Revealed 8 Keys To A Happy Mind

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Happy Mind

What Are The Secrets To A Happy Mind?

Get That Happy Mind

They say a happy mind, means a happy person. Do you want to be happy?

Happy people are generally healthier and more successful than unhappy people. They appear to live longer and have better relationships with their families, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Happy people also have a greater sense of meaning in life.

A happy mind is the best defense against stress and anxiety. A happy mind is also a happy heart, which makes it easier to feel confident in yourself and your relationships with other people.

How do we achieve this happiness?

In order to understand what it means to have a happy mind, we must first explore the 8 key ingredients to a happy mind.



This is a simple exercise to help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment.

It is about giving yourself some space from stressors such as problems or difficult conversations by focusing on what you are doing right now:

  • What I am hearing;

  • What I am smelling;

  • How my body feels right now.

This practice will help to manage emotions, create new neural pathways for thinking and problem solving, reduce anxiety levels and increase pleasure levels with life experiences.

Let’s explore different techniques that can be used when practicing mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness Exercises:
– Mindful walking;
– Mindful breathing (Inversion);
– Hand washing ritual.

The benefits of these three exercises are as follows: mindful walking – helps to keep your mind present and take in the beauty around you, mindfulness breathing is a great exercise for when feeling anxious or stressed and hand washing rituals will help reduce anxiety levels.

Self Hypnosis

Happy Mind

Self hypnosis is extremely powerful

You can start self hypnosis by taking deep breaths in through the nose, filling up your lungs with oxygen then slowly releasing that breath out through the mouth.

This will relax everything from your head to your toes and induce an alpha brain wave state which makes physical relaxation easier for some people.

You may find yourself feeling more calm or sleepy after this so be mindful not to fall asleep during meditation sessions!

Self hypnosis can put your mind in a positive state and help you feel happier.

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

People often think that they can’t control their minds and are subject to whatever thoughts come into the mind. But there is a way of creating new thought patterns or changing old ones, using a technique called “subconscious mind reprogramming.”

The subconscious knows nothing about logic or reason; all it responds to is repetition and emotion. When people start giving themselves positive affirmations in addition to repeating negative statements over and over again, it creates confusion for the conscious brain – which cannot process them simultaneously-until eventually one side gains dominance.

It’s not as difficult as many would assume because of conditioning from early on in life when we’re taught what things mean by society (e.g., happiness means having material belongings). This conditioning can be undone with repetition.


A happy life does not depend on external events, but instead is heavily influenced by our own thoughts.

To walk the path to achieving happiness, it’s important that we learn how to control these thoughts and focus them in a positive direction. One way of doing this is through meditation.

While with practice anyone can enjoy the benefits of regular meditations, beginners may find great benefit from following these simple steps:

  • Find yourself a quiet place where there will be no disruptions or distractions (e.g., shutting off your cell phone)

  • Sit comfortably with good posture

  • Close your eyes gently and concentrate on breathing deeply for three minutes while either focusing on an object like candlelight or counting breaths as you exhale

  • Once you are done, open your eyes and take a look around to see how happy the world looks!

Remember to breathe deeply and smile before meditating. It will help you stay happy!


Visualization is an art that can be used to make the brain happy by imagining things you want in your life. It has been found out through research that people who use visualizations throughout their day are more happy than those who don’t.

Our brains are designed to be happy, but our thoughts and beliefs can have an impact on this happiness.

When we think positive thoughts or visualize something that makes us happy it creates a “happy cycle.” In turn, when we’re in a good mood, the areas of our brain that deal with creativity are more active – so you get better work done!


Affirmations are statements you make to yourself in a positive way. They can be short or long and always spoken aloud.

Positive attitudes lead to happy minds, while negative attitudes lead to unhappy lives. It’s up to us what we want our life will look like-and how happy it is!

In order for an affirmation to have any effect on your thoughts, you need repetition; doing so over time reinforces good habits and behaviors until they eventually become natural reactions rather than conscious decisions that require effort from you every step of the way.

Positive affirmations to happy mind are those that promote the happy thoughts in your life. You can think of them as little encouragements for yourself, which put you into the mindset and frame of mind for being happy.

They help create an environment where you are not only more optimistic but also more positive about what is going on around you.

Positive affirmations can have an effect on your emotions, which ultimately impacts how happy you feel overall. You may find it helpful to start with just a few simple ones and then expand from there as time goes by or if they become too repetitious for your liking.

Positive Attitude

Half empty or half full?

It is important to be happy and have a positive attitude for your own sake. And, it’s also an asset in any relationship you are in because happy people just make the world around them better.

Achieving happiness in your own way is possible even with the bad things happening at times if there’s a willingness or decision to stay on course and happy.

People who have a positive attitude are more happy with their lives and brains seem to have more energy than others, which might explain why they’re so upbeat about everything.

Happy people tend to be less stressed out because they don’t focus on what’s wrong or complain much–instead of feeling bad about any problems in their life, they figure something will work itself out eventually.

They also know when to stop worrying and let things go. Having this perspective takes some stress off your plate as well as helps you find peace inside yourself where there may not have been one before.

Conscious Imagining

We have saved the best to last. Its because it incorporates all of the above. It’s repeatedly imagining a scene in a specific way, first person just before sleep at night.

Repeat this scene which conjures up a happy mood and after a few nights of repetition this feeling will be impressed upon the subconscious.

This practice automatically alters any mood and shifts you to a more buoyant state. For more details on this powerful methods pioneered by the great Mystic Neville Goddard take a look at this video.


Final Thoughts

In the end, we want to be happy. We can achieve this goal by taking care of our minds and actively engaging in activities that promote a positive outlook on life.

You don’t need any special training or degree to do these things- you just need motivation and time!

If you’re ready for an improved mood, better relationships, increased creativity, less anxiety, more peace of mind… there are plenty of ways to get started today.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take charge now!

Happy mind. Happy life!


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