a partner who is ever faithful ever sure. Your IAM ness can if need be call upon billions of persons if necessary to externalize your desire. It is omnipotent, omnipresent and has the ability to influence events and persons. In fact, anything objective within the universe originated from this same source. You merely have to believe you are or already possess that which you desire and allow this power to operate through you.

What a partner to have on your side!

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